charter Auckland park preparatory school



  • is a small, English-medium, Christian girls’ primary school;
  • offers its pupils a nurturing environment and enables them to realise their potential;
  • has a committed and experienced teaching staff and an involved school community;
  • values self-esteem in its pupils, hard work and trusting relationships between pupils, staff and parents;
  • Is a Christian school and encourages all to take part in school worship, while striving to include the ethnic, cultural, spiritual and social diversity of South Africa;
  • develops tolerance and understanding of diversity within the school community.

APPS fosters intellectual curiosity and encourages pupils to think for themselves. Whilst continuing to concentrate on academic excellence, it also imparts life skills and techniques to equip the pupils to cope with rapid change. APPS seeks to provide and upgrade all necessary facilities and equipment. It strives to put its expertise and facilities to good use in order to serve its wider community.

APPS is founded upon the principles of consultation and participation. The parents elect the Executive Committee who, with the Head, shape policy and manage finance. The Head is responsible for the management of the school. The staff are of a high calibre and are encouraged to develop their skills and competences.

This interactive structure, together with a variety of voluntary parent service groups, provides a powerful community experience. APPS is managed on a conservative financial basis consistent with a quality education and competitive remuneration for its staff. Additional means are constantly sought to assist more children from diverse backgrounds to enjoy an APPS education.



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