Grade 2S
Today is Friday, which means it is the Walkathon! 
My hat is an eco-hat.  Everyone must make a hat and bring it to school.  The parents run or swim.  My dad is running today.  I brought my hat and my friends too.  We will be walking in a circle. 
Bophelo Mokhomatha

The walkathon is on Friday.  A walkathon is when you walk around the whole school 21 times.  It is when you make amazing hats.  It is at APPS and is VERY fun. 
For the walkathon we need to wear our sports kit.  Sometimes you can get some food if you need energy.  
We have a theme every year.  This year it is celebrations.  My celebration is the Fourth of July.  
We also need to make little cards for stickers so we can count how many laps we have done. 
The walkathon was lots of fun.  We got chips and a lolly.  Although it was quite tiring I still had fun. 
Emily Wolstenholme