Grade 3V
I loved doing my poem because it was fun telling it to a lot of people.  I felt excited and nervous at the same time.  At the end I was happy with how I did.  When I did my poem I felt proud of myself.  I thought what I could do differently was speak louder.
Nicola Peers

My best thing of the poem was being Mama B and saying I’m bossy!  I felt like I was going to faint on stage but I did not do that.  What made me most proud was not getting the dance wrong.  I think that next time we should have more characters.
Regothabetse Mabuso

What was best for me was saying our poem that we made up together with confidence.  I felt cold and nervous because it was the first time in front of the whole school and parents as well too.  What made me most proud was being good at actions.  What I could have done differently was to learn my lines a little bit better.
Nikiwe Sibanyoni

Grade 3K
I found out we were doing the assembly on a Wednesday when Ms Khosa was telling us to repeat after her and try remember our poems.  The other class had their own groups and then we had our own.  Then we practised altogether.  We practised in class, the hall and outside.

The day of the Assembly was good but when it was time for my group to do the prayer we forgot some words.

My favourite part was getting the light on my face.  The best part of working in a group was the critical thinking, problem-solving and we stick together no matter what.

What I would do differently would be having costumes and disco lights.
Tshiamo Phooko

I remember last week Friday both Grade 3 classes were in the art room.  It was almost the end of the school day then Mrs Verner called out, ‘Can all of you please sit in your Cowrolla poem groups if you are not already.’  So Lily, Momo, Selah and I sat in our group together and started practising our poem and it’s called ‘The Busy Market.’  About two or three minutes later Mrs Verner gives us parts of the play and also we found out Selah, Lily, Momo and I were going to be narrators.

It’s the big day Friday.  I got to school a little bit late but the audience didn’t notice, only the Grade three teachers.  Just like normal Mrs Howden walked in and everyone greeted her.  So group eight stood up and the play started.

What I mostly enjoyed was working with a new group of people.  It was a little bit hard at first to see whose part was whose but we got it together in the end.

My biggest highlight of the assembly was when the audience realised that we were asking them to stand up and sing ‘Masithi Amen’.
Maja Preston

I was at home feeling sick and then my mom called me to have dinner.  We were talking together and then she told me.  I was so excited for school the next day.

It was the day of the assembly.  I was so nervous and a bit cold.  Actually very cold.  I walked in and sat down feeling even more cold and then my sister came in.  I was so happy and she told me she was watching me.  I was delighted.

I enjoyed having a really good group.  I loved how we made our poem a team effort.  If I were to change it, I wouldn’t change anything.
Holly Wells