Grade 7
My Swimathon Walkathon Experience
From the minute I got to school until I left I could feel the spirit from all of the grades.  It wasn’t the warmest of days but we made it one, with our love.  When it was our turn to swim we ran out of the classroom and immediately into the swimming area with such excitement.  We swam and swam, it was beyond freezing, but we did it!  I am so proud of myself.  I did amazingly and so did the rest of our grade, the Swimathon was a successful and awesome event!
Laila Ahmed 

Oh wow, the Swimathon was fun but cold.  At the Swimathon we all swam as many laps as we could.  The pool was like ice!  My lips turned blue.  I jumped in the pool and there was a gush of coldness which made me feel so excited.  I felt like a free dolphin in the pool.  Afterwards, we got a few treats which were delicious.  The Swimathon was a great experience and I felt fit and fab.
Riya Bhutt