Grade 7
This year our school play was Matilda.  A wonderful story about a girl who loved reading and grew up with horrible parents who bullied her and treated her terribly!  They tell her to watch TV and not read books.  Her teacher went through a similar experience when she was little, growing up with an evil aunt who murdered her father and mother.  At the end, her aunt ran away, and Matilda and her teacher then lived with each other, both very happy. 

The school play was a work in progress and needed a lot of time to perfect.  Each character played an important role in the play, and each person was very talented in their role.  The school play was a success and an amazing experience to have.  I loved playing my role as the Librarian and had such fun.
Riya Bhutt

This year’s school play was Matilda.  It was a lovely theme and I know that each and every Grade 7 was ecstatic to be part of such a fun play!  Once the roles were given out, the excitement grew.  I was Michael, Matilda’s brother and even though I had a small role I couldn’t have been happier!  He is a really funny character to play and I had a lot of fun.  I am so grateful to the teachers and Mrs Howden for giving us the opportunity to perform such a fun project, even through these times. 
Laila Ahmed