The Ramadan assembly was an enjoyable experience.  We got to learn more about Ramadan and Eid from the other girls doing the assembly.  It was a little different from the previous years because there is Covid-19 and so we presented it without our parents there, but it was quite a learning experience too.  I can’t wait to do it next year. 
Safiya Hajee – Grade 6

It is the 9th month of the Muslim Lunar Calendar.  This month is a sacred month for all Muslims.  Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.  The duration of Ramadan is a month:  between 29 – 30 days.

At the end of the month long fast we celebrate Eid-al-Fitar.

We fast because it is one of the pillars (duties) of Islam and to please our God.  Most adults and teenagers fast, excluding elderly or sick people, or pregnant women.

When you fast, you cleanse your physical body and soul to improve your character.  When embracing your hunger, you learn what the less fortunate feel like and grow compassion for them. 
Humaira Ballim