Grade 0 Play

The Grade 0 girls put on a terrific African Nativity play.  Their singing, dancing and speaking was outstanding.  Everyone who watched our girls raved about their performance.  A big thank you to everyone involved and an even bigger congratulations to our amazing Grade 0 girls.
Miss Carrie Strauss


The Junior Music Concert
Hands steady and I’m ready.  Deep breath and it was time to play the piece I’d practised for my friends and family at the Junior Music Concert.

I chose to play ‘Fur Ludwig’, based on ‘Fur Elise’ written by Ludwig van Beethoven, it is a simpler version for children but the melody is similar and I love it and hope I played it beautifully.
Georgia van der Walt – Grade 2S

The Intermediate Music Concert
The music concert was amazing!  I was practising my drumming all morning.  When we got to school I was very nervous but also excited.  The music concert was quite long and I was the last person to play.  All my friends did so well, they were incredible.

I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again.
Tessa Collins – Grade 4G

The Senior Music Concert
My First Guitar Performance
Anxiety fills the air
There’s no time to spare
Ms Gericke calls my name
Is this going to be my 60 second of fame?
I start playing the guitar
Hoping to sound like a Rock Star
About half way through the song
I realised that nothing had gone wrong
And then I start to sing
Like no one was ever watching
Ena Opperman – Grade 5M

The APPS Soirée Evening
I had both the honour and the pleasure of finishing off the Soirée of 2017 with my amazing drum piece, ‘Move Along’.  I also got to sing and play guitar and I accompanied Mira and Miss Matsepe on piano for their violin piece.

Music, especially drums, takes a lot out of you.  The hours put into this event really do add up – my fingers were bleeding from all the practising I did.  The surge of adrenaline you get while performing, the lights flashing, the music playing so loud you can’t hear it but you can feel it.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the foundation my wonderful music teachers gave to me.  They have brought me so far, I remember my goal when I was younger was to play in the Soirée.  I was first invited to play when I was eight, but I broke two fingers the day before and had to cancel.  Luckily, I got to play many times after that – and each time it has been a privilege.

I wept so hard the night before knowing this was going to be my last performance.  All I can say to all my fellow musicians and teachers is:  thank you for the music.
Ruby Vos – Grade 7


This term has been a very busy term.  Sadly, we have only played two matches but have had many practices and have improved greatly.

The interhouse matches were well supported and fiercely contested with St Andrew winning with 48 points.  Thank you to Ms Seebregts and Mrs Pengelly for all the work that has been put in to help us gain a better understanding of the game of chess.
Ms Gill Seebregts


St Stithian’s Marimba Festival
The Grade 7 and 6 Marimba Band went to St Stithians and preformed three amazing pieces.  We saw how all the girls from Grade 6 were so excited about preforming and getting to do group performance items.  We had a lot of fun socialising with other schools and listening to what the other schools played.  We shared marimbas with The Ridge and had a lot of fun in the joined performance items.  We all really enjoyed our one song, ‘Angelina’, where we danced and had solo items.  It was a wonderful evening for both parents and children.
Ruby Vos

St Katharine’s Marimba Festival
The St Katharine’s Marimba Festival was a fun experience for all the marimba girls.  We had a lot of fun learning new conjoined songs and meeting new friends.  We played the same songs from our first festival, but this time we played better than before, and we, as captains, are very proud of all the marimba girls for improving their performance.  We enjoyed listening to the schools and we enjoyed our own performance.
Lubanzi Gwala

The Ridge Combined Senior Choir Festival
We have had a great third term, where one of the highlights was we went to the annual Ridge Choir Festival and performed two beautiful pieces.  Out of all the schools, APPS was the best behaved.  We preformed conjoined items led by Richard Cock where together we sang in harmony.  We all enjoyed listening to the other schools and we are sure everyone loved preforming.  We have had our ups and downs this term but together we are ‘Team APPS’.
Ruby Vos

The Sound of Children Junior Choir Festival
We’ve been sitting inside the Linder Auditorium for a while now, and the other schools have all sung… it’s finally APPS’ turn.  Ms Gericke explains to the drummer that I will be playing.  The drummer says good luck to me and then Ms Borthwick and Ms Matsepe play the introduction.  Off we go!  First I played a bit too slow but then I got the hang of it and had the time of my life!  What a privilege it was to play in front of a huge audience and to play for the APPS girls.

Thank you to Ms Borthwick, Ms Gericke and all my friends for their support.  I will never forget this day!
Tayla Giles

Grade 4 Oral Communication Exams

Grade 4B
I found the oral exam exciting because we got to read a book, answer questions, act out a script and say a speech.  It was great fun, and I look forward to next year.
Amani Adam

When we first started our exam I was so scared.  I was so happy that it wasn’t a strict adjudicator and I felt calm.  I loved everything about it except the reading, it was a bit hard but I survived.  When I was done I was so happy and my mum was proud.
Emma Louw

Grade 4G
It was a cold morning on the day of the oral exam.  I wasn’t scared, I was excited.  We were the first group and Mrs de Lange asked us, “Who wants to go first?”  My hand shot up but no one else put up their hand.  I got chosen to go first for reading.  I stood up and gave my book to the examiner and she asked me to start.  After me it was the rest of my group.  We then had a group chat about the pictures.  I got a picture of a boy sleeping and I named the picture ‘Lazy Sunday.’  After the pictures we did the talks, my talk was about rocks from Italy.  We finally finished our talks and got to the main part of our play.  Our theme was ‘Cats.’  We got onto the stage and we sang and danced our hearts out.  We finally presented our poem and lastly our story.  I personally loved the oral examination and I don’t think it was scary at all.

Emelie Thompson
I was really nervous and excited.  Our group went after break.  Our theme was ‘Monsters’, our book was ‘Harriet the Spy.’  We each had to write a show and tell speech.  My speech was on horses and horse riding.  Our examiner’s name was Mrs de Lange and she was really kind and she made us all feel very comfortable.  We also had to talk about a random picture.  I called my picture ‘Selfie Time.’  Afterwards she asked us some questions about monsters.  My poem was about the troll.  I think my poem was very gruesome but I enjoyed it.  I loved the exam.  It was scary at first but in the end I loved it.  There were five people in our group.  We all had loads of fun.
Bibi-Fathima Peer

Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls are in full swing practicing their songs and lines for their concert coming up in November.  They are getting very excited to take to the stage.  The girls also participated in their first Heritage Day and Flower Day celebrations, both of which they thoroughly enjoyed.

We have been learning about eggs and birds this term.  We currently have chicken eggs in an incubator ready to hatch any day now.
Miss Carrie Strauss

Heritage Day Celebrations

Grade 6
Heritage Day is an annual celebration that occurs every year on 24 September.  APPS celebrated Heritage Day with Salvazione School on Friday 22 September to celebrate all of our heritages and everyone wore their traditional clothes.

We started the day on the hockey field, playing ‘Ninja Warrior’ in small groups.  We met and socialised with the Salvazione children and then the performances began.

Lots of people at APPS made new friends and we are very happy that our school has this wonderful celebration.  The Salvazione children were split into two groups to perform a Zulu dance and a Sotho dance and the final act was their gumboot dance.

Each grade did their own item.  The Grade 6 girls did an Afrikaans song and poem and a Zulu song and poem, we also played Djembe drums.  It was very interesting to see all the other performances, and to learn about the other cultures.  We all enjoyed this day and had so much fun!
Shayna Doolabh, Kate Ramsbotham, Rachel Watermeyer and Anna Titterton

Grade 7
We were all filled with excitement to dress up in beautiful clothes from our culture.  Each girl wore a different, unique outfit showing their heritage.  As soon as the Salvazione children came, more fun and games were shared.  Then we all sat down on the steps by the big field.  Laughs and smiles appeared on everyone’s faces while others did dances from their heritage.  We ended the day by eating delicious rolls and wors.  Everyone enjoyed Heritage Day and we all can’t wait for the next one.
Mira Markovitz, Khumo Finger, Jolien Koen, Tatenda Masuko and Ayanda Malala


School Birthday and Flower Day

Beautiful flowers were everywhere and the smell of flowers was in the air.  The whole school did flower arrangements from the Grade 0 girls arranging their gorgeous flowers which were from their own gardens in tin cans to the Grade 7 girls’ theme of ‘Dinner for Two.’  We are sure that the school loves celebrating its birthday.  There are many traditions like flower arranging at this school that has happened for many years.  We all gather for a big assembly at the end of the day where the oldest and youngest girl light and blow out the candles of the big cake prepared by the moms which the whole school gets to share together. The three Head Girls and the Deputy Head Girl of the third term share the history of how APPS became what it is today with the rest of the school.  This day is not only enjoyed by pupils and staff, but past girls, parents and friends of our amazing school.  I’m sure everyone enjoyed this wonderful day and can’t wait for next year.
Alison King and Ruby Jenkins


So far, we have played four fixture matches this term.  The A and B teams are playing doubles as they did in the first term, and each week there is also a singles and a doubles round.  Most girls still prefer playing doubles and we have had various successes.  We are happy to report that the girls are enjoying their tennis and have shown huge improvement in their overall game.

Unfortunately our tennis festivals on the weekend of 7 October were rained out.

We are excited to have entered a C and D team this term.  Together with St Katharine’s, we have fielded a team to play against other C and D teams.  This is the start of building up our junior tennis section.  And judging by the number of girls we have, we are almost certain that we can enter a full C and D team next term.  We encourage more girls to come and play.

We have one more match to play and we are also busy playing the school championships.

This is the last season the Grade 7 girls will play for APPS and we wish them a happy high school tennis career.
Miss Dot Hartmann

The three APPS teams have had only one gala and are looking forward to the next couple.  The swimmers are getting fitter in the cool waters.  Keep up the good effort!
Miss Mo Pearson

Sports Day
The new programme for Sports Day raced off at 08:00 on Saturday 16 September 2017.  The ‘professional’ Grade 7 dancers from St Andrew, St George and St Patrick started the day rolling.  The dances were very entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

The new long distance races were interesting and the introduction of the circular relays were very exciting.  All learners participated in four events each.

The races were completed speedily and after the final race, the moment that everyone had worked so hard for, arrived – the scores.  St Patrick WON!  The Sports Trophy went to St Patrick and the Spirit trophy went to St Andrew.  Everyone tried their utmost best and had tremendous fun at the same time.  Thank you to all the girls and teachers for their effort and hard work.
Miss Mo Pearson


Grade 7 Leadership – Term 3 2017

Congratulations to the following Grade 7 leaders for Term 3.  They are as follows:
Term 3 Head Girl
Ruby Jenkins

Term 3 Deputy Head Girl
Alison King


Please click here to download the APPS D6 school communicator.