Grade 5M
A Special Grade 5 Assembly
There I was standing on the stage, waiting for everyone to file in.  I was so ecstatic to see my big sister, I couldn’t stand still.  Once everyone had joined us, the assembly began.  We started to dance, sing and have a blast, it was so much fun!  When we were done and everyone was out of the hall we showed our Grade 12s all the new and interesting things around our school, like the 6C’s Centre.  The girls were so amazed at how much the school had changed, they absolutely loved it!  After we enjoyed a delicious tea, we had a group photo.  Our big sisters then sadly had to leave, everyone was disappointed but couldn’t wait to go and swim some lengths for the Swimathon!
Emily Muller

Our Big Sister Assembly
I was standing on stage nervously searching the audience for my Grade 12, when the assembly started.  My nerves vanished without a trace, and suddenly I heard my voice start to sing.  We started our assembly with a song, and then moved on to our gratitude stone poem, then another song, and finally ended off with our prayer.   After the assembly the Grade 12s enjoyed some tea and biscuits and walked down to visit our 6C’s Centre.  It was special to see my big sister again after so long.  I enjoyed this assembly a lot. 
Gemma Wells