Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 Braai was a huge success!  Our girls did a fabulous concert and just loved performing for their special guests.  After the show they enjoyed a delicious boerewors roll with their dads.  What a memorable celebration for our Grade 0 girls.

The girls have been very busy doing chores around the house in order to earn money which was used to buy items for a charity.  On Mandela Day, the Grade 7 and Grade 0 girls walked to Campus Square and bought the items themselves.  We were lucky enough to stop off for a milkshake too!

The Grade 0 girls are currently practising their songs and poems for the Women’s Day Picnic.
Miss Carrie Strauss – Grade 0S


Ascension Day
We went to The Ridge School to celebrate Ascension Day.  Hymns filled the air and the sound of music floated everywhere.  Mr Stanley talked to us about what Ascension Day means, he always finds a fun and creative way to explain things.  This year he talked about his grandmother and a painter, the painter got to know the woman instead of just painting her.  Mr Stanley taught us that there is beauty inside and out.  This was a wonderful day where we all came together and sang hymns and learnt about the true meaning of Ascension Day.
Ruby Jenkins

Grade 4 Assembly Play

Amazing Emotions
Grade 4G:
Everybody has felt emotions, it is how you react to them that is important.  Emotions can play with you a lot, so you must remind yourself that you are the boss of your body and your feelings.  The Grade 4 class learnt all about emotions, in fact we put on a play about this.  I have learnt how to react to the sense of being sad, jealous, grumpy, frightened and many other feelings.  We did little scenes and short performances.  At the end, every group did a phrase or gave advice on how to deal with their emotions.  When you feel anxious you must breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.  When you feel angry, don’t take out your anger on someone else, instead acknowledge it and talk to someone about it.  I could detail endlessly what to do in every scenario but that would be too prescriptive.  Instead come up with your own technique, one that works for you.  I hope that you will try it out and you will become a more easy going and happier person. Try something new, banish the blues.
Sophie Allan

Happy, sad, excited, gloomy and embarrassed.  These are only some of the emotions we feel.  Emotions are very strong feelings, they can hurt people or make them happy.  The Grade 4 girls did a play on Emotions.  I was buzzing with excitement to do the play.  I knew the play could change the way we speak and behave towards other people, and it did.  So that proves that emotions are very strong.  Remember to think before you speak.  I’m going to tell you a little bit about the play.  There were six groups and they all did different emotions.   All of us learned something new.  This is my overview on the play and it was great.  I loved it and I loved doing it and remember what you say can trigger someone’s emotions.
Amber Doran

Grade 4B:
The assembly play was very fun.  I learnt a lot more about controlling my emotions.  When I heard we have to make our own play, I felt so excited!  It was really awesome to make up a story with my group.  When I stepped onto stage to perform in front of my parents if just gave me more confidence.  I love doing plays especially this one.
Kirsten Simpson

We all experience different emotions all the time.  I think we could all learn a lesson from this wonderful play that we did.  We all enjoyed it!  This play really made me think about how I have acted to others and really taught me a lesson.  This was an exciting play for me and I loved learning about emotions with my class and the other class.
Tiyana Williams


All teams, from Grade 3 to Grade 7, have taken part in a festival type afternoon every week.  The players have performed above expectations and have had some good results.  Their playing time in one afternoon has increased and we hope in the long run, this will be beneficial to the improvement of skills and match practice.

Our success can be attributed, not only to the girls’ utter determination, spirit and love for the game but to the coaches who work hard at improving the players’ performance.  A huge thank you to Miss Pearson, Mrs Howden, Miss Knight, Mrs Melland, Mrs Dane, Miss Hartmann and Miss Bushell.

Hockey vs Zimbabwean Team
A mixed Grade 6 and 7 team played the Hellenic School from Zimbabwe and were very successful in beating them.

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.  Thank you very much to the mums for their help at tea time.
Miss Mo Pearson

We are in the middle of our Netball season and are enjoying our new fixture format with fewer afternoons where each player gets the opportunity of playing more than one match.  Although these afternoons finish at a later time than before, they have worked out very positively for the girls.  Every girl is getting more court and match time, exposing them to more learning opportunities.  The extra practices for the older girls during the ‘non-playing week’’ have also been very beneficial, as we can do more skills coaching and general fitness.

We have also attended several weekend festival where we took selected girls from Grade 3 to 7 to play a whole Saturday morning of Netball.

All in all we have had a busy, but energetic season so far.  We look forward to more festival afternoons and of course at the end of term, our annual Interhouse Netball matches.

A big thank you to all the coaches as well as Mrs M’Crystal and Mrs Howden for helping out on the match afternoons.
Miss Dot Hartmann

Grade 6 & 7 Tour to Soweto

Grade 6
I had an amazing time in Soweto on the Cultural Tour.  We took a long bus ride to Regina Mundi Church where we saw wonderful stained glass windows, and where we learnt much.  We went to the Hector Pieterson Museum.  It was very sad and touching, but also very educational.  After the museum, we walked to Nelson Mandela’s house, where we saw his old room and some of his possessions left exactly how they were when he lived there.  We went to Sakhumzi’s Restaurant where we ate delicious, traditional food and watched traditional dancing!  It was a fascinating trip.
Chloe Wagner

On 17 May 2017 we went to Soweto, the largest township in Gauteng, to learn about our South African history.  We first went to South Africa’s biggest Catholic Church, Regina Mundi, where we learnt about the days leading up to 16 June.  From there, we moved on to the Hector Pieterson Museum in Dube, Orlando West.  There we learnt about the Soweto Uprising and more about the history of the South African youth.  To conclude our educational tour, we went to Nelson Mandela’s old house on Vilakazi Street.  This wonderful day ended at Sakhumzi’s Restaurant, where we were spoiled with amazing food, exceptional hospitality and a traditional Koi San dance performance.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about our African culture.
Thaluki Moloto

Grade 7
The Grade 6 and 7 girls enjoyed this trip a lot.  We learnt so much from the Regina Mundi Church, the Hector Pieterson Museum and Nelson Mandela’s house.  After many laughs, stories, pictures and information from all the amazing places, we stopped for lunch at Sakhumzi. Sakhumzi was an incredible experience with delicious food.  I enjoyed this trip so much.  Thank you to Mama Ndaba, Mrs Spanos and Mrs Melland for taking us.
Kerry Gilmour

This tour showed me the beautiful and historical place Soweto is.  We started off the exciting day by going to the biggest church in Soweto, called the Regina Mundi, where I learnt a lot about the various paintings in it and the carnage that took place with all the old bullet holes in the ceiling.

I’ve learnt about the protest Hector Pieterson was in but hadn’t realized that it took place in Soweto.  I walked on the very street where Hector Pieterson was shot, visualizing the terrified children running for their lives, on this now neighbourly, suburban street.  I learnt so much about Apartheid and the protest at the Hector Pieterson museum, which was very sad and shocking.  I was so privileged to walk into and witness the petite home of Nelson Mandela, reading the interesting quotes and words said by him and his family members on the walls, and going from room to room, admiring the quaint, old fashioned furniture.

The educational and fun tour came to an end with a delicious and traditional lunch where I tried inyama yangaphakuthi (this definitely had an acquired taste!) followed by an entertaining Zulu dance.
Alexia Jeffrey

Grade 6 Leadership – Term 2, 2017

Congratulations to the Grade 6 Leaders for Term 2:

Class Captain – Berlynn Williams
Vice Class Captain – Sophie Randall

House Captains
St Andrew Captain – Amy-Jo Pheiffer
St George Captain – Saskia Oosterlee
St Patrick Captain – Rachel Watermeyer

Grade 5 Tour to Bushpigs

Grade 5K:
This winter term the Grade 5 girls went to Bush Pigs for four days and three nights.  Can you imagine it, thirty one annoying, crazy, grumpy and exited ten and eleven year olds?  We were split into our groups for activities and we did mini SASS where we caught water insects and animals to determine whether the water was polluted.

We then moved to another camp that afternoon.  After having supper we did a night activity where the facilitators gave us a map and we had to find our way to different locations that they called “countries”.  My team almost got lost at the second location.

The next day we woke up and went on a hike up a mountain.  Then we had an interesting breakfast where we had to call our cereals weird names like Rice Krispies were called deep fried maggots and Bran Flakes were freshly picked scabs.

We went back to Croc camp and we had a shower (FINALLY).  We got told that we had to make dinner for our group and two facilitators.  We had to minus points for plastic and if you didn’t have meat you would get extra points.  We got given two hundred rand and off we went to the shops.  My group made pizza and for dessert we bought baked goods, so in the end we had no packaging.

The next day we did a MUDSTICLE, it’s an obstacle course that involves mud.  Then we moved camps again.  We unpacked and two of the groups went on a bike challenge and the other two went on a game drive.  The next morning we swapped activities, but then it was time to leave.
Cecilia Petersen

As we arrived at Croc camp we put our bags down and went to the hog hall.  We got put into teams, The African Elephants, The Ring Tailed Lemurs, The Wild Dogs and The Black Headed Spider Monkeys.

At night we went on this hunt where we had to find countries in the middle of the bush.  They had labels saying which country it was.  The next morning we went for a hike, it was really fun.  That night we had to cook dinner.  Our two guests were Bertha and Miss Knight.  We cooked pasta with tomato and onion, it was delicious!  Then for dessert we had pancakes.

The next day we completed the Mudstacle.  We jumped over hurdles, we swung from a vine, we balanced on a beam, we crawled through tyres, and we crawled through mud and slid on a slippy slide.  It was awesome!   The next day we went on a game drive.  We saw buffalo, kudu, impala and sable.  We also went on a bike ride and rode 2 km.  Then we packed our bags and went home.  I was so happy when I saw my family.  I missed them so much!
Emily Stoutjesdyk

Grade 5M:
We had just made supper for an activity in our groups.  The African Elephants did brilliantly, creating a delicious meal.  We then all came together to sit by the fire to keep warm.  When everyone was toasty, we started to sing camp fire songs.  Before that, I was feeling a little home-sick, but singing and dancing really cheered me up.  After about ten terrific songs, I felt great.

I had an amazing time at Bush Pigs!
Clare Stewart-Selvan
I’m waiting in the long queue.  My classmates are shuffling from one foot to another, itching to wash the sticky substance off their clothes.  Finally it’s my turn.  I climb up the ladder, sticky from all the previous users, rusty and shaky.
I get to the top of the slide and stare down into the brown, sloppy water, waiting for me down below.  I have no idea how deep it’s going to be!
The sand in my hair wiggles and itches my scalp.  I take a deep breath, pull my legs up to my chest and yell at the top of my lungs “I LOVE MUD!”  I feel my jeans sliding against metal as I plummet into the water.
Maryam Ebrahim

Grade 3 Assembly Play

Praise Poem
Grade 3V:
African Child
I loved the part when I walked on from backstage shouting “E-e,” and “O-o”.
I found it really hilarious when the audience laughed when there were funny poems.  My mum said we blew her away.
My favourite part was when I said my poem and I saw my mum send me a proud smile.
Aziza Carim

In the morning we were going to go and do a play.  When we were walking to the hall my feet went numb.
When we went on stage I was nervous.  I was at the back of the stage.  I saw my mom and dad.
So in the middle of the play, I got confident for my parents.  At the end I was happy.  I went to say Hi.
Then we went to go and get dressed.
Courtney Peters

I was so cold walking to the hall.  Even worse, the grass was wet.
When I was in the hall, I felt like I was in heaven.  I felt like laughing.
It was really fun.  We recited ’African Child’!  I thought I forgot all the words but they just came out my mouth.
When our group number eight stood, I was the first to speak.  I was so frightened but I remembered it well.
We started to sing again.  Everyone was staring at us.  Then we went to get changed.  It was great!
Olivia Salmon

We had to do the play barefoot, so when I was waiting outside my feet were turning into icicles.  I was very relieved when we went into the hall because then my feet had a chance to warm up.  I also liked going into the hall because the music could start and we could start singing ‘Vulindlela’.  After singing ‘Vulindlela’ we did ‘African Child’.  Then when it was my chance to do my poem, I did “My mom is as cuddly as a lioness” and “my dad is clever as an elephant – he can explain anything.”  Once everyone had done their poems, I stood up and said a line by myself.  I said, “Thank you that they are willing to say ‘no’ sometimes, so we learn not to take the easy way out.  “After that, we sang ‘Jabulani Africa’ and then left the hall.  My mom was waiting outside and quickly said ‘Goodbye” to me because my brother was grumpy.
Genevieve Rowland

This morning I woke up excited because it was the Grade 3 Assembly.  I dressed in my winter uniform, ate breakfast and got ready.  I was panicking because I thought we were going to be stuck in traffic but we didn’t get stuck – we got to school on time and I was happy.  When I got upstairs I got into my Zulu clothes and jewellery.  When we were done dressing a Grade 7 girl picked us up and we went to assembly.  When we got there I lined up with the rest of Grade 3.   When I got on stage the whole audience looked at us.  We sang ‘Vulingela’ and we did ‘African Child’.  At the end I hugged my mom and said goodbye. Kwanda Nhlapo

Grade 3S:
On the 26th of May my grade and I were doing a play, we were doing praise poems about our parents.  When it was time to start I was nervous but exited.  After a while it was my turn to say my poem I was shaking a bit.  When the play started to end we sang Jabulani Africa and I was happy that the play had ended I really don’t know why.  As the grade 3s went out we could say “hi!” to our parents.
Cara Hirschson

First I was nervous that I would forget my lines but I remembered them perfectly.  I was so happy that my dad came because my mom and I didn’t remind him.  After we said everything, we sang some more so our parents could go outside, then they all went out after them.  When I went to my class my feet were freezing.  I love doing class assemblies.
Nuha Cassim

In the morning, I felt really nervous that I was going to mess some thing up.  When I was lining up, I saw every one looking at the door I was in.  When I was walking onto the stage, I felt really proud of myself.  We did really well.  Then it was the end and I wish we could do it again, it was so much fun.
Emily Gebhardt

This morning I had a blast because Grade 3 had a play about praise poems.  I was exited and scared at the same time and. We got to comper our parents and dress up in South African clothes.  I wish it could go on for ever.  This assembly was amazing.  I loved being on stage.
Khanyisa Ndamase


Easter Service 2017
The making of our 2017 Easter Service started with lots of lines to learn and only three days to put everything together!  Learning my lines wasn’t so hectic because I was so passionate about my role as Jesus.  As soon as I got my lines I memorized them all in one day.  When the Grade 7 girls acted the service out together we brought the amazing story of Easter to life with beautiful singing and wonderful acting.  As I read through the play I really got a feeling of the terrible suffering that Jesus must have gone through.  The three days of rehearsing went smoothly and we were able to get it done timeously and well.  On the morning of the performance we all had racing hearts, and tummies filled with butterflies, but as it began we enjoyed ourselves and put all our effort into the stunning Easter Service.
Alexia Jeffrey – Grade 7

The Easter service was an incredible experience.  We had such a short time to prepare a very special event and I believe we succeeded with flying colours.  The girls enjoyed it thoroughly and took on the roles they were given confidently and enthusiastically.  From a personal experience I enjoyed it and took in every minute.  I felt it enhanced my cultural side in terms of history, music and acting.  From the feedback of the teachers, parents and pupils we believe this might be one of the best performances yet.  When it came to the actual day all the girls were filled with excitement but still a bit nervous.  We were excited to get out there and start preforming.  One thing that made the Grade 7 girls feel very special was the way the rest of the pupils put in so much effort to make the singing so amazing.  It was a privilege to perform in such a special event with all the pupils, Mrs Levin and Ms Gericke.  It was an unforgettable experience.
Tatiana Williams (Judas) – Grade 7

My Flute Experience
I loved the flute experience!  I think it really brought us together.  It was quite hard in the beginning but I managed it in the end.  I wished it lasted forever and I am very excited for the violin experience next term!
Kessiah Irvin – Grade 3V

My Violin Experience
Learning the violin was a really amazing opportunity for me!  It is not as hard as it looks.  It actually is quite easy.  Ms Matsepe and Ms Borthwick taught me to play the violin and it was really fun with these fun and amazing teachers.

I loved the music and songs we played for the concert.  I was very nervous before but afterwards I felt full of pride because I overcame my fears.  My favourite song was “Got That Sunshine in my Pocket” by Justin Timberlake.  The concert was so much fun.  I was very proud of the whole grade.  Well done Grade 3 and teachers and all the other grades!
Nina Sheridan – Grade 3S


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