April 17, 2014

St Stithians Night Gala
Due to bad weather, the gala has been postponed to the third term.

Prestige Gala
The APPS ‘A’ swimming team participated in the annual Prestige Gala which took place at St Andrew’s School.

Ten schools competed and APPS came fifth.  Our Under 9 freestyle relay broke the record – well done to Jess Orphanides, Hannah Chetty, Tessa Brugman and Olivia Cropley for a fantastic performance.

Inter House Gala
Apologies to everyone for the postponement of the gala.  The weather has not been on our side.

The Inter House gala took place on Wednesday 19 March.

The morning was a little cool but extremely enjoyable.  Congratulations to all the houses who decorated their stands and kept the spirit going all morning.  Grade 7 – your dances were great!

St Andrew won the gala and scooped the spirit trophy.  St Patrick won the relays trophy.  The following swimmers took home trophies and must be commended on their achievements:  Una terzic and Ruby Vos.  Una Terzic was the winner of the Senior Victrix Ladorum and in the Junior section, Ruby Vos.

Well done to all swimmers and their parents for being such good sports and thank you to all the staff for helping to make the morning a success.

Well done to all the swimmers for doing their best in all league galas.  The results have been very good and   thank you to the mums who assist with lifting every Friday.

The tennis teams this term have had mixed results.  All players have given their best on the courts and the spirit has been high in some really closely contested matches.

The result of the league was pleasing with APPS being placed fifth.  Congratulations to all tennis players.  The singles and doubles tennis championships will take place in the second and third term.  For those who have entered, and this will carry on in the third term.

Interim Hockey and Netball
The interim programme has run over three weeks and this enabled all the girls to slowly get back into the swing of winter sports.  This provides an opportunity for the coaches to get some practice in before matches start in the new term.

– Miss Mo Pearson

April 17, 2014

This term has seen holy celebrations among many people of faith, and APPS has observed the Christian calendar with its own special celebrations of Ash Wednesday and Easter.  Wednesday 5 March saw all Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 girls joining The Ridge and St Katharine’s Schools for a wonderful shared Ash Wednesday celebration with lots of singing.

Our Junior and Senior Music Concerts that took place in the middle of the term, have shown that not only is there excitement about Music at APPS, but also that there is a real growth in music student numbers!  We are looking at methods of restructuring these concerts as a result of the exponential growth of students who wish to play one of the many and varied instruments on offer.  We were so very proud of the courage displayed by our new music students, who played beautifully, while we were left in awe of the older music students who have been practicing and playing for a few years!

The accomplishments of the older students stand as a testimony to commitment and regular practicing. Music students, especially those who have been doing music for a few years, do not always ‘feel like’ practicing.  This is why it is so very important that music teachers work with the help of parents, to set structured music practice times into their daughter’s schedules.  A big ‘thank you’ to all parents who always give their appreciation and support to foster their young musician’s accomplishments.

The music term ended with the Easter Service, presented by the Grade 7 Class under the direction of me and the incomparably talented Mrs Levin.  Florentine Vangu really shone in her part as Jesus, while the musicians worked long and hard to make the music as outstanding as it was.  Amaraah Wadee and Ruby Vos were excellent on the drums, while our newcomer Ameerah Nassiep, really shone with some exceptional and sensitive bass playing.  Hannah Ince and Savanna Alexander were introduced to electric guitar for the first time, which they played with aplomb (but what is most important, is that they really enjoyed it).  The Orchestra played beautifully at the end – as the hymn says ‘…and they came with me and the Dance went on…’

Right now the Music Department is dancing happily toward its April holiday, while it looks forward to all the good musical things to come in the second term.

– Miss Ally Gericke

April 17, 2014

The isiZulu Fireside tales was an enjoyable event for all.  Our Outreach school, The Salvazione School, together with The Ridge School, Auckland Park Preparatory School and St Katharine’s School joined in the hall for a night of dancing, singing and fun.  We made new friends in all schools and interacted with each other.  The grades that participated were the Grade 5, 6 and 7 girls.  We all did amazing shows and loved watching performances from the other schools as well as participating.  We got our chances to shine and it is truly a night to remember.

–  Lucy Wagner – Grade 6

Die aand was weereens ‘n groot sukses.  Weke voor die tyd het almal uitgesien na die groot aand om hulle kostuums aan te trek.  Die aand is altyd ‘n baie vrolike geleentheid.  Elke graad se unieke items wys Zoeloe tradisies op hulle eie tradisionele manier.  Daar word gesing, gedans en gepraat.  Mama Ndaba se storie het hierdie jaar vertel van ‘n jong Zoeloe meisie, Nyangara, wat ‘n mudiekinstrument optel wanneer sy gaan hout soek.  Al die harde oefening was deur en deur die moeite werd.  Die ouers in hulle tradisionele klere was baie interessant en mooi om te sien.  Ons is gelukkig om so baie kulture in ons land te hê.  Dit maak ons lewe baie interessant.  Zoeloe kampvuurstories is ‘n uiters leersame en goeie manier om dit te vier!

– Cara Gouws – Grade 6

NgoLwesine zingamashumi amabili nesikhombisa kuNdasa, izikole ezine sihlangene ukugubha umkhosi wezinganekwane (isiZulue Fireside Tales).  Sihlanganele esikoleni i The Ridge School.  Kwakukuhle sisina sidedelana singena ngezigaba sethu zesimfundo.  Umama wasesikoleni sase St Katharines usifundele iphoyemu ebhalwe nguye ekhuluma ngokufa kwezwe lalithi nje “Lafa elihle kakhulu”.  Lapho ukhulume ngokuphela kwenhlonipho.

Ngaphambi kokuba siqale ngemidlalo yethu siqale ngokuba sidle ukudla esasikuphathe sisuka nakho emakhaya.

Okungihlabe umxhwele kulapho umama Ndbab esesixoxela inganekwane yakhe eyayimayelana nentombazana ogama layo kwakunguNyangara nalapho athi angaqeda ukuyixoxa bonke abantu ababelalele basukuma bamshayela izandla.

Njalo ngonyaka izinga lalomkhosi liyakhuphuka, wonke umuntu waphuma ejabulile.  Ngize ngifise ukuba lomgubho wenziwa kabili ngonyaka.

– NguRazina Mahomed – Grade 6

April 17, 2014

The air was quivering with excitement as we waited to leave for camp Konka.  There were usual worries about whether we’d forgotten something important or if the dorms would be nice and clean.  However, this year those worries were accompanied by the sombre realization that this was our last tour together and that we would never do this again as a class.

As soon as we arrived at camp Konka all of our worries were dispersed.  We were greeted by our facilitators, Jacques and Bianca, they started our tour with some ice breakers, and we soon learned that nearly all of us had an IQ of ten compared to Jacque’s IQ of 130.

The next three days passed in a blur.  The cascades, see-saw, kayaking, great escape, word maker and the night hike took up the first day.  The dreaded obstacle course, jumping off a bridge, and having a long swim in the pool were some of the activities we squeezed into the second day.  Day three started with us playing a variety of games.  We then had plenty of fun creating a play, a song, and an advert about camp Konka.  The highlight of the day was zip-lining across the river – what an adrenalin rush!

I loved camp Konka and must say to my class mates that I had a really ‘eggcellent’ time, despite the fact that my clothes will never be the same again after the mucky pool in the obstacle course. For those of you who have heard that egg smoothes your hair – it really DOESN’T!

Thank you to Ms Pearson and Ms De Wet for accompanying us on tour and not running away when we hugged you.

– Frances Hayton

The morning was cold and dreary and yet everyone was running around as though their lives depended on it.  Groups of excited girls ran to collect their bags and claim a seat on our luxurious Grade 7 bus.

Parents waved to us from the pavement outside and tried their best to look sad although I think they were relieved – a few days without a chattering daughter!  On the bus everyone sang along to the songs that some girls would randomly start singing, and before we knew it the Konka sign had appeared.

An excited group of Grade 7 girls made their way to the dormitory that held twenty iron bunk beds.  We were then split into groups – one and two – by our new camp instructors and the rules of camp were told to us.  We broke the ice by doing war cries and songs, so that the camp instructors (Bianca and Jacque) could get to know us.  Then we all enjoyed the packed lunches that we had brought.

As the day came to an end and night fell upon the camp, we were all taken on a night hike and told a sad and haunting tale about a girl called Maritjie.  When we finally got back to our dorms, we all fell asleep exhausted and the tale of Maritjie replayed itself to us in our sleep.

Breakfast was amazing and after that we had our first challenge.  We all got very wet and on four occasions I fell into the river and eventually gave up and just ran in.  Before this our group did trust exercises and had to escape from jail using ropes, ladders and a bucket.  Then we moved on to a very wet challenge where we had to get the ball to the top of the cylinder and fill it up with water while trying to block the many, many holes.

One of the things I loved about Konka was their giant frog free swimming pool where you could relax and try to get rid of some mud!

At konka we walked everywhere and soon we found ourselves at the balancing block where you had to position your team mates just right or else you would hit the ground.  At 7pm everyone made their way down to the tuck shop for a sugary recharge and soon after lights out, Bianca caught us talking and we had to sit on the floor while she slept in our beds!

We had some great times kayaking down the river and jumping off suicide bridge!  While doing this we also had to take long showers because that river was gooey and muddy.  We did the obstacle course and I was so glad I had brought old clothing because we had ropes to swing on, leopard crawling to do, hurdles to jump and lots and lots of mud!  I was relieved when the day finally came to an end.

The second last day at camp and we were given our first challenge ‘Treasure Hunt’ and this wasn’t an Easter egg hunt where everybody gets a piece of chocolate at the end.  We had to walk up and down and run and jog until finally we found everything on our list.  I nearly DIED!  Our groups had been terminated and new groups were made for us.  I think they did this so we could interact with different people.  The new groups had to come up with an advert, play, group name and song about camp Konka.

Our last night was going to be a funny and emotional rollercoaster ride, especially since Maritjie, the ghost girl was watching us, except that she disappeared!  At Konka, it turns out that we are very gullible as we were told it was just a story used to scare campers!

As thanks and farewells were shared and special camp Konka badges were given out, I bet you we were all thinking about our amazing experience at Konka and the many more to come!

– Kate Morrison

April 17, 2014

The Grade 7 play was a great comedy about the rules and regulations of APPS. They turned fundamental rules into spunky and vibey short plays. The preparation for the play was an exciting and exuberant week.  They performed outstandingly as they had little time. The Grade 7’s did all the preparation as a class and organised the play themselves.  They discussed a slogan and pledge made up for the year, sang songs and said a prayer.  It was a great success and we look forward to more of their plays.

 – Hannah Ince – Grade 7

On 31 January the Grade 7’s did their assembly play.  The play was on our slogan and pledge.  It was lots of fun!  We also sang to songs, the first one Belle Ray Oliver wrote by herself.  The second one was called ‘Don’t stop Believing’. The play was great fun.

– Julia Spring – Grade 7

April 17, 2014

We arrived at school on Monday morning excited and eager to go to camp. We sat in the classroom for about half an hour impatiently waiting to get on the bus. The bus trip to Oppieberg was short but very loud with lots of shouting and excited chatter. We arrived at camp just before lunch, and after putting our kit in the dorms we started with games. These games were given crazy names like ‘Demi to Demi’ and ‘red robot’ and were a lot of fun. That night we had an interesting dinner, although no-one could quite work out what it was! We all loved bedtime as we spent hours talking after lights out, and chatted to the girls in the next door dorm using a primitive code of tapping on the walls. While at camp, we sang many silly, loud songs to keep us energetic, but this ended up with a couple of us losing our voices. Finally, it was time to go home. Lots of tired, homesick and raspy voiced girls made for a much quieter trip home than on the way there.

– Frances Schnell – Grade 6

This year, near the end of February, our Grade 6 girls went on a tour to the Chameleon Adventure Academy in Oppieberg. We did a variety of awesome activities which taught us a lot about teamwork, leadership and communication skills. We were all amazed by the delicious food we were served and we even got snack attacks! Our facilitators were amazing and so great with us. They always made sure that we were okay and got involved. My class mates and I had a great deal of time just to take in our surroundings, and be with each other. We all did many chants to get our spirits up and were never left behind. The actual venue was brilliant. It was very large, with a great blue pool and a gorgeous view. This tour was a wonderful experience which taught me lots about many skills, my class mates and myself! The Grade 6 tour was outstanding!

– Georgina Woodin – Grade 6