English ‘Sort-of-Biography’
After reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography, ‘Boy’, we started writing our own ‘sort-of-biographies’. We began the process by practising a new writing technique: the ‘show don’t tell’ method. Then we revised the success criteria for creative writing and began to write our first two chapters. After chapter two, we learnt the BIM (Begin in the Moment) method.
We loved the brainstorming process where we used the ‘science of walking’ to boost our creative ideas. Brainstorming while walking takes some practice, but the outcome was well worth it.
We had the opportunity to design a cover for our novels and illustrate each chapter. We even made a trailer (as our books were so successful, they were chosen to be adapted into a movie!)
We all enjoyed this process. It was a great experience, and one we won’t forget!
Wafa Akhtar and Amaanah Ebrahim

GEMS Rockets
The Grade 6 girls were given a project to create a rocket that launches into the air using recycled materials. We were assigned into groups of around four to five girls. Each group brainstormed different ways to propel their rockets.
Many groups went through a trial-and-error process, which helped them understand which materials were better than others. We had four weeks to work on our rockets and all the groups had many ways to propel our rockets. Some used air pressure, others used water pressure, and one group used a chemical reaction using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.
On 19 July we launched our rockets in front of the Grade 0 and 4 girls. We explained to them the science behind how our rockets launched and watched in anticipation to see whose rocket would reach the highest height.
All in all, we had so much fun trying to create rockets that were able to launch. We learned so much through this exciting process.
Mariam Khan and Hanaan Carrim