We are so grateful that we were able to experience our first Hockey season in two years. Our season was filled with learning, commitment, sportsmanship, life lessons and pride for our school. The Grade 3 to 7 Hockey Teams played league matches and festivals and grew from strength to strength. Whether we win or lose, APPS is the team to choose.

Congratulation to Isabella Mackinnon, Sophie Spence and Nicky Thorburn for being selected to represent the District Team.
Miss Sarah Harley

This year’s Netball season was rather short but an incredibly intense, exciting season as we haven’t played in a while due to Covid.
It was the Grade 3s, 4s and 5s first matches and they were thrilled to be playing, and learnt loads in a short time.
The Grade 7s enjoyed the teamwork which was built playing matches against other schools.
We continued having practices until the end of term, even though we had no more matches to play.
Thank you to all the Netball coaches for teaching the girls new skills, tactics, teamwork and sportsmanship!
Miss Dot Hartmann