Grade 5M
There was competition in everyone’s eyes.  The scent filled the air.  We were determined to swim 100 lengths, but what happened was very different!  I half died on 70 lengths, which was kind of embarrassing.  The other grades didn’t know this though, so I walked out the swimming pool area like I had just swum 500 lengths, gladly taking a juice, ice-cream and key medal.  Overall things were great and the day was awesome!
Milla Morse

The swimathon this year was amazing!  When we do the swimathon we try to do more than 40 laps.  This year I tried to do 90 laps, but I only managed 64.  The swimathon helps me get more exercise and stretches some parts of my body.

After all that swimming we got a small packet of chips and ice cream, and a really pretty key.  I could also buy a funky water bottle for R20.00.  There was music, food and drinks.  Everyone looked like they enjoyed the swimathon, even though we were all so tired from kicking.

Some families came early in the morning to swim, and even Mrs Howden swam!  I am looking forward to the next swimathon and will hopefully reach my goal of  90 laps.
Tiyana Williams