All teams, from Grade 3 to Grade 7, have taken part in a festival type afternoon every week.  The players have performed above expectations and have had some good results.  Their playing time in one afternoon has increased and we hope in the long run, this will be beneficial to the improvement of skills and match practice.

Our success can be attributed, not only to the girls’ utter determination, spirit and love for the game but to the coaches who work hard at improving the players’ performance.  A huge thank you to Miss Pearson, Mrs Howden, Miss Knight, Mrs Melland, Mrs Dane, Miss Hartmann and Miss Bushell.

Hockey vs Zimbabwean Team
A mixed Grade 6 and 7 team played the Hellenic School from Zimbabwe and were very successful in beating them.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.  Thank you very much to the mums for their help at tea time.
Miss Mo Pearson

We are in the middle of our Netball season and are enjoying our new fixture format with fewer afternoons where each player gets the opportunity of playing more than one match.  Although these afternoons finish at a later time than before, they have worked out very positively for the girls.  Every girl is getting more court and match time, exposing them to more learning opportunities.  The extra practices for the older girls during the ‘non-playing week’’ have also been very beneficial, as we can do more skills coaching and general fitness.

We have also attended several weekend festival where we took selected girls from Grade 3 to 7 to play a whole Saturday morning of Netball.

All in all we have had a busy, but energetic season so far.  We look forward to more festival afternoons and of course at the end of term, our annual Interhouse Netball matches.

A big thank you to all the coaches as well as Mrs M’Crystal and Mrs Howden for helping out on the match afternoons.
Miss Dot Hartmann