Grade 3K
Mrs Levin was talking to us about how we were going to start the play then two weeks after, Miss Bothwick started teaching us songs.  A few days after that Mrs Levin was giving us lines to see what part to play.  Then after that lesson Mrs Levin told me, Heather and Naledi to stay.  She wanted to see if we were good comedians.  She asked if we were happy with being comedians.  We all said yes and that’s how we became comedians.

When everybody got their parts we all practiced a lot.  Then Miss Bothwick left the school and Mrs Carstens came and it was time to get our costumes.  We all got our costumes and then we started practising with our costumes.  After that we got a choreographer.  We learnt choreography for every song.  It took two hours!  That was lots of work but at least we learnt the songs.

It was a day before the play.  It was the dress rehearsal.  I was so excited it was time to perform for the Grade 0s, 1s and 2s, it was fantastic.  It was time for the real performance with our parents watching.  Well, we were doing the play and my brother was helping Miss Khosa with the lighting.  The way the audience loved it that was like the best Grade 3 play ever.

The thing I would like to do next time is get more than three lines and what I want to improve on is to have more expression. 
Morongoa Ngema

When it was auditions, I was so excited.  Of course, I wanted the lead role.  Auditions went on for about two weeks.  Finally, we got our parts!  I got the part I wanted!  I got Jess, one of the main characters.  (She shows them around).  I got better and better.  Soon I didn’t need a script.

We worked hard during rehearsals.  I had to learn all my lines and cues.  Soon I didn’t make a mistake!  I was so excited!  I had eighteen lines.  It was a lot to have but a lot to love.

It was so much fun looking through my closet for clothes.  It felt like civvies.  It wouldn’t be a proper play without costumes.  The dress rehearsals were useful because we had an audience.  It was much easier to know how it feels for the next play.  It was so much easier and so much fun.

Next time I want to do a nice long song hopefully to a Roald Dahl play.  It would be great to be a Grade 4 play!

I want to improve on being more expressive in songs and talking louder.  When I get to Grade 7 I will be a greater actress (If I do say so myself). 
Georgia Garstang

Grade 3V
I first did not know if I wanted to be Melissa.  I was called up and started to think.  I do like her, so I became her and was so happy with my role.

First, I was delayed with my lines and had to look at the script.  I had to learn before half-term and then did not look at the script.

My costume was being handmade and took about a week.  I was the only one without a costume.  Eventually it came and Mrs Levin said I was unbelievable.  It was exciting because I had my costume.  But for me it seemed to take hours to get the lights ready.  But it was ready and looking stunning.

I had a bit of a cold, but I still went.  I thought I sounded funny so didn’t go to school.  I tried my best and did it.

I would have liked only a morning performance because it interferes with my homework and my night routine and my dinner.

I wanted to improve on laughing when I run in slow motion because I felt embarrassed and weird about it.  
Sabreen Chin 

I thought it was very exciting when Mrs Levin presented and read the script to us!  Auditioning was very much fun!  When I decided to be a skateboarder and I had found out who I was, we started rehearsing.  I decided what tricks to do and which one would go first.

I looked up my character and saw what she liked to wear.  She liked wearing dungarees so I wore dungarees and a blue top and a pink jersey at my waist.  I liked performing in costume.

The dress rehearsal was super fun being in make-up and our hair done.  I was nervous for my last trick but it went well.  The final performance was great.  I made a mistake in the last trick, I tried again and I succeeded!  The audience clapped!

If I wasn’t a skateboarder I would have loved to be Jess or Sam.  To get the part like Jess or Sam I would use more face expression.
Mary Blades 

Auditions:  I really wanted a main part but I am still happy with what I got.  
Rehearsals:  I was so happy that I got three parts.  So I tried to put as much effort into it.   
Costume:  I had a black skirt, a black top and a blue blazer.  
Dress rehearsals:  I thought that we had a very honest audience.  
Final performance:  I thought that I did well and my voice was loud!  I had expression.  
I would have liked:  If I could watch the play one more time.  
What I would do differently next time:  I will be louder next time.  
Cameron Payne