Junior Music Concert
When I was waiting for my turn I felt nervous and excited.  When I heard my name, it felt like my heart was beating as loudly as Holly’s drum, but I felt calmer once I started playing.  It was different playing under the oak, and it was lovely.
Georgia Sharp – Grade 2B

Intermediate Music Concert
I started playing drums this year just before lockdown.  Zoom lessons were tricky but Herman really made them fun.  It was so great to perform to a live audience including my parents and grandparents on Zoom from Cape Town.  I felt really nervous but once I got going I did not want to stop.  Sitting at the drum kit under the oak tree is something I will never forget and I can’t wait for next year’s concert.
Gemma Wells – Grade 4M

The sweet, melodic tune of my clarinet fills the air, as my sheet music calmly flaps in the breeze.  The APPS music concert was in the great outdoors, underneath the beautiful oak tree, which seemed to sway in time to the music.  APPS music concerts let girls express their inner musical joy.  The instruments APPS girls play range from flute to piano to saxophone and even the outstanding voices of the singers.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances throughout the morning.
Georgia van der Walt – Grade 5M

Senior Music Concert
The music concert was a highlight for me this year.  It brought some normality to all the Covid chaos.  This year was hard for many and it was not different for our music lessons.  Despite the challenges, I was awestruck by the talent, commitment and effort everyone put in.  I performed a piece on the piano, and I sang.  Although it was a bit tricky learning on Zoom, with wifi problems and missing the face to face, we made it through.  For me personally, I made a breakthrough with my singing all thanks to our amazing Music Director, Miss Gericke.  I usually find audiences intimidating, but with reassurances from Miss Gericke, I found my voice.  In the end we all deserved the applause we got, and all that matters is that we had fun and survived this year.  I hope we have another music concert not too far in the future.  A big thank you to everyone involved.
Dina Badat – Grade 6

APPS Soirée Evening
Who would have thought that the music lessons in our Grade 7 year would take place on Zoom!  But they did, and they made our time during lockdown that much more bearable, being able to play our instruments and sing our songs.  At the Soirée which took place on 18 November, with limited numbers and the audience (and performers) wearing masks, our amazing and talented Grade 7 girls brought the house down as our classmates cheered us on and our proud parents applauded – there was not a dry eye in the house!  Although we were nervous and hadn’t played in front of people for so long, seeing our teachers and having their support made it a little easier.  Well done to everyone who participated on Friday and to all those who came to support us, including our sound team and backstage helpers.  Thank you also to all the music teachers and all their guidance over the years.  As we go our separate ways and start a new journey in high school, we will be able to showcase our talents but people will know that we will always be APPS girls at heart.
Tayla Giles – Grade 7

It’s the Soirée, one of my favourite nights of the whole year.  A night dedicated to music with beautiful songs to be sung and played.  The thrill of walking on stage and performing a piece that you’ve been practicing for months and months.  It’s the Soirée with classical on the violin or hard rock on the drums.  The satisfaction of hearing the crowd cheering and clapping once you’ve preformed, or the happiness you feel after hearing your friends play.  It’s the Soirée – a night to remember.
Emelie Thompson – Grade 7