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The Founding of a School where Everyone Matters

history imagesAPPS was founded in 1921 by an intrepid and dedicated woman, Mrs Maud Trenery. One of the most important cornerstones of APPS was imparted by Mrs Trenery, which is that every child is important. If a child received a postcard and brought it to school, Mrs Trenery would respond to that event as if it was the only postcard she had ever seen.

She was a wonderful woman who believed that every child should be rewarded. This appreciation of our girls continues at APPS today. Mrs Trenery was Headmistress at APPS for 25 years and set the foundation and the tone for a happy, thoughtfully run school which continues to enjoy an excellent reputation.

If there is one consistent thread running through the history of the school, it is that APPS is a family school, which treasures some very special traditions. The school’s birthday celebration is a typical example. All the girls arrange flowers and the youngest and oldest girl in the school light the birthday cake candle together and everyone enjoys a slice of birthday cake. It is a day of festival, colour and joy.

The school has continued to grow physically. From one small “school house” with 22 pupils in 1921, it now covers most of the suburban block that houses it. Today there are over 290 pupils, guided through their preparatory years by highly motivated and professional staff.

APPS girls leave this school confident in their own abilities and well prepared to meet the challenges of high school. Our girls continue to be welcomed by high schools nation wide.  Auckland Park we salute you; And thank you one and all.


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