reaching out Auckland park preparatory school

Reaching Out

Sharing, Giving and Taking

Our motto, “Fiat Lux” (Let there be light), works quietly within the spirit of each individual, as they grow from experiences of reaching out and being touched in return by others. APPS’ steps are little, but nonetheless meaningful.

The first outreach was made very early on in 1923 to the Guild Cottage in the form of a concert and tea.  Children from the Guild Cottage joined APPS founder, Maud Trenery’s knitting groups as an outing.

It is in a variety of ways we encourage and are encouraged to ‘share, give, make and take”.

We share what we have in the form of collections. Many requests remind us always of the needs of others and the fortune of our own situations. Food, clothes and donations are made as frequently and widely as possible.

Our school facilities are also shared. On Saturday mornings, girls from a nearby school attend the Learning Centre at APPS to improve their Mathematics, Science, English, Art, Computer and Sports skills.

We give of ourselves individually through service to animal shelters, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, the environment and people with special needs. We raise funds for other schools and organisations, so that in some small way a necessary improvement can be achieved.

And what do we take? We take the lessons learnt from all our partnerships and hopefully become more grateful and humble.

Although we are grateful for all the lessons and gifts that come our way from these experiences, we know that there are many more roads to find and travel before our lessons are complete as we continue on our sharing, learning, giving, making and taking journey.


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