Grade 3 News

‘Food, glorious food’ is a wonderful theme for the winter term.  Our theme tables are groaning under a wide assortment of store cupboard items and we are getting a great deal of fun and varied learning out of them.  Vegetable creatures made in Art turned into ten litres of soup and photos on the iPad saved the creatures for posterity.

Weighing and measuring give hands on experience before adding and subtracting in grams, kilograms, rands and cents and provide a reality check for eager shoppers.  We are looking at ways of deciding on a balanced diet that doesn’t exclude treats – yes, it is possible.  Packaging and methods of preservation are also fruitful sources of discussion and we hope to finish with a study of food miles in relation to everyday food items.  The highlight of the term will be feeding, (force-feeding if necessary) a balanced breakfast to our Grade 7 buddies.

Mrs Sheila Verner and Mrs Lauren Spencer

Grade 3 Combined Assembly Play

Grade 3V:
I was an ant.  It was fun.  We ran back and forth.  My favourite part was when the Parktown Prawns flopped on the floor – ha, ha, ha!  The light was shining in my eyes but they laughed.  So did I and that’s all I can think of.
Megan Porter

I was the one and only Ooey-Gooey, the star of the show.  I loved it when I died.  I was so glad that the Parktown Prawns died too so that I had company in heaven.
Grace Kapelus

Here comes the smelliest, the stinkiest, the ugliest… Parktown Prawn.  Ah, thank you, thank you very much!  My best part was when Kate said, “Or else, SPLAT! The teacher flattens you.”  I liked the outfits very much.
Rachel Watermeyer

I was a little bee.  I was so cute, shaking my pompom back and forth.  My favourite part was Ooey-Gooey worm, when she went up and down and then – splat – she was squished.
Jessie Orphanides

Grade 3S
In our mini beasts play I was a earth worm who was in the soil.  My favourite part for me was the Parktown Prawn song and at the end of the play I felt happy.  It was the best play I have ever been in.
Sinead Erasmus

In the play I was a bee.  My favourite part was when we sang songs.  After we sang the bee song the bees said their words.  I was the 8th bee to say my words.  My words were (they dance to show other bees where the best flowers are, look at me).
Mia Babaya

I was a Parktown Prawn.  We got to where huge pants, and a shirt that looked like it had been dunked in a bucket of coffee (no offence whoever made or chose for us to wear them.)  We also wore hats and sunglasses.  My favourite part was when we (the Parktown Prawns) got turned into sushi.  It was so funny when Tessa B said:  “I’m sure I got fed royal jelly for 16 days because my dad calls me a princess.”  That made everyone laugh.
Kate Ramsbotham

In the assembly play I was a small bee.  My favourite part was singing all the songs.  The play was funny, interesting, all about bugs, and I loved all the costumes.
Kelsey Richardson

Grade 0 News

We have had so much fun in Grade 0 this term!  The term started with both classes having fourth year teaching students teaching them.  The girls loved having young and fresh ideas in the classroom as the students created fantasy corners and re-enacted different egg stories.

The theme this term is eggs and the girls were lucky enough to have an incubator in the class for four days, the girls witnessed the chicks hatching and each got a turn to hold the little chicks.  This year we also invited a person to Grade 0 to talk about birds, and the girls made salt dough rolled in egg shells.  Our girls have started bringing in their egg presentations and we have enjoyed learning from them.

We celebrated our mothers with a Mothers’ Day picnic.  The moms were also treated to a lovely sample music lesson in the new garden outside the music room and were impressed with the skills our children have learned already.  It was lovely to see the moms and their daughters having fun and enjoying a meal together.  The girls presented their mothers with a beautiful hand beaded candle and we know these will be treasured for years to come.

We also celebrated our dads this term with a Fathers’ Day braai.  The dads and their daughters enjoyed a boerewors roll together after the dads had been treated to a sample music lesson.  The girls presented their dads with a hand painted tie on a tee shirt.  The girls also showed their fathers the art they had done depicting them with their dads.  A fun and special time was had by both dads and daughters.

The girls went on their first school outing to the Mandela Theatre to see ‘Spirit of the Dance.’  They thoroughly enjoyed the performance and continue to try to replicate the different steps!  I think we may have Irish dancing enthusiasts on our hands!
Mrs Morag Williamson – Grade 0W

From the Headmistress

Dear Parents,

What a long, productive and successful term we have completed.  We are all exhausted and can’t wait for the pending break!  We welcome Mr Willem Steyn, the new Estate Manager who joined APPS at the beginning of this month.  May he have a long and happy association with all of us.

The highlights on the academic front have been numerous.  We are currently awaiting the IBT distinction certificates which will hopefully be with us at the commencement of Term 2.  Once again this year we have approximately 80 distinctions in English, Mathematics and Science, an outstanding achievement for such a small school. read more…

Easter Service

Our days of Lent have come to an end and we are awaiting the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The girls have been able to take part in the holy time of Lent and have been gaining a better understanding of it.  The Grade 4 and 7 girls went to The Ridge School to take part in the Ash Wednesday service.  I felt this was an incredible morning because we were privileged enough to have a Pastor preach to us.  This allowed me to have a better connection with the service since we were not receiving ashes.  It was great fun being able to sing the hymns with all three schools participating and to see that they were also getting involved with the theme of Easter. read more…

From the Foundation Phase

Speaking on behalf of all the teachers and the girls in the Foundation Phase, I can say quite honestly that we are all looking forward to the upcoming holidays!  What a busy, busy term it has been for all of us, and I do believe that we are very tired and need time to recharge our batteries! read more…

Grade 0 News

Grade 0 Settling In

We celebrated Grandparents’ day with grandparents or significant others on Tuesday 25 March 2014.  The children made worm bookmarks and drew portraits of their special people.  They brought flowers from their gardens to fill the classrooms in anticipation of the event, as the girls could not wait for their special people to arrive. read more…

Grade 1D Assembly Play

We liked this assembly because it taught you to be thankful.  We also loved the power point presentation because it had good memories in it.  We liked the poem because it taught us to project out voices.  We felt nerves and excitement at the same time.  We liked this assembly because it was fun with our class bear in it.  It was on gratitude and having an attitude of thanks.

– Madhuri Padayatchi and Analia Ntombela

We loved our assembly because we go to talk in it and it was so much fun and it was on gratitude.  Holly said the ABC of gratitude and we all stood up and said our lines and we got nervous but we were able to do it because we were strong and brave.  We think that the whole school loved it.

– Jessica Hood and Rachel Shelver

Grade 1S Assembly Play

‘Lambert the Lion’

I was rely scared but when I got on stage I was fien.  And this is some of the stuf.  One dock nit ther was a bed in the sciy.  He landed on the gruwond and I was a sheep.  But Maryam Ebrahim’s pans fall downe.  Evrewan had a frit.  Everewan wos happy at the play.  But we were very tied afta the play.  read more…

Grade 1 to 3 Visit to Sci Bono

My Trip to Sci Bono

On the 28th of February 2014 the Grade 1 to 3’s went to the Sci Bono Centre.

After a long bus drive I think we were all very happy to get off the bus and we got a breath of fresh air.  When we got into the Sci Bono Centre, I am positive that every one of us was excited to be there and we knew we were going to have so much fun. And we did!  read more…