Grade 7
Beautiful costumes, bright lights and last minute nerves.  The Grade 4 to 7 play is the biggest event of the second term.  With Mrs Levin writing the script and directing, and Miss Gericke organizing the music, the production is bound to be a success every year.

The long hours of practice finally paid off when the play arrived.  Those days of staying after school, as well as the Saturdays we spent practicing, definitely seemed worth it when that loud applause was heard.  This play was amazing and gave us a chance to show our hidden talent and become the character, plus it was a great excuse to get out of lessons!

Thank you so much to Mrs Levin and Miss Gericke for such an amazing play.
Lubanzi Gwala and Alaesun Hoffman-Lee

Grade 6
With a last, final brush of blush, I’m whisked away to the excitement of backstage.  My cue line is said, and I walk into blinding stage lights.  I sweep the stage with my old broom as a French sweeper, then we all sing our song ‘Bonjour’!
Zoë Ireland

Grade 5K
Our play Beauty and the Beast was amazing. I loved being a candle stick and a clock for the song, Change. It was hard work but it was worth it. The main parts played by the grade sevens were really good. Everyone that came to watch the play said it was amazing. I had lots of fun taking part in this production, and I’m sure everyone else did too.
Eva Eicker-Harris

Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test, the grade fives all sang happily on the play nights. Some of us were candelabras, cutlery, napkins, clocks, feather dusters, salt and pepper shakers, cups and saucers. We were all very excited and it was hard for us to keep quiet when we were waiting to go on stage. Mrs Levin and Ms Gericke thought we were amazing and made us feel really good about our performance. My favourite characters were Belle and the Beast because they were so enthusiastic and had lots of expression. My favourite scene was when we had to fight with the grade sixes in the village scene. It was slo fun bringing the whole play together. The comments about the play have been very positive and everyone said it was amazing. I enjoyed performing on stage.
Rachael Mang’ana.

Grade 5M
There was a lot of excited energy as we were getting ready for the show.  It was intense and everyone was absolutely terrified.  Out of everyone, I think I was the star of the show!  We stepped onto the stage, and with our exquisite faces, brilliant dancing and singing, we caused the audience to erupt with laughter.  Although it was nerve wracking, I loved my time on ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
Romy Day

We were finally ready for the dress rehearsal, although we were all stuck in an emotional state.  Just before we went on, we were nervous and scared.  With a deep breath, we arrived on stage, and what we thought would be brilliant, turned to disaster.  Our head pieces started clashing together, some fell on the floor; others fell onto people’s hands.  Luckily, when the first real performance came, we had a chance to redeem ourselves and we invited everyone to ‘Be our Guest’.
Emma Van Rensberg

Grade 4B
Our school play was magnificent.  We first started off with our book characters’ song and then went on with our machine.  I loved it because of the UVI lights.  The first time we did it, it was quite scary but then we got used to it.  I think we all did a great job and had an amazing time.
Liya Adam

The play was absolutely awesome!  I loved doing the machine with the UVI lights.  I was a musician and it was so fun making all the sounds of the machine.  In our second part we were book characters from the books in the library, it was so wonderful being all dressed up and with make-up on.  It was an amazing experience, I can’t wait for next year!
Megan Peters

Grade 4G
The Grade 4 to 7 classes did a school play, ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  It was such fun for all of us.  We, the Grade 4’s were Belle’s father’s machine.  We were also the book characters.  I was Pinocchio.  The play was amazing.  Alaesun was Beauty and Lubanzi was the Beast.  We were all so tired from the play, but we got pizza and hot chocolate after every performance.  I enjoyed the play so much but I was happy to go home and take off all my make-up and jump into my bed.  If you did not go to the play, you missed out.  That is my overview on the play.  I absolutely loved it!
Amber Doran