The chess team has gone from strength to strength.  Four matches were scheduled for this term, thus far we have won two and lost one.  We played Pridwin and lost 17-47.  However the girls didn’t give up without a fight and we improved our score against the boys significantly.  Our next two matches against St John’s B and St Mary’s/St Katharine’s were very exciting.  The girls focussed on their games and the scores were 36-20 and 38-34 respectively.  Our final match for the term will be played against St Peter’s.

We congratulate our new Chess Captain, Leilah Grange and Deputy Captain, Hanna Essop and welcome two new members to the team, Mira Markovitz and Keto Jenkins.  It is always a pleasure having new members who are both committed and enthusiastic.

The chess suppers continue to be a highlight of the programme and thanks must go to Ms Grange for organising them so efficiently this term.
Mrs Gill Seebregts

Grade 6 Visit to Lesedi

The Grade 6 trip to Lesedi was so interesting and taught me a lot about all the African cultures.  When we got there it was bright and exciting.  We had an hour to buy beaded necklaces and other cultural objects.  We watched a video on all the different languages and their history.  We tasted different things and went inside a hut and learnt about how to enter and exit.  We then went to the dance boma, where all the tribes danced for us and played their music.  After a long day we went to the dining area.  We tried different meats and asked questions about things we didn’t understand.  It was a great outing and I’m sure if we got the chance we would definitely go again.
Jessica Pheiffer

We jumped onto the bus, excited to go on a road trip.  We filed in one by one grabbing seats next to our best friends.  When we arrived at Lesedi we got into groups of five, and each group was assigned one African culture they had to find out about.  Our first encounter was with a spiritual healer called a sangoma and she had herbs and smoke to open up our sinuses.  In the first village we learnt that the Sotho wear rings around their legs and necks so they don’t run away from their husbands.  In the Pedi village we learnt why they wear kilts and what their porridge is made out of.  In the Xhosa village we learnt about the smoking pipe.  In the Zulu village we were told how to recognise the difference between a woman and a child.  The Ndebele tribe is called the artists of Africa.  I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Lesedi.
Priya Maistry

National isiZulu Conference

The Third APSAL (Annual Primary School African Languages) conference was hosted by Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng, Rustenburg from Thursday 5 until Saturday 7 June 2014.  The phenomenal speakers with complimenting talks gave insight, revived and recharged everyone who attended the conference.  There were about 160 delegates from the country’s provinces.  Thank you to all the Heads for allowing their teachers to take three days off school to empower them.  The full report can be downloaded from the Lebone College website.

• Introduction of phonics and drilling them as they are a corner stone of our language.
• Learning through play is imperative at this stage.
• Reading in stages – reading programmes.
• Active games and rhymes; (singing is the best method for re-enforcement).
• See, remember and enjoy.
• Use of concrete level in themes.
• Well planned lessons for successful learning and teaching;
• Spelling – vocabulary;
• Songs;
• Poems and rhymes;
• Games.
Mrs Lindiwe Ndaba


The Grade 3 to 7 girls have just finished playing their Netball season.  All Grade 3 girls played in their first matches for APPS.  In our match against St Teresa’s, we were able to field six Grade 3 teams.  In the other age groups we were able to field up to four teams.

All in all, we played six matches against various schools, winning some, drawing some and losing a couple as well.  The girls are to be commended on their enthusiasm and energy on the court.  Keep on enjoying the game, girls.

We wish to thank Mrs Witbooi, Mama Ndaba, Mrs Govender, Mrs Cottrell, Miss de Wet, Mrs Gultig and Miss Jansen van Rensburg for their professional and passionate input into all the teams.

We attended two Saturday festivals, one at at Crawford Prep with the Grade 4 girls and one at Holy Rosary with all teams.  These Saturdays were invaluable to the girls and a lot of fun was had.  A big thank you goes to all the coaches for giving up their Saturdays so we could participate on so many weekends.

We are now playing our Inter House matches before half term.  Netball practices will carry on until further notice, as we are still have a friendly match to play against St Mary’s on Thursday 17 July.

The Grade 1 and 2 girls have also been busy practising Netball. Thank you to Mrs Howden and Miss Seebregts for coaching the Grade 2 girls and Mrs Macleod and Mrs Murray for coaching the Grade 1 girls.

Well played to all the girls, keep on playing!


Hockey Festivals
The Grade 6B and 7B Hockey festival held on Saturday 7 June at St Mary’s was very successful for our APPS teams.  Both teams had many short matches against various schools.  The girls played very well, winning ten games and drawing nine.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

The Grade 5 festival on 21 June was extremely exciting and the players did APPS proud.  All games were won or drawn.

Thank you to the parents for their support, and congratulations to the girls who conducted themselves very well on and off the field.  Well done to all who played.
Miss Mo Pearson

Hockey League
All teams, from the Grade 3 girls to the Grade 7 girls, have performed above expectations and there were some good results.

We will finish off the league games after half term.  Our success can be attributed not only to the girls’ utter determination, spirit and love for the game, but to the coaches who work hard at improving the players performance.  A huge thank you to Miss Pearson, Mrs Marescia, Mrs Dane, Mrs Howden and Miss Hartmann.
Miss Mo Pearson

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 2 2013

Congratulations to the Grade 7 Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl:

Term 2 Head Girl
Amaarah Nassiep

Term 2 Deputy Head Girl
Julia Spring

Grade 6 Leadership

Congratulations to the Grade 6 Leaders for Term 2. They are as follows:

Class Captain – Emma Brink
Vice Captain – Cara Gouws

House Captains:
St George – Georgina Woodin
St Patrick – Dikeletso Mutshekwana
St Andrew – Mitali Mistry

Grade 6 Science Fair

The Science Fair is a very tricky, fun filled experience and when it comes to choosing a topic, it can be a real muddle.  You can either be almost drenched in ideas or for some it can be a puzzle.  On the morning of the fair, most girls were having second thoughts about their projects.  When the judges arrived we all felt fine again.  There were 18 amazing projects, all different, investigating things like distilling ethanol from veggies, cleaning your toothbrush properly, checking if silence is needed to concentrate and seeing if colour affects your blood pressure.  When it comes to your turn, remember to keep calm and carry on with the scientific method.
Emma Clark

Grade 5 Tour to Bushpigs

Grade 5H
Bushpigs was fantastic. Our whole grade had loads of fun, doing crazy acivities, eating delicious food and exploring the great outdoors. It was the first time we had been to Bushpigs and we had high expectations, all of which were exceeded. Like I said, the food was DELICIOUS. I had been worried that I would be forced to eat all the food that was served, like at our last camp. I needn’t have. The facilitators were very relaxed, kind, helpful and generally absolutely FANTASTIC. I really like Paulina and Klaas. Chief Chocolate was pretty cool but it was a little hard to tell if he was joking, or if he was being serious. The famous ‘Mudstacle Course’ was spectacular! The only thing Bushpigs could have improved on, was the shower situation at both camps. There was no space to put your clothes. This meant that they got SOPPING wet! After the mudstacle course, we had to have a cold shower and the showers flooded! All in all, Bushpigs was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you to Mrs Hyland, Miss van Rensburg and Clair for taking us on the best camp ever!
Caitlin Bloom

Bush wacking, mudstacle course, hiking and hot chocolate in the morning. What’s better than that at a camp? I really enjoyed it at Bushpigs. All the activities were FANTABULOUS! But some of the facilities at our first camp, Camp Crocodile were okay. The showers needed some hot water PLEASE! The dormitories were amazing and I had a great sleep. Then we went for a game drive and a bicycle ride at Camp Gemsbok. Their rooms were squashy, but I had a good shower in hot water. Your food was delicious – LOVED the WATERMELOEN (pineapple in SA). Chief Chocolate – what a character! Loved your trick! Paulina we are going to miss you EXTREMELY! Susan, you waking us up to ‘RISE ‘N SHINE!’ When we all woke up she would ask ‘girls, how was your sleep?’ Clas, I love your humour. THANK YOU Bushpigs team!
Aachal Kalidas

Grade 5R
The grade 5 tour at Bush Pigs was incredible. The activities, environment and food were great, just to name a few. In my opinion “Chief Chocolate” was the best. He was funny and everyone could relate to him. The best part of my day was breakfast time, we had delicious food! The camp counsellors were absolutely hilarious! We ate “hadeda poop” which was cream, “bee spit” which was honey, “giraffe’s urine” which was orange juice and “baboon’s blood” which was grape juice. Our cereals were freshly picked scabs (All Bran flakes) and Chief Chocolate toenails (corn flakes). The activity which I enjoyed the most was the Mudstacle. It was an obstacle course through mud. The scariest part was when we had to slide down and land in a mud pool, which had a baby crocodile in. Time to go home came too soon. Our once in a lifetime tour had come to an end. It was a great trip but we were happy to be home and warm!
Aaliya Hadjee

Bush Pigs was amazing! We did so many activities. My favourite activities were the musical course, the hike, the cooking and last but not least, the camp fires. We sang so many songs. I loved the facilitators. The cooking that they did for us was amazing. The only thing which I didn’t like was the cold water in the showers and the “giraffe urine”. Thank you Susan, Claas, Kerry, Paulina, Steven and the best, Chief Chocolate. You really outdid yourself from the time we arrived. I should say all schools should go to the incredible Bush Pigs camp! I do wish we had more time to stay with you all. Time went too fast because we had a blast!
Blaine Halim

Outing to ‘Spirit of the Dance’ – Wednesday 11 June 2014

Grade 4B
The experience yesterday was one I’m going to remember forever.  The dancers were amazing, always changing from one costume to another as fast as they could.  There were so many costume changes, one after each routine.  How they put on the right one I’ll never know.  The timing of their footwork was exceptional.  They handled every routine with ease.  I guess practice makes perfect!  The girls and boys performed so well together, always with smiles on their faces.

It was so exciting sitting there when the lights dimmed, and hear the beautiful Irish music playing.  My feet started tapping right away.  They created such a happy feeling with their singing, dancing and smiling faces.

I can’t wait to see what the next show will be.  This was the best show that I have ever been to.  It was absolutely amazing!

We were very privileged to have gone on such a wonderful outing.  Thank you Mrs Levin and the staff for organising it!

Sarah Meddows-Taylor

Grade 5H
‘Spirit of the Dance’ is a well worked theatre production with a mix of tap, Spanish and irish dancing with amazing special effects.  They have put a lot of thought into the costumes and have put in colour, style and personality into something as small as a mini dress.  I congratulate them on actually finding interesting costumes for men.  As the show was a healthy two hours, I was reasonably hungry halfway through.  My only complaint is that the music was very loud and crackly.  I thought that some of the dances were based upon one another and somewhat repetitive.  I would give it three out of five.
Megan Cleminson

‘Spirit of the Dance’ is an Irish and tap dancing show.  I liked this show because of the fast feet, beautiful outfits and of course the dancing.  There were three singers call the Irish Angels.  They were amazing.  The music was very loud, I would have liked to hear the tapping of their feet more.  There were boy dancers and girl dancers.  My favourite dance was when they used white feathers, the girls all dressed in sparkly white dresses.  They looked beautiful.  It had lots of spirit and magic.  I had loads of fun watching ‘Spirit of the Dance.’
Kim Raubenheimer