Earlier this year, the Grade 6 and 7s started practicing marimbas together for the competition we were going to do later this term. We came up with a song which we call the ‘Grade 6 and 7 Medley’. It contains five songs, including a Michael Jackson song, ‘Final Countdown’, ‘Get Lucky’ and two traditional African songs. The morning of filming everyone was really excited, and the first take was 20 seconds over time, so we had to cut something out to reach the time limit, which was five minutes. Once we had finished filming, we were glad it was over and submitted our entry. We are all very excited to get the results and are hoping to get an award! It was a very amazing experience, and we thank Ms Gericke and Mr Mutero for this opportunity.
Jamie Giles & Safiya Hajee (Marimba Captains)