Grade 4G
Our play was very different from a few years ago, we had to put the whole grade on the stage and still social distance.  On the day of the play, everyone was very nervous yet I could taste the magic and excitement in the air.  At the end of the lesson, the Grade 4s came running in to take their place in the play.  The play was about the Wemmicks, small wooden people who spent all their time putting stars and dots on each other.  Once Cameryn had said the last line and had dropped her dot we all began to sing our song called ‘Just One You’ and then we had to sing it again because the audience wanted an encore.  For the play we all had to wear a plain coloured T-shirt and plain pants.  All of us had stars and dots, which we stuck on with prestik.  After the play we went to go and get changed back into our school clothes, and our play was a HUGE SUCCESS.  Since our parents weren’t allowed to come into school Mrs Cottrell Zoomed them all in from an iPad.  The moral of the story was never let someone put you down for who you are.
Bokang Wilkinson

On the morning of the play you could hear and see that our classmates were full of excitement and nerves.  Everyone was on the stage at 07:25 to start.  You could taste the cold air but feel the warmth of our words when we spoke.  The lights just brought everything together!  Once we heard the clapping, we knew that we had pulled it off.  The thing that was different was that our parents were on Zoom, but I think that’s what made us speak with more volume and more expression.  Though the song was like the cherry on the cake, we were amazing at delivering our words.  Once we were done, you could see the smiles on faces even though they were covered by masks.  Some of us had dots, but we knew that they were stars in a different form.
Kelsey Schroder

Grade 4S
We were really nervous on the morning of our assembly because some people didn’t think that they knew their lines, but luckily they did remember them.  The theme of our assembly was ‘The Wemmicks’.  The story of The Wemmicks was about small wooden people who gave each other stars and dots and our assembly was conveying a message about being unique and not worrying what other people think.  On the Friday when we arrived, we were all prepared for our assembly but we didn’t have our stars and dots and once we had been given our stars and dots, we were ready to get up on stage and say our lines.  We sat and waited for our turn to speak and while we waited, we tried as hard as possible not to fiddle but it was impossible for me not to.  At the end of the assembly we sang a song called ‘One You, One Me’ which was lovely.  Our parents watched on Zoom and they really enjoyed it.  The song was also about being yourself and not worrying what other people think.  I really enjoyed our assembly because it was perfect.
Tayla Galliard

We had been practising for at least three weeks learning our lines, learning the song, choosing clothes to wear and positions to sit in while on the stage.  Sitting on the stage that morning might have been the most confusing thing for my emotions.  I was excited but also nervous, happy but also stressed.  We had the whole stage to ourselves to speak as loudly as we wanted and we did.  The audience seemed to have loved it.  For the show, we all wore black pants and a plain top of any colour so that we would all look different.  The whole plot of the story was that we were all wooden people who went around with stars or dot stickers.  You got stars for being talented or good but if you could do very little, you got dots.  At the end of the play, we sang our song which we had been rehearsing about loving yourself and that nobody can take your place.  It was a magical experience.  Due to Covid 19, we had to have classes and our parents watched it on Zoom but it did not make it any less amazing.  Our Grade 4 assembly was a roaring success and I don’t think we could be prouder of ourselves.
Ella-Rose Fuller