April 18, 2014

We liked this assembly because it taught you to be thankful.  We also loved the power point presentation because it had good memories in it.  We liked the poem because it taught us to project out voices.  We felt nerves and excitement at the same time.  We liked this assembly because it was fun with our class bear in it.  It was on gratitude and having an attitude of thanks.

– Madhuri Padayatchi and Analia Ntombela

We loved our assembly because we go to talk in it and it was so much fun and it was on gratitude.  Holly said the ABC of gratitude and we all stood up and said our lines and we got nervous but we were able to do it because we were strong and brave.  We think that the whole school loved it.

– Jessica Hood and Rachel Shelver

April 18, 2014

‘Lambert the Lion’

I was rely scared but when I got on stage I was fien.  And this is some of the stuf.  One dock nit ther was a bed in the sciy.  He landed on the gruwond and I was a sheep.  But Maryam Ebrahim’s pans fall downe.  Evrewan had a frit.  Everewan wos happy at the play.  But we were very tied afta the play.  Read more

April 18, 2014

My Trip to Sci Bono

On the 28th of February 2014 the Grade 1 to 3’s went to the Sci Bono Centre.

After a long bus drive I think we were all very happy to get off the bus and we got a breath of fresh air.  When we got into the Sci Bono Centre, I am positive that every one of us was excited to be there and we knew we were going to have so much fun. And we did!  Read more

April 18, 2014

I got to school on a cold grey Thursday and to my horror, it was the swimathon!  We had normal lessons until about 11:00 and then we all (unfortunately) had to jump into the eternal abyss.  I swear I could see ice crystals forming on the floor!  I was crammed into lane one with twenty other girls.  Anna-Lee Doubter kicked me on my chin and Gorgie Green got water in my nose, but after struggling in the Atlantic ocean, I mean the school pool for a never ending sixty minutes, I managed a (not very) astonishing thirty laps.  Oh well.  I got a cool key ring though!

– Megan Cleminson – Grade 5H

April 18, 2014

The whole class, despite initial apprehension and nervous excitement, enjoyed this tour.  At Maropeng, the highlight was the boat ride where we experienced the elements of fire, water, air and earth.  The tasty treats that our moms packed for us went down well for lunch before boarding the bus for the Sterkfontein Caves.  We all found these very interesting and no-one was afraid to go down into the depths of the earth!  Read more

April 18, 2014

Our Assembly Play
Lots of practice
And (all of) it has finally paid off.

Monday morning, half past seven,
Assembly has started.

The light’s on my face,
Make-up on.
And a hall full of people

It’s all very exciting
But you’re feeling a little nervous too!

Finally Mrs Howden says we can start,
First the children, then the Spanish, India,
Australia, SA, Japanese, American, French and Hawaii.

I really enjoyed myself
And I think Miss van Rensburg and Mrs Hyland were proud of us
All the practicing with them.
Really paid off!

– Amy Leishman – Grade 5H

This year the Grade 5 classes did a combined assembly which was quite different.  It was about respecting other people’s differences and not being prejudiced towards things and people you don’t know anything about.  We all loved wearing our different outfits and it was amazing seeing the beauty in our differences and the different countries.  Mrs Hyland and Miss van Rensburg worked very hard to make it a success with the help of Miss Gericke.  Our play taught me that it is ‘okay’ to be different and that difference is what makes everybody unique.  I am sure all my peers felt the same about it and learnt something from this marvelous experience.

– Zahraa Ismail – Grade 5R

The Grade 5 assembly was amazing, we all knew our lines and spoke beautifully.  It was about all the different countries of the world and how we are all different and unique.  I really enjoyed our play and I think everyone else did too!

– Hannah Gush – Grade 5R

April 18, 2014

The mini public speaking festival took place on the 7th of April.  The Grade 5 girls walked in with excited, enthusiastic and nervous faces, all at the same time.  We started the programme off with an appetising chocolate speech, and ended off with a yorkie who stole our hearts.  Our adjudicator gave us our certificates. There were C’s, B’s, A’s and A+’s.  I would like to thank our adjudicator, Mrs Levin, our teachers and the supporting parents!  It was an entertaining day!

– Olive K Schönfeldt – Grade 5R

It all started on the 7th of April when the classrooms were buzzing with excitement. Soon it was time to do our speeches in front of the adjudicator. The grade fives had a great journey. We travelled through many countries. We also enjoyed watching and learning from all the speeches about animals. This was a great experience even though we were scared in the beginning. I enjoyed the mini public speaking festival a whole lot!

– Gemma Marshall – Grade 5R

April 18, 2014

It gives me great pleasure and delight to know that the Saturday school is proving to be very beneficial to the learners who attend from the Salvazione School in Mayfair West.  The learners are very determined to improve and give everything of their best every time they visit APPS.  The girls have improved in all areas, especially the Grade 7 girls who leave to attend various high schools.  We wish them everything of the best in the future.

Thank you to the APPS teachers who are involved on Saturday mornings.

To Mrs Brenda Howden, our supporters and sponsors, a huge thank you for having the vision to see how important our project is to the community.

– Miss Mo Pearson

Calling for Volunteers:  The Link @ Salvazione Christian School

We appeal for volunteers to join us at Salvazione Christian School on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 8:15 – 10:15 during private school term times only.  You will be trained in the simple skills required to help Grade 2 & 3 children become literate in English. You will be astounded by the impact you can make in the lives of these children.  We have a super group of Mums & Grannies from APPS, The Ridge & St Katharine’s, as well as other community members who have enjoyed tremendous camaraderie, whilst making a difference.  Please support us in 2013 and help make this difference!  Contact Elaine Vermooten: jetex@netactive.co.za

April 17, 2014

This is a section for the Newsletter which will tell you what some of our past pupils are doing.  If you are a former APPS pupil, you may also have news to share.  If so, please let us know at the email address outlined below.  You can also let us know about other former pupils whom you may have seen, or heard about!

Former APPS Girls
Two authors:

Astrid Fleming’s (left APPS 1986) book is entitled White Knights – a novel about investment banking!  We hear her second novel is due out soon.

Terry Westby-Nunn’s (left APPS 1985) book is called The Sea of Wise Insects and deals with memory, family and the role of the individual in society.

Many of you may know that Shelley Russell (left APPS 2001) is in the SA Womens’ Hockey team and currently playing in the London Olympics.

I met Thabiseng Chaane (left APPS 1997) quite by chance in one of those long, long corridors at the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Johannesburg.  She is a doctor.

Then I saw Tholoana Makhu (left APPS 1989) at the recent Anglican Church Synod.  Tholoana is an attorney, but taking a break from active practice to enjoy her new family.  She was elected to serve on the Synod Advisory Committee that is charged with the selection of a new bishop for the diocese of Johannesburg.

Jemma Kahn (left APPS 1995) wrote and produced a play at the recent Grahamstown Festival.  Her sister, Rebecca is studying for her MA at King’s College, London.  Jemma was featured in the Sunday Times of 24 March 2013 on ‘The Epicene Butcher and Other Stories for Consenting Adults’ which she wrote, designed and directed.  It is a contemporary corruption of ancient Japanese traditional kamishibai theatre, which has taken Cape Town, Durban and Amsterdam audiences by storm lately.

Frances Patchitt (left APPS 2003) tells me that a BA degree (with teaching in mind) is an enjoyable change after two years of studying medicine … following in grandmother, Jean Patchitt’s footsteps maybe?!

Hayley Donaldson (Left APPS 1999)
After completing her BA degree and two Honours degrees (Psychology and Industrial Psychology), Hayley completed the M Phil (Industrial Psychology) at the end of 2011.  All four degrees were awarded Cum Laude.  She completed her internship at ABSA last year and has been appointed a Talent Management Specialist at ABSA this year.

Lindsay Donaldson (Left APPS 2002)
Lindsay completed her B Sc degree, majoring in Maths and Physics at the end of 2010, then completed her B Sc (Hons) degree in Physics at the end of 2011.  She embarked on the M Sc degree in Nuclear Physics at the beginning of 2012, but has just had the M Sc course (which should have taken 2 years) converted to a Ph.D course, because she has apparently already produced work well beyond what is expected for an M Sc degree. Lindsay has already presented her work at two international conferences, was especially invited to Japan for a month last year to participate in a German experiment at the large Accelerator there, and is now expected to produce work which, it is hoped, will lay the foundation for further research in the future.
Their mother, Barbara, says:  ‘How I thank all the wonderful and dedicated APPS teachers through who’s loving and caring hands, my girls passed’!

The THORP Girls:
Candice (now Stevens) (left APPS 1996) is married to a tax attorney, has two children – Rachel, two and a half, and Joshua, six months, and they live in Cape Town.

Natasha (left APPS 1998) is living in Johannesburg, working full time in the SABC TV news department, and presents the 19:00 news bulletin extremely efficiently on SABC 3 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mary-Rose (now Anderson) (left APPS 1998) is married and living on a farm in the Donnybrook area of KZN.

Many people will have seen Christina Fatti (now Culwick) (left APPS 1999) presenting the weather forecast on SABC 3 from time to time.

Katherine McIver (left APPS 1992) is a Vet, and is practising at the Craighall Veterinary clinic.

Cassie Wilson (left APPS 2003) is a nurse working at the same Veterinary practice.

Georgina Broadhurst (now Dundas) (left APPS 1992) is living in Auckland, New Zealand, and has a son, James Matthew.

Fiona Wynn-Jones (now Gill) (left APPS 1987) was married in Johannesburg in May 2012.  Her sister Catherine, was married very recently to Gareth Duggan.  They had been living and working in London but have come back to Johannesburg – Catherine is working for IBM.

Jessica Nupen (left APPS 1998) is dancing in Germany.

Lauren Mellor (left APPS 1998) is an international model based in New York.

Victoria Loesch (left APPS 1982) has gone to live in Dubai.

Alexandra Cock (left APPS 1997) is teaching at Parktown Girls’ High School.  Alex is on the Senior Management team; teaching Maths from Grade 8 to Matric; is the Grade 10 Form tutor and in addition, she is starting a project to encourage high calibre teachers to stay in the profession.  Alex also sings in the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg in her spare(?) time!

Several boys left APPS 20 years ago, amongst whom are:  Henry Cock (left APPS 1993)who is doing his Masters degree in Politics at Wits; and he and business partner Matthew (Matt) Beckett (left APPS 1993) own a restaurant in Greenside.  Simon Gaganakis(left APPS 1992) owns a restaurant in Illovo, and Mujahid Padyachee (left APPS 1993) is teaching at Greenside High School.

Helen Carter (left APPS 1998) was the Youth Pastor at St Martin’s Anglican Church in Dunkeld for several years.  She is now teaching full time at IR Griffiths Primary School.

Bronwen Clacherty (left APPS 1999) has her Masters Degree in Music from Goldsmith College in London – a degree she passed with distinction, in jazz percussion.  Bronwen is back in Cape Town, teaching music pupils at Rondebosch Boys’ High and working on an amazing project.  She is preparing to go on two cruises – from Cape Town to Senegal – and during the cruises, she will give lectures and concerts.  She has composed her own African style music based on South African songs which she performs as a solo musician with back up.

If you have news of our past pupils please would you email me at mikecp@megaweb.co.za

Looking forward to hearing from our APPS former pupils.

Jenny Campbell-Pitt
Trustee – Lighthouse Trust

April 17, 2014

Chess has continued well this term.  Our Monday afternoon practices have been well attended and Mrs Pengelly has continued to guide the girls in their strategy and thinking skills.

We played five matches this term, lost three, drew one and won one.  We played three matches at home and we would like to thank Mrs Essop for organising our delicious pizza suppers.  Matches are such a wonderful and healthy way of interacting with other schools and the buzz of excitement at matches is tangible.

Chess is an excellent skill to learn and especially in the light of APPS’s emphasis on thinking skills and critical thinking can only benefit the girls who learn to play this ancient game.  I would like to thank all the members of our Chess club – you are wonderful ambassadors for your school.

– Miss Gill Seebregts