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Music education at APPS is part of a balanced curriculum that aims to develop the whole spectrum of the child’s intelligence. Music offers lifelong opportunities for the development of imagination, sensitivity, inventiveness and enjoyment, while group music activities contribute to the child’s developing social skills, creativity and self-esteem.

Class Music

Class music is offered as part of the daily curriculum from Grade 0 to 7. Children learn basic music theory, singing technique, and are exposed to a range of instruments in class time, starting with the recorder at the lower grade levels.


We have a junior choir made up of all the Grade 3 and 4 girls, and a senior choir with all Grade 5, 6 and 7 girls. APPS choirs are known for their wonderful, resonant singing, and the girls have a great deal of fun performing at various events, functions and festivals.


Music lessons are given by music specialists in the music centre. Children exposed to the disciplines of musical instruments and the processes by which one learns these are often better equipped to confidently handle the academic side of school. This develops in children an understanding of the flow of knowledge, a disciplined approach in ensuring that they achieve a set goal and most of all, they see that learning is fun, lively and joyous.

Instruments currently on offer include:

Classical guitar
Electric guitar
Bass guitar

Music Exams

Music exams in Classical, Jazz, Pop and Rock idioms are encouraged for the more accomplished players and singers.

Music Theory, Group Ensembles, Orchestra and Bands

Private music theory lessons are offered in small groups in the mornings, and private group lessons are offered for marimbas and djembe drums. The school also has an orchestra, a jazz band, a string ensemble and a guitar group. All of these are for our more accomplished instrumentalists, and all require an audition process.


Chess is open to all girls from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  Chess practices take place once a week and five matches are played against other schools each term.


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