we're special

We’re Special

What makes us special?

Auckland Park Preparatory School (APPS):

•    Provides a small, intimate environment with charming, homely buildings and beautiful gardens;

•    Instils a caring, nurturing ethos where the strengths of each child are developed;

•    Has well qualified, dedicated class teachers and subject specialists;

•    Offers leadership/personal development opportunities for each of the girls;

•    Encourages a wide participation in sport and extra mural activities;

•    Offers Music, Art and Drama as an integral part of the curriculum and extra mural programme;

•    Has a broad academic programme with a full calendar of cultural and sporting activities and events;

•    Prepares the Grade 0 girls well in literacy, numeracy and life skills through an exciting programme of experiences;

•    Has library/media facilities where girls are assisted and research is undertaken;

•    Provides computer literacy and computer assisted learning from Grade 0 with computers and iPads;

•    Encourages entrepreneurship skills;

•    Has a life skills, remediation and counselling programme;

•    Has first language speakers who teach Zulu and Afrikaans as first additional languages;

•    Has on-site speech therapists and an occupational therapist;

•    Supports social/cultural diversity among the school body;

•    Conducts regular school assemblies;

•    Has an established outreach programme;

•    Has girls who are welcomed by high schools nationwide.

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