Our season continued with a match vs St Stithians, which was unfortunately rained out during the first round.  It seemed that we were on a losing path when looking at the number of games won and lost during the time we managed to play.  As this was towards the end of our season, we unfortunately did not manage to re schedule.

The match vs St Mary’s was also rained out.  On this occasion however, we were on a winning streak, as we played St Mary’s C and D team.  We managed to play the rescheduled match vs St. Teresa’s which was closely contested and managed to come out as winners by 12 games.  Our last match of the season was against Roedean’s C and D teams and we won comfortably by 80 games.

Our season ended on a high as we did not lose one match (the one we were going to lose was rained out!).   We had a brilliant season, great practice sessions and good tennis was played by the end of term.  Let’s keep the good tennis going until the third term, girls.

Thank you to Caitlin Hudson for being a reliable and supportive team captain throughout the season and to Aimee Rosmarin as vice captain.

St Stithians Night Gala
The A Team participated in the St Stithians Night Gala and came seventh which was a very satisfactory result.

The Inter House gala took place on Saturday 11 March.

The morning was slightly cold, but extremely enjoyable.  Congratulations to all the houses who decorated their stands and kept the spirit going all morning.

St Patrick won the gala, a first for a long time, and St George scooped the Spirit trophy.  The following swimmers took home trophies and must be commended on their achievements:  Ruby Vos, Mia Ferrara, Megan Meddows-Taylor and Megan Peters.  Ruby Vos was the winner of the Senior Victrix Ludorum and in the Junior section, Mia Ferrara.  Well done to all swimmers and their parents for being such good sports.

Thank you to all staff who helped make the morning a success.

Well done to all the swimmers for doing their best in all league galas.  The results have been very good and thank you to the mum’s who lift every Friday.

Interim Hockey and Netball
The interim programme has run over three weeks and this enabled all the girls to slowly get back into the swing of winter sports.  The coaches get the opportunity to get some practice in before matches start in the new term.
Miss Mo Pearson


The Chess Club has had a good start to the year with 30 committed players attending practice each week.  The girls regularly challenge each other for positions on the ladder, allowing for dynamic and diverse sessions.  We participate in the St John’s Supper League each term.

The team has had mixed results; winning two matches, drawing one and losing the fourth.  Aimee Rosmarin (Captain) and Mia Mumbi (Vice Captain) have ably led the team this term.  Thanks to the parents for lifting the girls each week.

The annual ‘Guests and Daughters’ chess match was once again well attended.  The evening was enjoyed by all and the competition fierce.  The girls are to be congratulated on their win and their partners on their good sportsmanship!

Many thanks to the Grade 7 parents for providing the snacks and to Mrs Rosmarin for all her organisation of the evening as well as collecting and serving chess suppers during the regular Monday matches.  The support is much appreciated.
Miss Gill Seebregts

Grade 7 Tour

Sunday 26 March to Friday 31 March was the best experience of my life!  UShaka Marine World, rock pools, cooking classes and swimming in the calm sea are only a third of my favourite parts.  Tour was all about having fun and learning new things about myself and my friends.  It was an absolute blast!
Arya Maharaj

What a great experience, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the Grade 7 girls!  We were given so many opportunities, and made so many new memories which will last us a lifetime.  Each day was an exciting adventure, and brought with it valuable life lessons.  The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir, Ushaka, The Beach and so much more!  It was an amazing time, and each of us were delighted to take part!
Tatiana Williams

Grade 6 Tour

After learning lots about diamonds at the Cullinan Mine, we travelled to Zwartkloof Nature Reserve.  We spent three nights there.  Everybody participated in many activities.  We learnt leadership skills and teamwork, and even made new friends!  Some girls had a hard time being away from home but they still had an awesome tour.
Berlynn Williams

My first impression of Zwartkloof was amazing!  There was a long strip of beautiful green grass with trees casting shadows in the afternoon sun.  The rest of the time we ate delicious food and played wonderful activities!  My two favourites were stalk the lantern and rock climbing.  I’d love to go again!
Chloe Wagner

After a quick stop at the Cullinan Mine we spend off to Zwartkloof where we spent three night having an amazing time! We enjoyed many incredible activities, such as building a shelter out of sticks, and clambering up the towering climbing wall.  It was an incredible time!
Amber Aspoas

Grade 6 GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Mathematics & Science) Fashion Show

It may sound easy crafting an outfit using recyclable materials, but it really isn’t!  The Grade 6 girls worked in separate groups, creating an eco-friendly fashion show.  We went through a long, difficult, but fun process creating our outfits and music.  The outcome was amazing and we really, really enjoyed ourselves!
Thando Maphumulo

Newspaper, bottle, plastic packets, and a variety of recyclable items were magically transformed into fashionable outfits.  With every team member helping, we managed to create a spectacular dress that could be modelled.  The lights were switched on and the stage was set to show off our best work!
Emma Proudfoot

“Woah!” a cheer went up from the audience as Tatum strutted her stuff down the runway in her flamboyant skirt and gorgeous frilly top, all made of recycled waste.  My group and I worked hard to make an outfit that represented our personalities.  Our music went in time to our model’s swagger and it made us all so proud to see our work displayed in front of the entire school.
Chloe Taylor-Smith

Grade 5 Mini Public Speaking Festival

Grade 5K:
The Grade 5 girls all participated in a public speaking competition at school.  At the end of each speech, I felt as if I had learnt more about the topic that they had talked about.  All the speeches were uplifting and fascinating.  Mrs Pincus was the adjudicator.  She was very friendly and showed us support throughout the speeches.  No-one felt left out.  Each girl got a turn to speak in front of the audience of friends and parents.  I really learnt a lot and had a fun day at the Mini Public Speaking Competition.
Aeryn Williams

On Monday the Grade 5 girls took part in a Mini Public Speaking Festival.  We all waited our turn on the steps in the hall.  Speech after speech we waited until it was finally our turn.  I got up to do my speech which was about carnivorous plants.  I got up, set up and started speaking.  All the speeches were three to five minutes.  After the last speech we finally got our marks back.  Everyone did extremely well and the lowest mark was an ‘A’.  It was such an exciting experience and I would do it again anytime.
Piper Jenkins

Grade 5M:
I don’t know what everyone else was feeling, but I know that I was absolutely terrified.  While I was doing my speech all I could think was “Madhuri, focus! You can’t fail now!”  I don’t know why I was so nervous and uncertain, and in the end, I was given an A+.  I owe it all to my mom who helped me practise!  I would never have made it without her!
Madhuri Padayatchi

On Monday 3 April we had the Mini Public Speaking Festival.  We all had to write and present a speech on something we are interested in, and it had to be between three and five minutes!  Luckily, I knew straight away that I wanted to speak about my dog Charlie.  He is a West Highland white terrier, otherwise known as a Westie!  It was a fun day I am proud of myself and my speech!
Rachel Shelver

Grade 5 Assembly

Grade 5K:
Kindness is a very important aspect of life.  We can show kindness in the smallest ways, like a simple act or kind word. The 2017 Grade 5 girls did an amazing play on kindness.  Everyone had something to say.  Gandhi was a pious old man who cared for not only himself but for everyone around him.  Analia, Ameera, Lola, Rati, Romy and I all did a small scene of Gandhi stepping on a train.  When his shoe fell off onto the track Gandhi took off his other shoe and threw it onto the track.  He left them there together so that a poor man would have a pair of shoes.  We did a skit of how one act of kindness leads to another.  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and sang an amazing song.
Zainab Ballim

This year the Grade 5 girls had an insightful assembly on kindness, which challenged APPS pupils to show kindness and compassion through small acts.  The assembly demonstrated that being kind could be in any form, from giving someone a present to just simply smiling.  I thoroughly enjoyed acting in a skit which was about the idea of kindness having a ripple effect.  The assembly ended with a beautiful song, which added a magical touch and reduced everyone to tears.  It also included a meaningful prayer and bible reading that highlighted the value of kind acts and words.  I sincerely hope I can keep to my pledge by doing a kind deed every day.
Maryam Akhalwaya

Grade 5M:
I’m as quiet as a mouse, waiting for my moment, backstage.  I hear the video starting and watch my classmates read, sing and perform.  Now it’s my turn.  I walk on stage, blocking off most of my senses.  Unlike all our rehearsals, I remembered where to stand, and when I have finished I look up to see my friend silently cheering for me.
Maryam Ebrahim

Before the play I had serious butterflies.  I was worried that when I had to fling my shoes off my foot my flip-flop would fall underneath the step and Romy wouldn’t be able to pick it up!  When I was in the wings I did a little dance to get rid of my butterflies. I walked onto stage and all of my butterflies went away. I love doing plays, and I can’t wait to do one again!
Analia Ntombela

JEFA (Junior Engineers for Africa) Workshop

Grade 3V:
I felt very excited because we were going o JEFA!  We were drawing near.  I started shivering with excitement.  I was so happy because I love building Lego.  My brother is a master at Lego.  I sat with Genevieve, Sophie and Aziza.  I could not stop smiling.  We built planes, helicopters, towers and bridges.
Olivia Salmon

I absolutely loved JEFA.  The games we played made me so joyful.  I could not stop smiling!  I sat next to Christina and she made me laugh.  I won two prizes.  It made me so sad when JEFA left but I knew they would come back tomorrow.  My mom was so proud of me.
Maya Ndegwa

JEFA was fantastic!  I can’t explain what fun it was!  You had to walk back and forth.  You had to make the tallest tower and spinning top.  It was full of excitement.  We used gears and did competitions to confuse our brains!  You had to build bridges and planes as fast as you can.
Tallula Brook

At JEFA we made things out of Lego.  We made fans, walls, bridges, spinning tops and other things.  We had to make a flying object.  I put guns on my plane and so did Natasha.  Too bad we only have it once a year.  We all have fun at JEFA.  Please can you ask Mrs Howden if we can do it twice a year, please?
Rachel Hamilton

Every day we had a new theme.  The first day it was bridges, the second was towers, the third was flight and the fourth was spinning.  We built planes, helicopters, towers, windmills, arches and bridges, all with Lego.  I had a lot of fun.  I sat with Olivia, Sophie and Aziza.  A lot of people got badges and some got yo-yos.  On the last day we played with some things that we made.  We had competitions about who could keep their thing spinning for the longest.
Genevieve Rowland

Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls were absolutely outstanding, performing songs and poems for their grandparents on Grandparents’ Day.  The girls did a gym display for their grannies and grandpas with Mrs Howden, to show off their gymnastic abilities, shared tea with them and proudly showed them their work and their classrooms.  Our girls worked very hard on their performances for Grandparents’ Day and it was such a celebration of what they have learned this term at APPS.  The day is a special occasion where grandparents and girls share this time together. Well done, girls!
Miss Carrie Strauss


On Saturday 4 February the APPS swimming team joint with Pretoria Girls High (PGH) was privileged enough to swim at the St Mary’s Summer Splash.

Our APPS girls swam exceptionally well.  The last three races were ladders so we swam with PGH and our enlarged team did very well!  PGH was great and encouraged us the whole way.  PGH and APPS proved to be an excellent combination.

Everyone swam very well and deserves to be congratulated. Well done!

League galas have been very exciting and all our three teams had good results.  Thanks to all parents who continuously lift to galas.

Midmar Swim
Well done to all the Midmar swimmers.  Swimmers’ times were impressive and fun was had by all.
Miss Mo Pearson

We started off the 2017 tennis season with weekend festivals.  The Grade 7 girls played at St Mary’s, the Grade 6 girls played at Roedean and the Grade 5 girls played at St Stithians.  It was a happy morning filled with loads of tennis playing and a whole lot of tennis learning.

Our first match against St Teresa’s was cancelled due to rain and we are hoping to re schedule.  Up to now, we have played two matches against St Peter’s and St Andrew’s.

Both of these were closely contested.  Both times, the B Team came up with enough games to negate the loss of the A Team.  We are on a winning streak and learning each week.

Well played to all the girls.  We are hoping to stay on the winning path.
Miss Dot Hartmann


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