Grade 2S
On Friday 21 May we had a second language assembly.  We sang about our fingers!  I loved it so much, everyone was so happy.  It was fun to sing with my friends.  We sang about our thumb, pointy finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger in Zulu.  We also did an Afrikaans poem.  We sang about our bodies.  The other class did it with us.
Vivienne Less


It was fun to do the Language Assembly on Friday 21 May. 

The Zulu poem was a fingers poem.  We sang as one and we also made bracelets.

The Afrikaans song was more fun!  Wow, lots of fun!  It was….head, shoulders, knees and toes.

I enjoyed doing it together with the other class and working outside.

I thought the best part was the weather wizard and the sports story.

Aalia Bobat