Grade 2S
On Friday 9 February we had a walkathon at school.  The Grade 0, 1 and 2 girls had to walk around the school 21 times.  I was walking with Hannah.  After the walkathon I got treats and a medal.  My dad came to walk for me.  The theme was ‘Mad Hatters’.  We raised funds.  The best part was when we got ice cream.
Hanaan Carrim

I was so excited because today was the ninth of February and that meant that it was the walkathon and my hat was waiting on the kitchen counter.  I took it and went to school.  I walked 21 laps.  At the end I had treats, they were a medal, an ice-cream and a cupcake.  The Grade two’s were the oldest, only Grade 0, 1 and 2 were allowed to walk, the Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 had to swim.  The theme was ‘Mad Hatters’.  It was about fundraising but I think it was about having fun!  My hat was a top hat, it was made out of paper.  It was at my school.  Me and Hala were together the whole time.  I held Hala’s hand, it was lots of fun.
Leah Ismail Bauer

Grade 2L
I wore a hat and I decorated it with mad hatter stuff.  I walked around the school 21 times.  I walked with Gemma and Emily.  It was fun walking with them.  After the walkathon I got a cupcake and a medal and then it was brack.
Anna Chorley

On Friday it was the walk-Anthony.  It was fun.  My hat was the Cheshire cat.  I walked with my aunty.  We had to do 21 laps.  At the end I got a cupcake.
Ali Campbell

I had a tall hat that I carried most of the way.  I walked with Charlotte in Grade 0.  Charlotte’s hat was shoter then my hat.  Her hat was easier to wear.  We finished at the saym time.  I was with Charlotte for the rest of the walk-a-then and then we had drac (break).
Rachel Stevens