Grade 7 Poetry Evening

Poetry is a major part in our school life
We have won many competitions and competed in many events
We showed off our skill at the annual poetry evening
Held for Grade 7’s

This is a major opportunity for all to show off their poetry
We did a grade poem, a group poem and a class poem
If you were proud of your own poetry
You were given a chance to say an individual poem

All these poems and the night as a whole meant so much to us as it is our last year together
Our English teachers prepared us thoroughly for this event, and when the day came, we were all very excited
It ran very smoothly and we all got our chance and hand at poetry
The poetry at APPS continues to grow stronger and stronger
Jordan Dart – Grade 7

A beautiful evening of poetry filled the air.
One by one we went up to the stage, the atmosphere of beautiful people and the smell of the APPS music garden encouraged us to do our very best.  With individual poems about “The Father of The Nation”, “Africa my Home”, “Lost” and “Ubuntu” done by Aaliya, Mahek, Jordan and Zahraa.  We did group poems, class poems, and our famous Grade 7 poem.  A varied amount of topics that made the poetry come alive.  Our deep, meaningful poems and the inside jokes that only we understood.

Poetry Evening 2016 was a time to search into ourselves, and enjoy the peace and tranquility of all our beautiful poems.
We all will dearly miss these kind of celebrations that APPS has given to us.
Aaliya Hadjee – Grade 7

Grade 4 Tour

Grade 4G
Our First Tour
When I got to school I was very excited.  When I got into my class everyone was very super hyper.  We were all taking photos and selfies.  We had to go to assembly which was good.  When we got on the bus I tried to sleep but it did not quite work out.  We took photos of the landscape which was beautiful.  Then we arrived at the cable cars.  We went up and then we ate pizza, the ride down was scary because we stopped and then we started again.  When we got to Bush Willow Camp, our first activity was a hike.  The food was delicious and the activities were amazing.  On the ride back we stopped at a reptile park to have lunch.  The rest of the way felt like five hours but that was okay.  I wish that we could go to Bush Willow Camp again.
Emma van Rensburg

“Three more minutes, we’re almost there….Two, minutes I’m so excited…. One, minute I can see the cable cars……”  When we got to the top I looked over a hill and the view was amazing!  We played on a jungle gym and had lunch.  When everyone was done eating, we went back down the cable cars, got on the bus and headed for camp.  When we got there we were introduced to our camp supervisors.  Their names were HHP and Shrek who were extremely kind and caring.  Then we went to our cabins and unpacked…Every night after dinner we sat around the camp fire and sang/danced.  After that we went back to our cabins and got ready for game night.

In the morning we all got up, got dressed and went to breakfast.  All day, and every day, we played games, went on hikes and swam.  After we swam we normally got dressed and went to dinner.  We repeated this process throughout the days until our last one.  When we left it was a sad time.  Although we were excited to go home, we couldn’t bear the thought of leaving.  We said “goodbye” to HHP and Shrek who were as sad as we were.  But when we left we let bygones be bygones, and everyone was happy again and excited to get home.
Clare Stewart-Selvan

Grade 4B
Camp was the highlight of my year.  It was so much fun!  I enjoyed everything at camp.  We swam in a heated pool and had awesome adventures and instructors.  And the most beautiful sights.  The hikes were challenging and the scavenger hunt.  What I learnt about tour is to be thick skinned, responsible, work as a team and always count everyone in.
Alexandra Wearne

As we waved our parents goodbye and the bus inched ahead, I smiled gleefully at the thought of the exciting adventure that was awaiting us.  Our entire grade class was eagerly awaiting the day for our overnight camp to Bush Willow lodge since the beginning of this year and the moment had finally arrived.  My experience of the overnight camp was truly memorable, filled with exploration, excitement, spirit building and many learning experiences.
Maryam Akhalwaya


At APPS we believe that sport is not only necessary to build team spirit and cultivate healthy minds and bodies, but that many of life’s lessons are learnt on the playing fields.

Tennis is both an individual and team sport.  Playing a singles match against your opponent is all about you as an athlete against the other person.  However, in doubles, you and your partner are a team striving to beat the opposition, and only as a team can you achieve success.

Tennis as a school sport has continued to grow in terms of player participation and in terms of the results, we have enjoyed in competing against other schools.  In 2015 the school came 3rd in the table against the other schools, and in 2016 we hope to again enjoy success on the courts.

Tennis can be enjoyed by the young and older girls in the school, and is a sport one can play well into your adult life after school.  It is also a wonderful family sport that can be enjoyed on holiday or at tennis clubs.

For such a small school, we have improved a great amount in climbing to the top against other major sporting schools.  This shows our spirit and that we continue to live up to our motto – Fiat Lux.
Jordan Dart – Tennis Captain

Grade 5 Dads and Daughters Camp Out

Grade 5K
Finally the day arrived that my dad and I had been waiting for, for years, the dads and daughter camp out at school on the field.  It was lots of fun and I am sure everyone that was there enjoyed it.  We played lots of fun games with our dads such as tug of war and volleyball.  At one point there was a game of soccer, cricket and touch rugby all at the same time.  At dinner time we sat with our dads and spent some quality time with them.  My dad works very hard and I don’t see him that often so it was nice to catch up.  I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed.  So did a lot of people I know.  As a result, most people got up to seven hours of sleep.  I really loved the camp out and I wish we could do it again next year.
Mia Babaya

When we arrived all we could see were tents everywhere, all over the big field.  Big tents, small tents, tiny tents, huge tents.  We set up our tent and went to play volleyball.  Everyone went to get a drink and we started an epic game of football.  Dads against daughters.  There was lots of scoring and we ended the game with five goals each (including the handball goals).  A small group of us went to play French Cricket into the night.  The time flew by and we went to braai our meat.  There was such a feast and there were lots of leftovers. We then stuffed ourselves with smores and went to bed.  Most of us had an awesome night’s sleep, others not so much.  We had scrumptious egg and bacon rolls for breakfast.  The day sped past and soon everyone was packing up their tents.  Sophia came back from hospital as she sprained her arm while running in the dark and she tripped over a rope.  The day was soon over and we had to say goodbye.
Amber Aspoas

Grade 5M
Spending time with my dad at the camp out was awesome!  It was great to spend some time with all my friends too.  We made up songs and laughed and joked!  Dad jokes are always the best types of jokes, even though they are very corny.
Sleeping in tents, sharing breakfast with friends and laughing is what the Dads and Daughters camp out is all about!
Tamsin Theron

An acrostic poem about the Dads and Daughters Camp Out
Cuddles up next to the fire to keep warm
All of us together under the stars
My dad and I are a great team
Picking the right spot to put up our tent
Interesting camp-side tales
Night time adventures
Great time spend with dad
Zoe Ireland



The Chess Club has gone from strength to strength this year with 32 committed members attending practice sessions each week.  Mrs Pengelly’s gentle guidance and instruction has enabled each girl to grow and develop a range of strategies.  The Chess Team has had a successful year, winning many of their matches, as well as being placed first and third in the St Mary’s Girls Chess Tournament.  The support from parents has been superb and thanks must go to all those who offer lifts and collect girls on match days.

The Captains and Vice Captains have been real ambassadors, not only for the team but for the school.   They have encouraged the girls, mentored younger members and always displayed good manners when playing against other schools.  A special thanks to Mrs Modi, Mrs Naidoo and Mrs Adams who kindly organised suppers for the home matches, it is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to continued growth in 2017 and wish Sonia, Imàn, Anjali, Olive, Neko, Katelyn and Megan everything of the best for their high school years.
Miss G Seebregts

Heritage Day Celebrations at APPS – Friday 23 September 2016

Grade 7:
On Friday 23 September 2016, APPS and Salvazione got together and celebrated Heritage Day.  We danced, sang and laughed together.  All the grades practiced a song and dance, according to which heritage they were celebrating and at the end of the day they all went to the field to watch each grade do their song and dance.  All the APPS pupils got to know all the Salvazione pupils and learnt about their heritage. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day with Salvazione. This day should continue as a tradition at APPS because it unites everyone to celebrate the day!
Caitlin Poole, Jayme Wiedemann and Olivia Theron

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 3 2016

Congratulations to the following Grade 7 leaders for Term 3.  They are as follows:

Term 3 Head Girl
Kim Raubenheimer

Term 3 Deputy Head Girl
Shoni Maivha

Grade 7 Outing to the Centre for Experiential Learning

I would sincerely like to thank the Experiential Learning Centre for allowing us to experience such an informative outing and Mrs Howden for organising this day for us.  The skill I learnt was to work hard and co-operate.  Without this we would not be successful in building plugs.  As we first tried to construct a plug we found out that it is not very easy, especially when you have a system that not everybody is familiar with.  As soon as we were divided into groups and had a plan that we were familiar with we could build ten plugs in ten minutes.  As a class we really enjoyed!
Aachal Kalidas

Maths Competition

Grade 5K:
And your hour starts now!  The first round was an individual round.  I started the questions which were surprisingly easy.  I think we all expected it to be much harder.  In the second challenge, we were allowed to talk with our team members.  We flew through the test and assigned each girl a question and finished it in no time at all.  APPS didn’t participate in the third challenge where other schools presented a presentation or a play about Maths.  My favourite one was:  choose any three digit number, multiply it by 11, multiply it by 7, then multiply it by 13.  You should end up with the three digit number that you started with repeated twice.  When the third challenge was done everyone was on the edge of their seats excited for the prize giving.  I received a prize for coming in third place.  I was very excited.  Olivia won first place and we were both very proud.  We had a lot of fun and competed against schools we do not usually compete against.
Amber Aspoas

On 10 September 2016 some APPS girls competed in a Maths competition hosted at the Dominican Convent.  I was very nervous and excited at the same time because I was chosen out of six girls in the grade to compete.  We went to classrooms to complete the individual round.  The questions were much easier than I expected.  I successfully completed the challenge.  We then had the group round.  All the Grade 5 girls from APPS worked very well together.  The next round was the school presentations.  APPS didn’t do a presentation and I found some of the presentations quite boring.  Then there was a prize giving.  Sadly, I didn’t win a prize, but my two friends did and I was very happy for them.  I learnt to always try my best no matter what and that I am smarter than I think.
Berlynn Williams

Outing to Forest Town School

Grade 2S
On Tuesday 20 September we went on the bust to Forest Town to see the show of Peter Pan.  The show was so lovely, I could not believe my eyes!  Everyone was so amazing.  Thank you for a lovely play.  I hope we come back soon for another play.  I was so amazed, I never knew a school could do that.
Lathitha Madikizela

I loved the show.  The costumes were fantastic and I loved the songs.  I loved Captain Hook and his crew.  Peter Pan was amazing.  Everything was amazing.  When we went on the bus we laughed.  We liked the lights, the colourful lights.  The ones that were blue and dotted.  It was a little bit funny, I didn’t want to leave.  Thank you Forest Town for the play.
Rebecca Wolstenholme

The Forest Town school play was out of this universe.  When I saw and heard my brain popped with amazement.   The costumes were outstanding, I just can’t explain it!  You have outdone yourselves this time.  I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes.  I just loved each and every part of it.
Clea Ellens

Grade 2W
Grade 0, 1, 2 and 3 girls attended the play called ‘Peter Pan’ at Forest Town School.  I enjoyed Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  Their costumes were colourful and the pirates and all the characters sang beautifully.  The play was performed on a stage and the amazing lights shone on all of us and we enjoyed that very much.
Ela Solomon

Our school went to Forest Town School to watch a play.  The play was called ‘Peter Pan’.  They had fantastic songs and costumes.

When the play was about to start a teacher said that one of the classrooms had been locked and some of the boys would not have costumes.  Then the play began.

At the beginning of the play Captain Hook walked onto the stage.  Hook’s first mate Smee captured Peter while his other men found the treasure chest.  Captain Hook was very excited!  Tinkerbell and the lost boys came to rescue Peter Pan. Tinkerbell went to the fairies for some help and they pointed her in the right direction to the mermaids.  The mermaids did a special song and dance and it sounded beautiful in their high pitched voices and they gave Tinkerbell the magic key to help.  Peter Pan escape.

In the end Peter Pan and the Lost Boys won.  At the very end of the play all the characters sang my favourite song of the play.  It was called ‘I want to see you be brave’.
Pippa Campbell


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