Grade 4G
On the 15th of October 2020 the Grade 4 girls were supposed to go on camp.  Sadly due to Corona we couldn’t go.  Luckily the teachers came up with a brilliant plan to have an awesome tour day at school.

This day was full of extremely exciting activities.  The first activity was to decorate a hat with accessories from home and a prize was up for grabs.  The second activity was an Amazing Race, the grade split into two teams and then pairs.  The aim was to understand the clue and find it before the other team.  The third activity was a modelling show, there were five girls in a team and we dressed one of them in black bags and newspaper.  After the modelling it was break and we brought a picnic lunch.  Following break it was a talent show called ‘APPS has got talent’ and we needed to make an act with our group, it was really awesome.

This day was lots of fun and full of excitement.  It was really upsetting that we couldn’t go to the real camp, but I was sort of happy we didn’t have to go on the bus.
Anna Chorley

Grade 4M
Our Camp Experience
Thursday, our camp day experience at school, was fantastic, exciting and fabulous.  There was racing, scavenger hunting and competitions.  When I got to school, it was delightful to see everyone in their hats and when the hat competition started, everyone lined up.  I didn’t win but I think the people who won deserved it.  I especially liked Hanaan’s and Layla’s hats.  Hanaan’s was a dangerous garden and Layla’s looked like an art piece.  We were put into groups and my group was called the Biffelbucks; we were a big group.  Then we were out into pairs for the Amazing Race and I was with Layla.  We had to look for a small red paper after getting a clue.  When it was break, I sat on a soft picnic blanket to eat my lunch.  We also did a modelling contest and we had to make the dresses out of a black plastic bag and newspaper.  The last activity was “APPS has got Talent” which was loads of fun.  We had to bring props for the talent show and I brought a small velvet bag as my prop.  This day was lots of fun and there was also good team-building.  I would like to do this again.
Lauren McConnachie

The day was finally here.  It was camp day for the Grade 4 girls on 15 October 2020.  I was so excited as I had been waiting to have my camp experience for so long.  Even though we were not actually at Grade 4 camp this year, we at least had a day filled with camp activities.  The first thing we did was a funky hat competition.  We had to create a hat of our own where we had to be as creative and as colourful as a Leonardo Da Vinci painting.  We were divided into teams called the Biffelbucks and the Covid Campers.  I was in the Biffelbucks team and we all had to come up with a great war cry too.  After creating a name and war cry, we started the Amazing Race and for that, we split up into pairs.  We did a fashion battle next and we were put into new groups and my awesome group won that challenge.  The last challenge was the wonderful “APPS has got Talent” show where my group did a contortionist act and a puppet show but we were only given 20 minutes to put it all together.  Addi’s group won the last challenge but it was still lots of fun.  It was the best day of the whole year for me and everyone was pretty competitive.  It was a very special day and I’m glad that our teachers gave us this experience, even during Covid 19.  I had a great time.
Alexandria Mokhele