Grade 6 Daughters Camp Out

A night under the stars… Bonfires, s’mores, songs and games!

When I arrived at school for the Dads and Daughters Campout, the atmosphere was amazing!  Everyone was so happy and relaxed.  We all had a braai that was absolutely delicious.  All of us brought our meat and firewood and the dads braaied everything to perfection.  Although it was freezing cold, we were having so much fun that we didn’t even notice it.

I enjoyed the campout because I had such wonderful bonding time with my dad.  It was definitely one of the best experiences that I have had, and I can’t wait to see what next year’s Grade 6 girls have to say about theirs!
Analia Ntombela


St Stithians Marimba Festival
On 18 September 2018, the APPS Marimba band hopped on a bus and drove to St Stithians to participate in the annual Preparatory Marimba Festival.  We arrived in our new outfits, which were designed by me and made by Shayna Doolabh.  A black T-shirt with beautiful African fabric and blue jeans.  First we learned two combined items with all the other schools, St Stithians boys and girls, Pridwin, Holy Rosary, De La Salle, Trinity House and Clifton Prep.  After the rehearsal, we had a little break, then it was time for the performance!  All of us were very nervous before we performed, but we knew we were ready.  All the schools played amazingly well.  Shayna and I would just like to thank Mr Mutero for teaching us our songs:  Final Countdown, Kanya Matope and the Medley Dance.  We would also like to thank the girls for performing their best on Tuesday night.
Sophie Randall & Shayna Doolabh – Marimba Captains, Grade 7

‘Born To Perform’ Show
Performing for ‘Born to Perform’ was like nothing we have ever done before.  The Grade 5, 6 and 7 girls (Senior Choir) put lots of effort into the rehearsals.  When it came to the performance, we knew what we were doing and could just have fun on the stage.  Whenever we performed, there was always this lively feeling that everyone could feel.  The performers on stage could all feel the excitement and the audience could too.  The process of getting to do the show and meeting wonderful people along the way was honestly an amazing experience and we will take it with us.  It is something I will remember for the rest of my life.
Erin Simpson – Music Captain, Grade 7

On 15 and 16 September, the APPS Senior Choir went to the Lyric Theatre to participate in ‘Born to Preform: Shine!’  It was an amazing experience to be there, watching the talented artists sing and dance on the stage.  We got to talk to other children who were in the show and we played a game of ‘Broken Telephone’ with St Vincent’s School for the Deaf.  When we weren’t on stage, we sat in the balcony and watched the show or sat in the foyer and played games or just talked to each other.  It was slightly difficult to keep the girls quiet considering all the excitement in the air but I, along with the Choir Captains, managed to keep everyone quiet.  We got the amazing opportunity to perform with the rising star, John Tsenoli and we sang ‘Long Road’, a song written by him.  We really enjoyed our time working on ‘Born to Perform’, and we feel so lucky to have had that opportunity.
Rufaro Shava – Head Girl & Performer, Grade 7

The Sound of Children
I was so happy to be chosen to drum at Linder Auditorium, I just couldn’t believe my ears!  I went to practice at break.  Practising with the Junior Choir was great fun.  I enjoyed each moment and couldn’t wait for the next practice.  It was nice hearing the whole thing come together.  On 4 October 2018, The Sound of Children concert took place at the Linder.  The famous Richard Cock was the conductor.  When Ms Gericke called me up, I felt so excited and a bit nervous because I did not play or practice on that particular drum set.  I played the drums to the song, ‘Seven Years Old’ and it went very well.  There were many people and children from four different schools.  I felt honoured and I want to thank my teachers for this wonderful opportunity.
Riya Bhutt – Grade 4G

Preparing for The Sound of Children was fun, but also hard work.  We had to focus to learn all the words of our song.  ‘Once I was Seven Years Old’.  Our Music teacher was more strict than ever before, making us focus and remember our words!  We were excited when we arrived at the Linder Auditorium on 3 October.  There was a rehearsal, and then a break when we could have cupcakes and relax.  After the break, we lined up in soloists, Altos and Sopranos.  We led on stage with all the other schools – Kingsmead, Pridwin and St Peter’s Girls.  I was excited, and my heart was beating fast.  We spotted our parents in the audience and waved at them.  I enjoyed the process because we all worked together as a team.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to sing with an orchestra.  I am proud of myself for singing as a soloist with our Junior Choir.  Thank you to Miss Gericke and Miss Borthwick for preparing us.
Kwanda Nhlapo – Grade 4G


Grade 0 to 3 Outing to see ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

Grade 2S
On Tuesday 25 September, we went on a school trip to Forest Town.  It was very exciting.  We went to watch Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children were disabled and their play was amazing.  I was very scared of the giant.  I thought that the cardboard cars and bus were so cool.  The dancing was amazing and the market place was so clever.  I couldn’t resist the beanstalk.  I think Jack’s costume was the best.  The end was amazing.  Then we got on the bus and came back to school.  It was the best play I had ever seen.
Hannah Sayed

We were so excited after our teacher told us we were going to a show.  We went on the bus and we eventually got to Forest Town School.  The show was Jack and the Beanstalk.  I loved the giant’s scary voice.  We liked all the songs especially the one joined together with all the characters and the money dance.  I loved how Jack could actually climb the beanstalk.  We all loved the show and were so sad when it was finished.  We all wanted to watch it again but we couldn’t.  We went on the bus back to APPS.
Emily Muller

From school we went on the bus to Forest Town School.  We were very, very excited.  We were watching Jack and the Beanstalk.  I was sitting next to Hannah and Maddie at the very back of the bus.  I loved Jack when he stole the giant’s food.  At the end everybody was singing.  I loved how they made the taxi out of cardboard.  I loved the colourful dancing and when they were throwing the money.  At the end we were very sad, then we went back to school.
Hanaan Carrim

Grade 2L
I was so excited.  I was jumping up and down on the bus.  When I got there I went into the hall.  Then the play started.  After the play, we went back to school.
Millie Mussett

My best fairy tale is Jack and the bean stock.  My favourite part in Jack and the bean stock is the girls dancing.  Jack was very sneaky to steal the giants things.  The giant looked very scary.  I was so happy when the show started!  I loved the show.
Mariam Khan

Jack and the beanstok was fun.  My favourite part was the boys throwing money.  I was so excited for the show.  They made cars from boxes and taxis.  I had such fun coming and going.  They had expression and smiles.
Sophia Mullin

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 3 2018

Congratulations to the following Grade 7 leaders for Term 3.  They are as follows:

Head Girl
Rufaro Shava

Deputy Head Girl
Mia Babaya

Head of House
St Andrew – Rufaro Shava
St George – Erin Simpson
St Patrick – Grace Kapelus

House Sports Captains
St Andrew – Amber Aspoas
St George – Saskia Oosterlee
St Patrick – Thaluki Moloto

Grade 6 Leadership – Term 3 2018

Class Captain – Ameera Adam
Vice Captain – Sphumelele Tshalata

House Captains
St Andrew – Emily Stoutjesdyk
St George – Francesca Genovese
St Patrick – Cecilia Petersen

Grade 1 Assembly Play – Girl Power

Grade 1M
I was myself.  I wore a dress because the butterfly on my dress made me feel like I could fly.  The flowers made me feel that I am a flower in the sun, big and strong.  I was happy when the parents clapped and shouted ‘wooowooo!’
Willow Glover

I wore my clothes because they made me feel powerful.  My clothes said:  “Our future is equal!”  I was happy and nervous at the same time.  The parents were amazed at us.  It was such fun.
Milan William

I was a farmer girl.  I wore my dungarees because I always wanted to live on a farm.  When we did our song, it was hard to do the actions because I am left handed and the actions were right handed.
Anna Miller

Grade 1W
I decided to wear my ballet clothes because they make me feel powerful.  My favourite part of our assembly was the song because it was about Girl Power and I can choose what I want to be and go where I want to and about taking a risk.
Emma Hilburn

I decided to wear a pineapple top because I felt like it and it was my decision on fashion.  My favourite part was the song ‘I am a girl I can do anything.’
Maryam Hajee

I decided to wear my Girl Power t-shirt because it makes me feel very special.  My favourite part of the assembly was learning about Yusra Mardini.
Mila Magugu

I decided to wear a ballet outfit because I feel powerful and that I can do anything in it.  My favourite part of our Grade 1 assembly was when we sang ‘I am a girl and I can do anything.’
India Taylor


Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls have had a fantastic first half of Term 3.  We had the privilege of attending Forest Town’s performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

There has been much excitement having an incubator with chicken eggs, in the classroom.  The girls loved watching the chicks hatch and they all had a chance to hold a baby chick.

Flower Day was a huge success, the girls loved painting their tins and arranging their flowers.
Mrs Carrie Barker

APPS 2018 Grade 7 Johannesburg Junior City Mini Councillors

We were chosen to be part of the Mini Council for 2018.  This was a heartwarming experience and it taught us a lot.  We met people who we’ll be friends with for a long time to come.  We are both in a community called welfare where we work with a large group of under privileged people of different ages.  Through this we met people who allowed us to look at life through a different perspective.  They taught us life lessons that will stay with us forever.  Mini Council was an opportunity that we will never forget.
Nuha Nassiep and Megan Porter

Grade 7 GEMS Project Presentation

I enjoyed working on my GEMS (Girls Engendering Maths and Science) project this term.  My topic was women’s rights which is something I feel very strongly about.  I benefited immensely from listening to my group members’ opinions and thoughts.  We spent the whole term putting our presentation together and although there were a few difficulties along the way we were all very proud off the outcome and the message we spread of gender equality.  This project made me think about stuff in a way I have never done before.  Overall the assignment was a success and I can’t wait to see what we will do next term
Mia Babaya

At the beginning of Term 2 the Grade 7 girls were given the task of choosing something that they would be willing to fight for. This was a task set by the IEB for certain schools in South Africa.  The options were human rights, women’s rights, animal rights and family and safety.  Based on our choices, we were put in groups according to what we chose.  We were given the date for our presentation – 10 July – and set to work on the 10-15 minute presentation.  We presented our plan to the rest of our class and Miss de Wet told us to be as radical as we needed to be.  The work continued until the date finally arrived.  All the groups were nervous but everything ran smoothly.
Tiger-Anne Cupido

Grade 3 and 7 Picnic

Grade 3K
My mom and I went to Woolworths to get all the stuff that I needed.  On Wednesday I was so excited.  Before break, Aleeza, Chloë, Rori and I were setting up.  Rori was so organised!  After that we went to fetch our Grade 7 girls.  Mine was Mia Babaya.  So we headed to the picnic and we sat down.  I offered her Ruby Grapefruit and she loved it!  I gave her a surprise because I said we are making Sundays on a spoon.  She said, ’Wow!  This is amazing!’  So we made Sundays.  She went to see other Grade7 girls.  She came back and said, ’I just had to make them jealous.’  It was so funny!  We had so much fun.
Jamie Giles

On Wednesday it was the Grade 3 and 7 Picnic.  I had a teacher though because there were not enough Grade 7 girls for all the Grade 3’s.  My teacher was Miss Seebregts.  She is one of my favourite teachers so I loved it.  We also had groups and my group was Nicci, Bella, Jess and me.  We brought lots of delicious food.  Food like chips, chocolate fingers, strawberries and lots more.  We sat on the big field quite close to the wall.  I learnt quite a lot about Miss Seebregts and she learnt quite a lot about me.  Miss Seebregts said she loved it and I loved it too.
Emma Thomas

The day before the picnic I was panicking because I never planned anything, but that night me and my mum went to Woolworths and bought everything.  In the morning we packed everything in the basket.  We packed drinks, pasta, fruit sticks, cake, gums, plates and cutlery.  We also packed a picnic blanket.  At the picnic we asked so many questions and got to know each other so well and my gums got finished.  When the picnic was over Chloë helped clean up well.
Safiya Hajee