March 30, 2016

Grade 3V:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Why rainwater is so important to us:  Stored rainwater can be used for toilets, washing and for gardens.  You can drink it but first you must boil it and filter it.
Water doesn’t always get absorbed in the grass.  Because of the amount of rain that falls, you can save it by putting out tanks or even leaving buckets outside.
Yours faithfully,
Amani Adam

Dear Madam/Sir
Rainwater is so important.  It is the only water we get in a very long time.  We need to save rainwater so that when we don’t have rain we can use it.  Without water we can’t bath and all the fish will die.
When I was at ballet there was rainwater was coming from the roof.  If we had a JoJo tank we could connect a pipe to the Grade 7 class garden.  Then all the water will be stored.  At my class room there was a big fountain because of the rain.  If we had a JoJo tank we could use a gutter and connect it to the end of the class.  By the door of the class there’s a leak.  So if we had JoJo tank we could store the water for the pool.
So please, please can we have a JoJo tank.
Yours faithfully,
Bibi-Fathima Peer

Dear Madam/Sir
At school we use a lot of water by flushing loos, watering the field and filling the pool.  So if we had a JoJo tank we could save all that water.  Water is not being absorbed because of too much building and concrete surfaces.
We could save water by it falling off roofs and into gutters and then into the JoJo tank.
We need a JoJo tank.
Yours faithfully,
Olivia Thompson

March 30, 2016

Grandparents’ Day was a lovely morning filled with love and cheer.  The Grade 0 girls were very excited to show their grandparents around the school and perform their songs and poems which provided many laughs.  Mrs Howden and the Grade 0’s did a wonderful gym display on the lawn to show the grandparents what they get up to during the week.  Tea was served while the girls showed their grandparents all the work they have done during their first term at APPS.  The morning was thoroughly enjoyed by girls and grandparents.  A big thank you to all those involved.
Miss Carrie Strauss

February 26, 2016

Our play was based on respect and respecting other people’s cultures and tradition and respecting them while they’re talking.  Our aim was to get people to respect others and listen to what they have to say.  We all had a blast while we practised and thought about our skits.  We all did an exquisite job in learning and making our poem an interesting one!  I’d like to say a big thank you to Mrs Marescia and Mrs M’Crystal for helping us through the play and helping us do such a great job.  I’d also like to applaud the grade 6 girls for co-operating and doing everything without having to go through any trouble along the way.
Thanks to all!
Asia Morais

Lights, camera, Action!  The Grade 6 girls take to the stage!  Our message was simply based on respect.  I can remember the excitement on the day, hair done, clothes on and rehearsing lines.  It was a day to remember.  We headed into the hall, our stomachs squirming with butterflies, we got into our spaces and everyone filed into the hall.  Once everyone was in the show started.  Some girls stepped forward to introduce the message of respect.  After that the acting started.  From old grannies to naughty children, we each produced a masterpiece.  We all had a different message, respect your school, elders, environment, people’s culture, greeting, listening to others and acting respectfully in a crowded room.

It was very enjoyable and entertaining.  Then we recited a poem and sang a very jazzy song “R.E.S.P.E.C.T,” then ended assembly with a prayer.  Everyone took the message home but we couldn’t have done it without the help from our teacher, Mrs Marescia and Deputy Headmistress Mrs M’Crystal.
Sarah Meddows-Taylor

February 18, 2016

A Note from the Head of Music:
Our APPS music department is very pleased to welcome Miss Kate Borthwick this year.  Kate is an outstanding professional and a fantastic music teacher.  Miss Borthwick will wear quite a few musical hats within the department in 2016, as she facilitates selected junior and senior music lessons, accompanies choirs, and helps with various music department activities and music/drama APPS collaborations, throughout the year.
Miss Ally Gericke

My name is Kate Borthwick and I am the new class music teacher at APPS!  I feel incredibly blessed to have found APPS and to be working with such a special group of girls and teachers.  Before joining the APPS team, I was working in various capacities in the music industry having recorded my own album in 2012 and toured the world as a keyboardist and rehearsal pianist for several musical theatre productions.

I enjoy being creative in music, dance and art and thoroughly enjoyed the various musical events at APPS in the third term last year.  I am looking forward to promoting and growing this extraordinary music department even further.

Learning Recorder in Grade 1
Learning the recorder has been a wonderful experience!  On the first day I think we overblew a bit, but apart from that I think it was really fun.  When I could play a proper note my heart was singing.  When I could play my first song it really felt satisfying.  I love all types of music, but when I play or sing it, I feel carried away by the music.  I hope everyone else has had as much fun as I have, playing the recorder!
Rachel Moultrie

Ash Wednesday Service
On Wednesday 10 February, APPS and St Katharine’s joined The Ridge School for the Ash Wednesday Service.  The service was given by the Headmaster of The Ridge and there were extracts given by the Head Girls and Head Boys of the different schools.  All the choirs sang wonderfully.  It’s amazing how three separate choirs can come together and sing as if they are one.  As we stood in our big harmonious choir, it reminded me of a quote by Paul McCartney when he said ‘I love to hear a choir. I love the humanity to see in the faces of real people devoting themselves into a piece of music.’
Imán Adams (Choir Captain) – Grade 7

Ash Wednesday is a day when The Ridge, St. Katharine’s and APPS come together and celebrate the first day of Lent.  Through several weeks of planning, our music teachers taught us the songs ‘Weeping’, ‘For the Beauty of the Earth’ and ‘Lord of the Dance’.

When we all came together to sing the songs it sounded incredible.  At the end of the service we had a cupcake and juice and socialized with learners from the other schools.  For all the Grade 7 girls Ash Wednesday will always be memorable.
Ruveneko Shava (Choir Captain) – Grade 7

February 18, 2016

On Saturday 23 January, the APPS swimming team joint with Pretoria Girls’ High School (PGHS), was privileged to swim at the St Mary’s Summer Splash gala.

The APPS girls swam exceptionally well.  The last three races were ladder relays so we swam with PGHS.  Our BIG team did very well!  PGHS was great and encouraged us the whole way.

PGHS and APPS must be an excellent combination as we came fifth out of ten schools.   Everyone swam very well and all deserve to be congratulated.  Well done!

The league galas have been very exciting and all our three teams have had good results.  Thanks to parents who always lift to galas.

Midmar Swim
Well done to all the Midmar swimmers.  The swimmers’ times were impressive and fun was had by all.

A few new players have been selected to attend the team tennis practices and hopefully the growth of tennis will continue at APPS.  The teams have had mixed results with every player giving of their best.  The improvement has been noticeable.  Once again our thanks to parents who always lift to matches and the lovely support they are giving their daughters.
Miss Mo Pearson

February 18, 2016

Grade 3 to 7 Swimathon
Grade 4B
On 21 February we did the Swimathon.  I am proud of myself for swimming 78 lengths which is over a mile and nearly 2 kilometres.  I could have done more if I had not rested for about one minute every 8 lengths.  To have my moms there to support me made me feel much stronger.  The Swimathon is a great way to see what your limits are and to spend time with your friends.
Eva Eicker-Harris

On 21 February we had the Swimathon.  It was fun swimming with all my friends.  I think I did well doing as many as sixty lengths.  I think that’s a lot!  The supporters were cheering which helped.  I was going to do fifty but they gave me the courage to swim ten more.  What made the day special was that everyone was proud of me.
Ameera Adam

Grade 4G
I woke up with a start, it’s the Swimathon.  I was filled with fear even though a part of me felt confident.  I got to school in a flurry.  Everybody was rushing here and there.  I got to class, put my bags down and rushed into assembly.  Afterwards we did a bit of work then we lined up and marched to the pool.  I dived into the water feeling confident.  I swam my best.  I did all I could and no sooner, I realized I had done forty lengths.  I got out and felt drained, drowsy and pleased.  I got dressed and went to see how the others were doing.  The hour had gone and we all got juice and chips.  My favourite was the shiny gold medal.  I was thrilled at what I had done.  I felt satisfied indeed.  It was exciting and I felt proud and I had improved a lot.  Excitement rushed through me as I had waited to tell my mom all about it.
Zainab Ballim

Friday 12 February was the Swimathon of 2016 and it was crazy, so let’s get to it.  Every lane had two moms each.  In my lane I got my best friends mum, Cindy she’s really cool and a girl from Grade 3’s mom.  When we started, I did a really good dive and off we went.  One lap to ten to twenty to thirty laps and then I was on forty.  As I went higher and higher I also talked a lot, well who wouldn’t.  Then a weird thing happened, an Egyptian goose jumped in and everybody laughed except for the girl who was swimming next to it.  I can imagine being pecked to death, ouch!  At last time was up I had done 78 laps, yay!  One of my goals down.  I really enjoyed swimming and taking part in our Swimathon of 2016.
Neve Matthee

February 18, 2016

Grade 2W
On Friday I brought my hat to school.  I had ribbons and a shiny key.  We had to do a spelling test before the Walkathon.  When we were done we lined up.  Mrs Howden spoke to us and told us not to run.  That we must be walking.  Then Mrs Howden said that we could start, we had to do 25 laps.  When we were done we had chips and juice.  It was a long break.  We then did some art then went home.
Kwanda Nhlapo

On the Walkathon I came to school.  I brought my hat.  My hat took three days to make.  It was a Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland hat.  When I arrived at school we had a spelling test and after that we had the Walkathon!

We all got a Walkathon card, we all did twenty five laps.  Some of us did not.  I did twenty laps when I was walking I was so tired but finally finished.  I was groaning so much I really wanted to go home.
Cara Hirchson

Grade 2S
My partner was Gen, we walked and we talked.  It was fun.  We drank some water then we carried on.   My hat was a dragon hat and nothing fell off my hat.  Then we finally finished we got a medal and some chips and some juice.  It was yummy!  Then we got our lunch box and our hats.  The bell went and we came back to the classroom and did art.  Then we went home and we had a play date.
Erin Hudson

On the walkathon day I took my hat that I made with my mum.  It looked like a tea party on a hat.  There were two watering cans and two ducks, a paper plate and a paper cup, jewels, beads, ribbon and bows.   I walked with my friend Sophie.  I was the last one to finish.  It was lots of fun.  The school let us go home early.  The day came to an end and I was very sad.
Aziza Carim

February 18, 2016

On Friday 29 January our Grade 7 group presented our assembly play.  The play was based on our Grade 7 motto for the year, which is ‘Be Yourself, Inspire Others.’  The play was about a girl who was not accepted by her peer group and tried to be someone who she wasn’t until a new girl arrived who was of the complete opposite view about fitting in.  She gave the other girl inspiration about being herself and told her that if she does this, she will inspire other people to do the same and to be themselves.  After the play we sang our funky mash up of a few songs which truly encourages self esteem as well as having empathy for others.  Preparing for this play taught us about working together as a team and to persevere when times are tough.  We would really like to thank Ms de Wet our amazing grade 7 class teacher, for helping us coordinate the play, Miss Gericke for helping us with putting our songs together and most of all we would like to thank our fantastic, wonderful and extraordinary class for making it all happen.  We look forward to a great year with you all. Remember to always ‘Be Yourself, Inspire Others.’
Zahraa Ismail and Amy Leishman – Grade 7

February 18, 2016

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 1, 2016:
Congratulations to the Grade 7 leaders for Term 1:

Head Girl:  Zahraa Ismail
Deputy Head Girl:  Amy Leishman

Head of House:
St Andrew:  Caitlin Poole
St George:  Kim Raubenheimer
St Patrick:  Zahraa Ismail

House Sports Captains:
St Andrew:  Jayme Wiedeman
St George:  Margaux Kemp
St Patrick:  Hannah Gush

February 18, 2016

Grade 6 Leadership – Term 1, 2016:
Congratulations to the Grade 6 leaders for Term 1:

Class Captain:  Sarah Meddows-Taylor
Deputy Class Captain:  Asia Morais

House Captains:
St Andrew:  Kerry Gilmour
St George:  Ayanda Malala
St Patrick:  Ruby Vos