I arrived at school in my Polish outfit.  I walked into the classroom and everyone’s eyes popped out in amazement at my colorful outfit.  An hour and a half later we went onto the big field and practiced the Jerusalem dance for filming.  Then we met the film crew, Matt and Chris who were standing in spots around the field to control the drone to take a video of us.  We started right away with Miss Gericke dancing then we watched the teachers dance.

Maja Preston – Grade 2S

Getting ready for the challenge was both fun and nerve-wracking!  I started with research and looked up and learned the song and the dance.  I taught my dad the dance because he was also preparing for the Jerusalema challenge at his work.  We enjoyed practising together.  On the day of the challenge, the whole school came together on the big field.  The music started and we all began to dance.  The funniest part was when my shoe came off and everyone around me started laughing.  We had tons of fun – it was a day well spent.

Amantle Moseki – Grade 4

The Jerusalema challenge was such an incredible experience.  We learned separately in our school grades at first, and then we practised it altogether.  Dancing at break time became a ‘tradition’ and watching everyone let loose in this pandemic was heart-warming.  We started filming on Heritage Day. Everyone was so excited as we walked to the field to show the world what we had.  Everyone in the school participated, from the little Grade 0 girls, to our leaders, the Grade 7 girls, all our teachers, our Service Staff and the security guards.  One of my favourite things about doing all of this was to see how everyone enjoyed doing it, how everyone worked hard but had fun along the way:  laughing, jumping and having the time of their lives with no worries.  Honestly, it was one of the best things to be a part of!

Nuha Cassim – Grade 6