Heritage Day Celebrations at APPS – Friday 23 September 2016

Grade 7:
On Friday 23 September 2016, APPS and Salvazione got together and celebrated Heritage Day.  We danced, sang and laughed together.  All the grades practiced a song and dance, according to which heritage they were celebrating and at the end of the day they all went to the field to watch each grade do their song and dance.  All the APPS pupils got to know all the Salvazione pupils and learnt about their heritage. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the day with Salvazione. This day should continue as a tradition at APPS because it unites everyone to celebrate the day!
Caitlin Poole, Jayme Wiedemann and Olivia Theron

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 3 2016

Congratulations to the following Grade 7 leaders for Term 3.  They are as follows:

Term 3 Head Girl
Kim Raubenheimer

Term 3 Deputy Head Girl
Shoni Maivha

Grade 7 Outing to the Centre for Experiential Learning

I would sincerely like to thank the Experiential Learning Centre for allowing us to experience such an informative outing and Mrs Howden for organising this day for us.  The skill I learnt was to work hard and co-operate.  Without this we would not be successful in building plugs.  As we first tried to construct a plug we found out that it is not very easy, especially when you have a system that not everybody is familiar with.  As soon as we were divided into groups and had a plan that we were familiar with we could build ten plugs in ten minutes.  As a class we really enjoyed!
Aachal Kalidas

Maths Competition

Grade 5K:
And your hour starts now!  The first round was an individual round.  I started the questions which were surprisingly easy.  I think we all expected it to be much harder.  In the second challenge, we were allowed to talk with our team members.  We flew through the test and assigned each girl a question and finished it in no time at all.  APPS didn’t participate in the third challenge where other schools presented a presentation or a play about Maths.  My favourite one was:  choose any three digit number, multiply it by 11, multiply it by 7, then multiply it by 13.  You should end up with the three digit number that you started with repeated twice.  When the third challenge was done everyone was on the edge of their seats excited for the prize giving.  I received a prize for coming in third place.  I was very excited.  Olivia won first place and we were both very proud.  We had a lot of fun and competed against schools we do not usually compete against.
Amber Aspoas

On 10 September 2016 some APPS girls competed in a Maths competition hosted at the Dominican Convent.  I was very nervous and excited at the same time because I was chosen out of six girls in the grade to compete.  We went to classrooms to complete the individual round.  The questions were much easier than I expected.  I successfully completed the challenge.  We then had the group round.  All the Grade 5 girls from APPS worked very well together.  The next round was the school presentations.  APPS didn’t do a presentation and I found some of the presentations quite boring.  Then there was a prize giving.  Sadly, I didn’t win a prize, but my two friends did and I was very happy for them.  I learnt to always try my best no matter what and that I am smarter than I think.
Berlynn Williams

Outing to Forest Town School

Grade 2S
On Tuesday 20 September we went on the bust to Forest Town to see the show of Peter Pan.  The show was so lovely, I could not believe my eyes!  Everyone was so amazing.  Thank you for a lovely play.  I hope we come back soon for another play.  I was so amazed, I never knew a school could do that.
Lathitha Madikizela

I loved the show.  The costumes were fantastic and I loved the songs.  I loved Captain Hook and his crew.  Peter Pan was amazing.  Everything was amazing.  When we went on the bus we laughed.  We liked the lights, the colourful lights.  The ones that were blue and dotted.  It was a little bit funny, I didn’t want to leave.  Thank you Forest Town for the play.
Rebecca Wolstenholme

The Forest Town school play was out of this universe.  When I saw and heard my brain popped with amazement.   The costumes were outstanding, I just can’t explain it!  You have outdone yourselves this time.  I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes.  I just loved each and every part of it.
Clea Ellens

Grade 2W
Grade 0, 1, 2 and 3 girls attended the play called ‘Peter Pan’ at Forest Town School.  I enjoyed Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  Their costumes were colourful and the pirates and all the characters sang beautifully.  The play was performed on a stage and the amazing lights shone on all of us and we enjoyed that very much.
Ela Solomon

Our school went to Forest Town School to watch a play.  The play was called ‘Peter Pan’.  They had fantastic songs and costumes.

When the play was about to start a teacher said that one of the classrooms had been locked and some of the boys would not have costumes.  Then the play began.

At the beginning of the play Captain Hook walked onto the stage.  Hook’s first mate Smee captured Peter while his other men found the treasure chest.  Captain Hook was very excited!  Tinkerbell and the lost boys came to rescue Peter Pan. Tinkerbell went to the fairies for some help and they pointed her in the right direction to the mermaids.  The mermaids did a special song and dance and it sounded beautiful in their high pitched voices and they gave Tinkerbell the magic key to help.  Peter Pan escape.

In the end Peter Pan and the Lost Boys won.  At the very end of the play all the characters sang my favourite song of the play.  It was called ‘I want to see you be brave’.
Pippa Campbell

Grade 1 Assembly Play

Grade 1M
It was the assembly and we went to the stage.  I love the stage.  I was in the spot light.  I was a giraffe and Jess and Chloe were rhinos.  We make a good team and we had so much fun.  It was the best day ever.
Madison Pearce

King Lion’s Gift.  I was so excited my dream came true.  I was nervous and I had butterflies but when it started they went away.  The best part was when we did the rhino song.  The animals discovered that they were all different.
Jude Williams

Grade 1K
In assembly I was a giraffe.  Giraffe rock.  We did the assembly at school.  We wore masks.  I had fun.  My dad came to watch me.  He was amazed with how I spoke.  After assembly my dad came to give me a big hug before he left.
Aleeza Nanabhay

I woke up.  I realised it was my assembly.  I rushed.  I put on my white T-shirt and skorts and then I ran quickly to the car then I went to school then we went on stage then the dancers danced.
Malaika Witbooi

I was a jackal in our assembly.  My words were Hey what about us?  And thank you for giving each of us talents to share and enjoy.  I felt very VERY happy.  I love it.  It was fun.  We danced and sang.  It was the best and the funniest.  I want to do it again tomorrow.  I thought it was scary.
Annabelle Henwood

Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls celebrated Heritage Day in French style together with the Grade 0 children from Salvazione in red, blue and white.  Our Grade 0 girls were very excited to go on their first outing to Forest Town School, where they watched a performance of Peter Pan.  We were very fortunate to have the production of ‘Pippi Longstocking’ come to APPS to perform for us.  Flower Day was a great success with beautiful tins painted by the Grade 0 girls which they filled with their own flowers.  The girls are enthusiastically practicing for the Grade 0 concert which we are looking forward to.
Miss Carrie Strauss

Mandela Day Blankets

‘What counts life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.’ – Nelson Mandela

In keeping up with the legacy of Mandela Day, we, the learners of Auckland Park Preparatory School sewed 67 blankets which was then distributed to a home for abandoned and orphaned children – the Door of Hope.  We have pledged to uphold the spirit of making a difference in the lives of others every year.
Amaani Razak – Grade 7

From the Headmistress

What a busy, but rewarding and successful final month of the term.  This period has been dominated by the school play, reports, Regional Science Expo at Wits and parent interviews.  Any parent who did not attend ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ certainly missed a treat.  It was outstanding from both a dramatic and musical point of view.  Sincere thanks must go to Romy Levin and Ally Gericke for the enormous role that they played in this exceptional production.  Their total commitment and enthusiasm for what they do is faultless.  Marion Spanos and Julie Wearne must also be acknowledged in the same light for sourcing appropriate props and costumes.  Thanks to the entire APPS team for their individual roles linked to the success of the play.

The Regional Science Expo on Saturday at Wits also heralded many of our Grade 6 girls.  We received 13 medals in total – two Special Awards went to Sarah Meddows-Taylor for winning her section and to Ruby Jenkins for Solar Mechanics, four Gold Medals went to Sarah Meddows-Taylor, Ayanda Malala, Aimee Rosmarin and Hannah Cawood, four Silver Medals to Ruby Jenkins, Rebecca Kruger, Mira Markowitz and Emily Orphanides and five Bronze Medals to Alison King, Kerry Gilmour, Frances Allan, Alexis Jeffrey and Yusairah Kathrada.  Sincere thanks to Kay Cottrell for her passion and commitment to Science and Technology and for preparing the girls so well.  We are all so proud.  Thanks must also go to Sheila Verner and Debbie Macleod for assisting so ably with the judging and to Marcelle M’Crystal for her invaluable support throughout the process.

I am happy to report that most of the girls have had an excellent term of considerable personal growth.  It was rewarding to read each and every one of their reports and to acknowledge so many individual achievements where we have so much to celebrate.  Well done, girls.  I am so proud that you are at APPS.

The last couple of weeks have been jam-packed with the Grade 1, 2 and 3 Class Music Concerts, the Grade 3 Netball Match against Salvazione, the Grade 2 and 3 Hockey Festival at Roedean, Karen Symons’ assembly on her trip to the Olympics in 2000, the outstanding wind ensemble from Wykeham Collegiate, the Interhouse General Knowledge Quiz efficiently organised by Marion Spanos, and lastly, Parent Interviews.

The APPS Olympic Opening and Closing ceremonies in the final week will truly be remembered by all.  My sincere thanks go to Ingrid Dane and Kay Cottrell for making a plan and organising the flame for the Opening Ceremony:  it was magnificent.  To Ally Gericke and Kate Borthwick for co-ordinating the music, to Owethu Makaula and Swazi Mdluli for their beautiful singing, to the Grade 0 girls for their delightful gym display, to the Grade 1, 2 and 6 girls for their drumming items and to Mama Ndaba for co-ordinating this, and finally, to Mo Pearson and Dot Hartmann for the layout of the field.  Thanks to Caitlin Poole for her sincere message of thanks to Marian Marescia, as we wish her well on her travels to Rio and her exciting venture to Sweden.  We thank her for her considerable work linked to English and the coaching of hockey.  She will be sorely missed.

Sincere thanks also go to the St Patrick’s Team ably supported by Chrizelle van Rooyen and Lauren Spencer who co-ordinated the APPS Olympics Closing Ceremony on Thursday as part of House Day.  It was such fun and we hope that you will all depart on Friday in the true spirit of the Olympics – where we all reach out for hope, peace and harmony in this wonderful world that we live in.  May there be a unity and a searching for common good amongst all nations.  Have a wonderful, joyous start to the holidays with time to observe some of the Olympic activities.  Wishing Mo Pearson and Marion Marescia an exhilarating trip to the Rio Olympics.  We look forward to this experience being shared with the school next term.

Return well-rested for the final term, in your summer uniform on Tuesday 6 September.
Mrs Brenda Howden


We would like to thank Debbie Fitzgibbon for her coaching at all the tennis practices this term.

There is great interest in tennis from the Foundation Phase girls and this will definitely benefit APPS teams in the future.
Miss Mo Pearson

Hockey League
The hockey season has drawn to a close and in brief, hockey has been an immense success this year.  All teams, from Grade 2 to Grade 7, performed above expectations and there were some good results.  Our success can be attributed to the girls’ utter determination, spirit and love for the game as well as the dedicated coaches who indeed molded and improved the girls’ skills.  Thank you girls and coaches.  Thank you to Mrs Howden, Miss Pearson, Mrs Dane, Mrs Marescia, Miss Knight and Miss Bushell for all the hard work that has been put into hockey this term.

The Grade 4 to 7 hockey festivals which took place on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 July at St Mary’s, St Andrew’s and St Stithians were very successful for our APPS teams.  All teams participated in many short matches against various schools.  The girls played very well and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  Thank you to the parents for their support and congratulations to the girls who conducted themselves very well on and off the field.  Fun was had by all.

Another big thank you must go to the mothers who helped with teas for all our home matches.  The staff and girls really appreciate all the time everyone has put in to making the hockey afternoons at the UJ Astro run smoothly.  Last but not least, thank you to parents for their support and all their help with lifting.  Your assistance is most appreciated.

Inter-House Hockey
Results of the Inter-House Hockey were as follows:
First place – St Patrick
Second place – St Andrew
Third place – St George

Grade 2 and 3 Six-a-Side Hockey Festival
The players performed above expectations in the festival at Roedean.  All players were extremely excited and played with great enthusiasm.  The results were very good for the start of their hockey careers at school.  Well done to all who played.
Miss Mo Pearson

Inter-House Netball 2016
We have now completed our Netball season with the playing of our Inter-House matches from Grade 3 to 7.

Results in the individual grades:
Grade 3
1st         St Patrick
2nd        St George
3rd         St Andrew

Grade 4
1st         St Andrew
2nd        St George
3rd         St Patrick

Grade 5
1st         St Andrew
2nd        St Patrick
3rd         St George

Grade 6
1st         St Andrew
2nd        St Patrick
3rd         St George

Grade 7
1st         St Patrick
2nd        St Andrew
3rd         St George

Overall, 168 goals were scored!

The most goals scored by:
The Grade 6 girls scored the most goals – 41.
Second highest number of goals scored were by the Grade 3 girls – 35.
Third were the Grade 7 girls with 34 goals.

The team with the best, positive goal difference (goals scored minus goals conceded) was:
Grade 4 St Andrew girls – 23 scored, 2 conceded:     goal difference of         + 21
Grade 5 St Andrew girls – 13 scored, 3 conceded:    goal difference of         + 10
Grade 6 St Patrick girls – 18 scored, 9 conceded:     goal difference of           + 9

The overall results (2 points for a win, 1 for a draw):
1st   St Andrew                     15 points
2nd  St Patrick                      11 points
3rd   St George                       4 points

Well played to all the girls and a big thank you to all the coaches!
Miss Dot Hartmann