Easter Service

Our days of Lent have come to an end and we are awaiting the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The girls have been able to take part in the holy time of Lent and have been gaining a better understanding of it.  The Grade 4 and 7 girls went to The Ridge School to take part in the Ash Wednesday service.  I felt this was an incredible morning because we were privileged enough to have a Pastor preach to us.  This allowed me to have a better connection with the service since we were not receiving ashes.  It was great fun being able to sing the hymns with all three schools participating and to see that they were also getting involved with the theme of Easter. read more…

From the Foundation Phase

Speaking on behalf of all the teachers and the girls in the Foundation Phase, I can say quite honestly that we are all looking forward to the upcoming holidays!  What a busy, busy term it has been for all of us, and I do believe that we are very tired and need time to recharge our batteries! read more…

Grade 0 News

Grade 0 Settling In

We celebrated Grandparents’ day with grandparents or significant others on Tuesday 25 March 2014.  The children made worm bookmarks and drew portraits of their special people.  They brought flowers from their gardens to fill the classrooms in anticipation of the event, as the girls could not wait for their special people to arrive. read more…

Grade 1D Assembly Play

We liked this assembly because it taught you to be thankful.  We also loved the power point presentation because it had good memories in it.  We liked the poem because it taught us to project out voices.  We felt nerves and excitement at the same time.  We liked this assembly because it was fun with our class bear in it.  It was on gratitude and having an attitude of thanks.

– Madhuri Padayatchi and Analia Ntombela

We loved our assembly because we go to talk in it and it was so much fun and it was on gratitude.  Holly said the ABC of gratitude and we all stood up and said our lines and we got nervous but we were able to do it because we were strong and brave.  We think that the whole school loved it.

– Jessica Hood and Rachel Shelver

Grade 1S Assembly Play

‘Lambert the Lion’

I was rely scared but when I got on stage I was fien.  And this is some of the stuf.  One dock nit ther was a bed in the sciy.  He landed on the gruwond and I was a sheep.  But Maryam Ebrahim’s pans fall downe.  Evrewan had a frit.  Everewan wos happy at the play.  But we were very tied afta the play.  read more…

Grade 1 to 3 Visit to Sci Bono

My Trip to Sci Bono

On the 28th of February 2014 the Grade 1 to 3’s went to the Sci Bono Centre.

After a long bus drive I think we were all very happy to get off the bus and we got a breath of fresh air.  When we got into the Sci Bono Centre, I am positive that every one of us was excited to be there and we knew we were going to have so much fun. And we did!  read more…

Grade 3 to 7 Swimathon

I got to school on a cold grey Thursday and to my horror, it was the swimathon!  We had normal lessons until about 11:00 and then we all (unfortunately) had to jump into the eternal abyss.  I swear I could see ice crystals forming on the floor!  I was crammed into lane one with twenty other girls.  Anna-Lee Doubter kicked me on my chin and Gorgie Green got water in my nose, but after struggling in the Atlantic ocean, I mean the school pool for a never ending sixty minutes, I managed a (not very) astonishing thirty laps.  Oh well.  I got a cool key ring though!

– Megan Cleminson – Grade 5H

Grade 4 Tour

The whole class, despite initial apprehension and nervous excitement, enjoyed this tour.  At Maropeng, the highlight was the boat ride where we experienced the elements of fire, water, air and earth.  The tasty treats that our moms packed for us went down well for lunch before boarding the bus for the Sterkfontein Caves.  We all found these very interesting and no-one was afraid to go down into the depths of the earth!  read more…

Grade 5 Combined Assembly

Our Assembly Play
Lots of practice
And (all of) it has finally paid off.

Monday morning, half past seven,
Assembly has started.

The light’s on my face,
Make-up on.
And a hall full of people

It’s all very exciting
But you’re feeling a little nervous too!

Finally Mrs Howden says we can start,
First the children, then the Spanish, India,
Australia, SA, Japanese, American, French and Hawaii.

I really enjoyed myself
And I think Miss van Rensburg and Mrs Hyland were proud of us
All the practicing with them.
Really paid off!

– Amy Leishman – Grade 5H

This year the Grade 5 classes did a combined assembly which was quite different.  It was about respecting other people’s differences and not being prejudiced towards things and people you don’t know anything about.  We all loved wearing our different outfits and it was amazing seeing the beauty in our differences and the different countries.  Mrs Hyland and Miss van Rensburg worked very hard to make it a success with the help of Miss Gericke.  Our play taught me that it is ‘okay’ to be different and that difference is what makes everybody unique.  I am sure all my peers felt the same about it and learnt something from this marvelous experience.

– Zahraa Ismail – Grade 5R

The Grade 5 assembly was amazing, we all knew our lines and spoke beautifully.  It was about all the different countries of the world and how we are all different and unique.  I really enjoyed our play and I think everyone else did too!

– Hannah Gush – Grade 5R

Grade 5 Mini Public Speaking Festival

The mini public speaking festival took place on the 7th of April.  The Grade 5 girls walked in with excited, enthusiastic and nervous faces, all at the same time.  We started the programme off with an appetising chocolate speech, and ended off with a yorkie who stole our hearts.  Our adjudicator gave us our certificates. There were C’s, B’s, A’s and A+’s.  I would like to thank our adjudicator, Mrs Levin, our teachers and the supporting parents!  It was an entertaining day!

– Olive K Schönfeldt – Grade 5R

It all started on the 7th of April when the classrooms were buzzing with excitement. Soon it was time to do our speeches in front of the adjudicator. The grade fives had a great journey. We travelled through many countries. We also enjoyed watching and learning from all the speeches about animals. This was a great experience even though we were scared in the beginning. I enjoyed the mini public speaking festival a whole lot!

– Gemma Marshall – Grade 5R