Grade 6 and 7 Visit to Soweto

Grade 6
The Apartheid Museum was such a great learning experiences.  Mama Ndaba and Mrs Spanos made it incredibly interesting.  For me personally, it was a scary thought to think that our beautiful country had done such a bad thing. I think that all of the grade sixes and sevens came to a realization about how bad it was. Now that I know about Apartheid we will try to prevent History repeating itself.
Kerry Gilmour

Grade 7
On 11 May, the Grade 6 and 7 girls went to the apartheid museum.  It was a very educational and moving experience for all the girls and teachers involved.  Many of us were exposed to different aspects of the apartheid regime that we did not know of before.  The museum was very cleverly laid out in the sense that we all went through the journey of the dark and heavy times of oppression to the light and hapy times of freedom and democracy.  Although we will never understand what it truly felt like to live in the horrors of apartheid, we certainly did get more background and insight into the time.  The experience definitely made us appreciate our hard won freedom and the many sacrifices that were made.  Personally, I thought that it was a great learning curve for all of us and I look forward to many more interesting excursions such as this one.
Imàn Adams – Grade 7


Ascension Day
On 25 May 2016, APPS and St Katharine’s joined The Ridge to celebrate Ascension Day.  This took place at The Ridge.  The children were in a festive mood because of the joyous celebration.  Mr Stanley, the headmaster of The Ridge School, started off the prayer reminding us of the significance of this day, when Jesus ascended to the heavens.  He concluded the service by reminding us that this day is not only about celebrating but about trying to make a change within ourselves.
Amaani Razaak – Music Captain, Grade 7

APPS Senior Music Concert – Grades 5, 6 and 7
‘Earthquakes of the Soul’
My hands start sweating, my heart pumping.  Standing up I watch all eager faces staring up at me, waiting to see what I hold.  I place my hands onto the cold keys, the keys like black and white pages that open up and reveal a story.  Moving swiftly my hands brush over the keys.  Moving as if they are in a trance, sending an earthquake into my soul.  Then just like a click of a finger it’s over.  I walk away from my piano pleasure, until next time.
Ruby Jenkins – Grade 6

Intermediate Music Concert – Grade 3 and 4
On 20 of June at 07:30 in the morning, 30 Grade 3 and 4 girls played in a music concert for our parents, teachers and classmates.  I was nervous at first, but then I really enjoyed playing my song ‘Breakfast Time’.  I even remembered to introduce the song to the audience!  I was proud of myself because I managed to keep the beat.  I imagined my piano teacher, Charmelle, counting and tapping her foot to the beat at practice.  I also really enjoyed listening to my friends play the piano, violin, drums and flute.  Playing the piano is really fun, but you have to practice every day.  Then you can fully enjoy playing in front of an audience.
Analia Ntombela – Grade 4B

Junior Music Concert – Grade 1 and 2
I enjoyed watching the Junior Music Concert because everyone performed exciting and playful music pieces.  I quite liked the Indian song that Ela played and I enjoyed ‘Arioso’, which Rebecca played on the piano.  When it was my turn to play, I was scared at the beginning but when I stood up I knew I could do it.  I loved playing for everyone.  Next year I hope to play the flute, piano and violin at the concert.
Christina van Zyl – Grade 2S

Grade 6 Leadership

Congratulations to the Grade 6 Leaders for Term 2:

Grade 6
Class Captain                –           Hannah Cawood
Vice Captain                 –           Zoë Christodoulou

House Captains:
St George                     –           Asia Morais
St Patrick                      –           Rebecca Anagnostellis
St Andrew                     –           Alison King

Grade 5 Tour to Bush Pigs

Grade 5K:
All the Grade 5’s got on the bus to leave for camp on the 31st of May.  On our first day we got there and we went into the ‘Hog Hall’ for admin.  Once the admin was done we went to our dorms to settle in.  There was the leopard dorm and the buffalo dorm, I was in buffalo.  We then went out into the bush for 30 minutes of solitaire.  It was very relaxing!

We walked back to camp to find wonderful food waiting for us.  They gave the food weird names like fried maggots.  There was a vehicle called the piggy wagon, so after lunch and after some free time, we all climbed in and drove off looking at the beautiful stars.  We played a game called TNT, terror and treasure.  It was a very amusing game as all we had were our friends and our torches.  After playing we had supper and went to bed.

The next day we woke up bright and ready for a fun filled day.  Our first activity was a morning hike leading up to magnificent mountains with amazing echoes.  After our hike we had breakfast and got ready for the mudstacle.  The mudstacle was an obstacle course where you had to be brave and pull through, even with all the mud.

For our evening activity, we all went to Checkers to buy food, as we were going to make dinner.  My group made pasta and for dessert, poached pears.  The pasta went well but the dessert…not so much.  It was all very stressful, but we came second in the end which was good.

On the third day we did some team activities, tree popping, water studies and then we moved to camp gemsbok.  There we went on a lovely game drive and saw lots of animals!  We then did an auction which was lots of fun.  We learned a lot about the environment.  I am very aware now and I am more careful.

The fourth day was the day where we were going home.  We had a lovely breakfast and then packed our stuff and loaded the bus.  We did some final activities and then got on the bus.  Though I loved camp so much, it was definitely time to go home!
Christina Vaudran

On the 31st of May, the Grade 5’s went to Bush Pigs camp.  The bus drive was about two hours long.

Once we got to Bush Pigs the facilitators – Darryn, Simphiwe, Suzie, Bertha, Christian and my personal favourite, Chief Chocolate, explained everything to us.  Then we had lunch.

At sunset we did Solitaire which was when we sat alone in the bush and reflected upon the day and being in nature.  After a delicious braai we then jumped in the piggy wagon and went to do our night activity called T and T – Terror and Treasure which was like a treasure hunt in the dark but I don’t think there was terror.

The next day we woke up really early and went on a hike.  We went back to the camp to have breakfast. All the food had weird names like deep fried maggots for Rice Crispies.

We then did the Mudstacle which was an obstacle course with mud.  It was fun!  We washed all the mud off in a shower and then went to Checkers to buy our ingredients for dinner.  On the way back Darryn was on a “Sugar High”.  We made a meal for the teachers which was a group activity and my group made pasta for mains and a chocolate mousse tart.  After dinner we sang campfire songs.

The next day we did the team games, we learnt about alien plants and tree popping.  We packed our bags and went to camp Gemsbok.  That afternoon some of us went on the game drive and some went on the bicycle ride.  We saw buffalo, kudu, giraffe and sable on the game drive.

In the evening we had the WWF auction.  This was really fun and we all laughed at the girls who had to sing, dance and act to get more money.  In the morning we switched over, the game drive group did the bike ride and the bike riders did the game drive.  We did a few activities and then sadly went home.
Kate Titterton

Grade 5M:
I was so excited to go on tour because last year our tour was in the third term, but this year we were on our way to Bush Pigs.  One of my highlights was the game drive.  I had never seen so many animals that close before!  The meals were so delightful, I felt like I was eating at a restaurant every day.  I got closer to my classmates and made so many friends.  It was cold in the morning, so it was lovely to have hot chocolate in the mornings before every wonderful activity.  I loved Bush Pigs!  It was really my cup of tea (or hot chocolate!)
Langa Sibisi

I was the last one to get on the bus, but they didn’t leave without me!  It was a long drive to Bush Pigs, but we finally got there.  There were more facilitators than last year, but I liked them.  The main facilitator was Darren.  He was a bit crazy, especially with sugar.  We played T ‘n T, did a mudstacle course and an awesome hike with Chief Chocolate.  We had to cook a dinner for our group and our three guests.  Going to Checkers and buying all the food was really cool, but Darren was acting like he was our group’s dad.  Bush Pigs was amazing!
Sophie Randall

As we all excitedly waited for the bus to come, some of us were anxious and some of us just couldn’t wait for the bus to arrive!  Finally the bus arrived but as we started to pack our bags into the bus, I realised that Sophie hadn’t arrived yet!  I started to worry, and so did my mum, but Sophie arrived just in time and we started on our journey.

As soon as we arrived we met the facilitators:  Chief Chocolate, Susie, Darren, Christian, Simphiwe and Prudence.  Whenever we were with Chief Chocolate, we had to say “All hail Chief Chocolate!”

We did lots of activities such as a mudstacle course, a game drive, a bike ride, solitaire and many more.  I will never forget my trip to Bush Pigs!
Rachel Watermeyer

Grade 4 Assembly Play

Grade 4G:
Our Water Play
As most of you know, we Grade 4’s have recently done an Assembly play about saving water and electricity.

When we started we sang a song called “Sound of Silence” with torches.  Each group did their own funny little play and I have to admit that all of them were awesome.  In my group’s performance I was Suzelle DIY, Madhuri and Zainab were both guests and Emma was a camera person and Swazi was an awesome make up artist.

I think the Grade 4’s did a fantastic job inspiring children to help save water and electricity.

After all the plays Madhuri, Rachael and I shared some shocking information about our school bills.  The water bill for the past four months was R49 289.17 and the electricity bill was R194 424.22.

I hope we have encouraged everyone to help save our environment.
Neve Matthee

Grade 4B:
On the 13th of May Grade 4 did their assembly play about saving water and electricity.  It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.  There were lots of songs and facts.  We got split into groups, and each group made a small play about how important water and electricity is.  At first I thought no one would know their lines, but I was surprised when everyone did.

When we sang the songs they would copy what we would we did eg, clap, click or any action.  Thank you Miss Bushell and Mrs Govender for putting it altogether, we couldn’t have done it without you.
Frankie Genovese

Grade 4 did their assembly play on the 13th of May.  Our play was about saving electricity and water.  Everyone was put into groups and had to make their own little plays.  Some groups were electricity and other groups were water.  The songs that were sang were “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Sound of Silence.”

Everyone said it was amazing but it wasn’t just the Grade 4’s who put it together, it was also Miss Bushell and Mrs Govender.  Everyone worked really hard towards the play and in the end it was a really great play.  We all had lots of fun, but now we have to wait another long year until our Grade 5 play.
Cameron Brook

The Grade 3 Assembly Play – The Olympics

Grade 3V:
I was in an Assembly Play.  I was in Megara.  It was wonderful.  I was a chariot driver and my horse was Tatum… Kinisi!  That’s all I heard from all the racket but we went really fast.  I could barely hold the reins!  Robyn was the discus, Sarah was the jumper, Kate was the sprinter and Tatum was also a hoplite.  I loved it!
Tayla Giles

I won the discus throw!  My line was, “Good morning Mrs Howden, teachers, parents and APPS girls, we give you……the Ancient Olympics!  But before we went in it was freezing!  I hope you were there, but if not, enjoy the Rio Olympics.
Amani Adams

It was really cold.  We stood outside on Friday morning with no shoes on.  In the play I was a jumper.  I did the long jump.  I won the race because I jumped the furthest.  But the race I liked best was the armour race.  Because they wore cardboard as armour.  There were also the two gods of the gods, Queen Hera and King Zeus.  The funniest race was the chariot race because we made horse heads.  And also because the charioteer and the horse both got a carrot.  And we got separated into countries and I was in Sparta.  We did two songs.  They were ‘Brave’, ‘We are the champions’ and ‘Stronger’ but my favourite song was ‘Brave’.
Bibi-Fathima Peer

In the Olympics, I was a horse and a hoplite.  Some people fell, BUT those people got up and carried on.  There were three songs, ‘Stronger’, ‘We are the Champions’ and ‘Brave’.  ‘Stronger’ was my favourite song.  Ruby and Kate were chariot drivers.  Emelie did the discus throw.  Amber did the long jump.  It was amazing.  I loved it.  My mom thought it was AWESOME!
Olivia Thompson

Grade 3S:
At 7:30 am we had our assembly play about the Ancient Olympics.  We were in groups of cities and countries.  I was in Sparta.  Mia, Gaby, Bella, Kayla, BiBi and Embeth were in my city.  We were standing outside waiting for Mrs Howden to call us in to start our play.  I was freezing cold!  My dad said it was very nice he said he liked the armor race.
Juwairiyyah Gani

At the beginning of the Assembly play we were outside in a line, going in.  When we got in I was scared, I sat down after some pepeol seid their lines we sang brave, and then the games began.  I was a diskis so I threw the disk.  I didn’t win but I don’t give up, so maby next time.  At the end all the pepeol who won linde up and sang we are the champions, and then all of the losers sang what doesint kill you makes you stronger, and then the god got their gift and then it was the end of the play.
Emelie Thompson

Our Assembly Play was awesome aspeshelly when it was the part when everyone tript outside when we were doing the chariot race.  I fell over Olivia and Ruby.  After that as I went up the stage I nearly tript again.  When it was the discos throwe and it was Gabys turn I was screaming my lungs out.  I absolutely loved our play.
Isabella Ballenden


Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls have had a busy second term learning about autumn, the Olympics, South Africa and Australia.  We were lucky enough to have the Olympic torch in our classroom which inspired us to make our own Olympic flames!  The Flamingo class is Mexico and the Penguin class is Spain for the Olympics.  The Grade 0 girls made key rings for Father’s Day and are looking forward to the Father’s Day braai after half term.
Miss Carrie Strauss – Grade 0S

Grade 6 Tour to Zwartkloof

Hurray, hurray!  The grade sixes are finally on our way to Zwartkloof near Bela-Bela.  There is excitement and commotion as we slowly approach our destination.  On route to Zwartkloof we visited the Cullinan diamond mine.  We participated in many challenging team building activities, for example the archery and the climbing wall.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Gabriella van Niekerk

Everyone was so excited to finally go on camp, the bus was buzzing with excitement.  On the way we stopped at Cullinan Diamond Mine where we learnt about the mine and the diamonds that were produced there.  We had kind, fun facilitators who made the trip so enjoyable for everyone.  We did many team building exercises like building a waterproof shelter and making an egg parachute.  I think everyone can agree that the giant rock climbing wall and the water slide were the best.  We even had the chance of seeing white lions in person.  I had an amazing camp, it was educational but lots of fun.
Emily Orphanides

Grade 7 Tour

For our tour we went to Natal.  Although we spent the majority of our time in Durban we also visited Dundee on the first day and stayed at The Royal Country Inn for a night.  That same day we went to the Talana Museum, it was very interesting and we all learnt a lot about the battle that took place there.  That night we went back to the museum for a stargazing course.  The next day we went to Rorkes Drift Battlefield and had a very interesting tour.  A lot of us attempted to cross The Buffalo River, and we got 3/4 of the way.  After arriving at Treasure Beach we took an extemporaneous walk to the beach that was an unexpected length.  Through the course of the tour we visited the Sugar Refinery, Sharks Board (where we watched a hammer head dissection), uShaka (which was by far the favourite as we had an opportunity to go on the water slides), the Botanical Gardens, Natal Maritime Museum, and The Moses Mabida Stadium as well as a boat cruise around the harbour.  We all had a great time, but we were all very happy to head home.  We had such an awesome experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
Maya Kapelus