Well done to all the swimmers for doing their best, not only at the galas but throughout the season.  Thank you so much to Mrs Dane and Miss Hartmann for coaching and for their great support to all the teams.

We wish everything of the best to the Grade 7 swimmers and to the APPS teams going forward.  Train hard for 2018.

The Junior Primary Gala took place on a cool, cloudy day.  APPS ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams competed and it was a wonderful experience for all.  The APPS ‘A’ team came fifth and the ‘B’ team came eighth.  The Grade 1 to 3 girls swam very well and thoroughly enjoyed the gala.

Thank you to all the parents who were very supportive.

Cross Country
A number of girls took part in the St Peter’s cross country this year.  There were three meetings and the girls participated with great enthusiasm.

We hope more APPS girls will take part next year.  A big thank you to Mrs Cottrell and Miss Hartmann for their support and guidance.
Miss Mo Pearson

The tennis season finished off with the girls playing the APPS championships.  In the Grade 4 and 5 section, Madhuri Padayatchi and Clare Stewart-Selvan made it to the finals.  Unfortunately we did not have a result at the time of going to print, as one of the girls has been ill.

Congratulations to our seniors on the following results:
Caitlin Hudson won the seniors single title against Alison King in the finals.
Alison King and Zoë Christodoulou won the doubles title against Aimee Rosmarin and Caitlin Hudson.

Yours in Tennis.
Miss Dot Hartmann