Grade 3 Music Programme
Flute Programme
I had a great time learning the Flute with Miss Gericke.  When I heard that we were going to play the Flute I felt like I was flying.  The first song I learnt to play on the Flute was ‘Hot Cross Buns’.  It was fun learning how to play the Flute, but it took a lot of practice to get my sound.  Finally I got my sound just at the right time, the time we were learning how to play ‘Sweet but a Psycho’, that was fun.  When I heard that we were going to play a concert in front of the juniors I was so happy, we played nicely at the concert and I felt great, I had a great time.
Mariam Khan

Clarineo Programme
The clarineo sounded squeaky when I first started playing it.  But when I had played it after one more lesson, it sounded much better.  Later it sounded beautiful, like a melody.  Two lessons later and the clarineo sounded like a harmony.  I think playing in the Music Concert was fun, and in a way, it was exciting.  I think every one of us felt a bit fuzzy inside after the concert was finished.
Anna Taylor

St Mary’s Singing Sistas Choral Festival
I was so thrilled when Miss Gericke informed me that I would be playing Bass to accompany one of the songs that we were to perform at the Singing Sistas Festival!  On the day of the festival I could barely contain my excitement.  I love playing Bass and practiced hard.  Initially, when the show started, my heart throbbed in my throat with nerves, but I soon got into it and started enjoying myself tremendously.  The APPS choir sounded heavenly and I was so proud of everyone that evening.
Ena Opperman – Grade 7 (Rock Band Captain)

Being the Choir Captains of Term 1 has been an amazing experience.  It’s had its ups and downs but we’ve loved every second of it.  When we went to the St Mary’s Singing Sistas it became a bit chaotic but our senior choir supported us and we calmed down.  We really enjoyed working together, we worked in unison and we always ended up sweeping the crowd off their feet.  Being Choir Captains has been a huge honour and we thank our music teachers for their support.
Owethu Makaula and Keira Berell – Grade 7 (Choir Captains)

The APPS Easter Service
On Wednesday 10 April we had the APPS Easter service.  It highlighted many other religions and celebrations around Easter time.  I thought that what was created in a short amount of time by the Grade 7 girls and Miss Gericke was incredible.  The Easter Service gets better every year!  This was an amazing experience and I wish I could do it again.
Ratidzo Furamera – Grade 7 (Marimba Captain & Jesus)

Grade 7 Tour

The Grade Sevens of 2019 … Gone Wild
The tour kicked off early, early in the morning on the way to camp, in the only correct way … singing.  We all started having fun the moment we got on that bus, and didn’t stop until we got off, outside the school gates, at the end of that week.

We visited the Botanical Gardens and bird park, both with an element of mystery and beauty about them, one of which was a little loud.  We went on tours of religious institutions (a temple, a mosque, and a cathedral) which broadened our world views.  We went on various courses to develop our life skills, and had fun while doing so.  We took a journey through the lives and battles of our ancestors in two different museums.  We snorkelled and surfed, climbed and clambered, screeched and sung through the pouring rain, and, of course, drove everyone around us a little loopy with our energy.

Our last tour with our group has come to a close, our last year together is speeding by, these thirty one amazing classmates will part in term three.  As we leave APPS and its pupils and camps behind us, our hearts will be filled with love and fun, and our heads with memories.  ‘…‘Cause you’re there for me too…”
Lola Moultrie

Grade 6 Assembly

For days we had been practising for the Grade 6 play of 2019.  Since Mrs Howden was focusing on LQ (Love Quotient), our play topic was LQ and ‘Everyone has their own story’, which means that you must try to understand what people are going through.  We all prepared by coming up with a skit, rap, song, poem or dance.

I think we all thoroughly enjoyed this experience of learning an important life lesson as well as the fun of coming up with something to perform as a group or grade.  As well as our excellent skits and songs, with help from Miss Borthwick, we sang a powerful song, ‘Unconditionally’ linking to our topic of LQ and ‘Everyone has their own story’.  We thank all the teachers who helped prepare us in the short time available and the girls for their hard work.  We couldn’t have done it without you!
Imogen Preston

Grade 5 Tour

Grade 5K
On 3 April the Grade 5 girls left for camp.  We first went to Adventures with Elephants.  The first elephant we saw played a memory game with us.  The second last elephant we saw sprayed water at us and Chloe got very wet.  Then we got on the bus and we were on our way to Bush Pigs.  When we arrived we first settled into camp Hedgehog and then we went on a hike to the echo location.  At the echo location we wrote a poem that was called ‘On the Rocks.’  The next day we completed the mudstacle course.  We had to slide into a pool of watery mud that was almost like a shower.  Later on we went to Shoprite and bought food to make dinner for ourselves and the facilitators.  Then sadly we had to go home, but we had an awesome trip back to school.  We learnt about team work, helping the environment and how to never give up.
Rebecca Wolstenholme and Layla Alli

We loaded our bags onto the bus and waved goodbye and began our journey.  As we arrived on the elephants turf we were welcomed by the trumpeting animals of the savanna.  The Grade 5 girls learnt an enormous amount of facts about the amazing creatures but sadly we could not stay for long and we returned to our bus to travel to camp.  When we arrived at our destination there were exciting vibes all around us.  The facilitators started by telling us a number of rules to keep us safe.  Then the fun began!  We were divided into four groups with animal names.  We ended the day with star gazing and only got to sleep at 9 o’clock in our dorms with triple decker bunk beds.  Everyone woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  During the day we enjoyed the mudstacle course and cooked our own food for dinner.  We had to go to Shoprite and do our own shopping, remembering to be plastic wise.  After our group made food we sat around the camp fire and sang songs.  The final day came fast and soon we were back on the bus on our way back to school.  We had some disagreements but in the end we learned a lot.  We can’t wait for our next camp.
Clea Ellens and Aziza Carim

Grade 5M
The Mudstacle Course
Muddy, wet, exciting, sandy and super cool are some words to describe the Mudstacle Course.  We started by jumping over some logs, then climbing up some tree stumps, we then went under and over poles.  Next we did tyre jumping, after we climbed up a jungle gym and swung over a sand pit, which was a bit scary but fun.  Then we walked on a see-saw, that I found kind of scary!  Now for the tightrope, a lot of us fell off but we still enjoyed it.  Then we climbed the Great Wall of BushPigs! It was easy!)
Genevieve Rowland and Arya Cernat

Grade 5 Assembly

Grade 5K
Our Grade 5 assembly was the best.  I was in the group that went first and we were so nervous.  Our assembly was on LQ (Love Quotient) and my group did a skit about respecting different religions and cultures.  I liked how all the groups had different ideas and how everyone made their skits funny but still meaningful.  It was hard giving everyone in my group a fair amount of lines so we changed the skit many times.  We had to practice a lot but it was a joy to see how it all came together in the end.  At the end of our assembly we did the song ‘This is Me’ from the movie ‘The Greatest Showman.’  I found our actions very cool and the song was very catchy. I loved doing the Grade 5 assembly.
Maya Ndegwa

Grade 5M
Lights!  Action!  Applause!  We were ready, but of course we were a bit scared (and excited at the same time).  We were all waving to our parents or looking for them.  First everyone had to sing the hymn ‘We Are One In The Spirit’.  All the skits were amazing but passed by so quickly!  Sooner or later we were already singing ‘This Is Me’.  Everyone loved the song because they were singing with us.  It was fantastic.  We all really loved the play.  We can’t wait for our next one!
Bokamoso Swazi and Olivia Salmon

Grade 5 Public Speaking Festival

Grade 5K
On 2 April the Grade 5 girls attended the Mini Public Speaking Festival.  Our adjudicator was a charming, sweet lady.  After saying our speeches she asked us a few questions about the topic on our speeches.  For example, Khumo did her speech on singing and she asked her to sing “Pata Pata”.  Our favourite speech was Bokamoso’s.  She did her speech on her Siswati culture and brought a chicken that was very noisy while people were doing their speeches.  We learnt that when it’s a big celebration they slaughter a chicken or a sheep.  After the Mini Public Speaking Festival we each received a report back.  Everyone did very well.  The adjudicator also gave us feedback on what we could do better.  Overall we loved the Mini Public Speaking Festival, and enjoyed learning new things about each other.
Khumo Thage and Chloe Stewart

I opened my eyes and bam! l was on the stage saying my speech in front of the adjudicator.  She looked at me with a smile and l saw my mom standing next to me holding my dog very tight.  I also saw my dad videoing me, so was my friend Emma.  Then my speech was finished and everyone was clapping their hands.  l felt so good!  I listened to all the other speeches.  My favourite speech was Pippa’s.  Her theme was Greek mythology, it was AMAZING!  At the end of the day we received our marks back and l got A+!  I was so excited l couldn’t believe it.  I even pranked my mom and said l got a C- she was shocked but then l told her l got an A+.  You should have seen her face.  I loved participating in the Public Speaking Festival.
Natasha Fischer

Grade 5M
After weeks of planning, hard work and determination the day had finally come.  We were standing in front of the adjudicator Mrs R Jaff.  We were shaking with adrenaline building up inside us, but then we realised she is lovely lady nothing to worry about.  She was fascinated by the talks.  Some girls brought dogs and even a horse.  We are very fortunate to be able to have these experiences.  It was a fun filled day that we won’t forget.
Emily Gebhardt and Pippa Campbell


Grade 0 News

On Thursday 4 April, we celebrated our grand Grade 0 Grandparents’ Day, which celebrates the importance of relationships across generations.  Grandparents came from far and wide to enjoy a special morning celebration with their granddaughters.  The Grandmas, Nanas, Grannies, Pa’s, Poppies and Granddads celebrated the great privilege they have, which is to love, guide and support their children and their grandchildren.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed showing them around the school and introducing them to their friends and teachers.  Thanks to our amazing music teachers, grandparents were treated to a marvellous singing programme where our learners sang like angels.  It’s unbelievable that in just a term, our Grade 0 girls are able to recite poems and sing songs in all four of our official languages, namely, Sotho, Zulu, English and Afrikaans.  Grandparents were then escorted to the field where they witnessed our fit and flexible Headmistress, Mrs Howden doing cartwheels and other great activities with the Grade 0 girls.

Our parents were amazing as usual and served everyone a nice cup of coffee, tea and some yummy eats.  The grandparents then made their way to the classrooms to see the wonderful work that the girls have been doing with their teachers, Mrs Macleod and Ms Seabi.  There was much laughter all round when our grandparents realised how interesting they look through the eyes of the Grade 0 artists.

It was a day where everyone could witness the beautiful connection and the special relationship between grandparents and their granddaughters.  There is no doubt that it was a very memorable day for all participants.

As the saying goes, ‘A grandparent is a little bit of a parent, a little bit of a teacher and a little bit of a best friend.’
Ms Liziwe Seabi


We welcomed eleven new members to the Chess Club this year and the excitement during practices is clearly evident as the girls vie for positions on the ladder.

The chess team has been ably led this term by Grade 7 girls, Maryam Akhalwaya (Captain) and Rati Furamera (Vice Captain).  Both girls are doing an outstanding job in welcoming teams to the school, giving thank you speeches and assisting with serving the supper.

We were only able to play two of the scheduled matches this term, with the girls winning one and losing one.  However, the highlight was the annual ‘Girls and Guests’ evening.  The girls were joined by 29 guests in challenging matches.  The girls won by a narrow margin of 62 to 56.

The support of the Service Staff and parents, who regularly offer to lift and help with catering, is greatly appreciated.  Many thanks to Mrs Akhalwaya for organising the suppers and the Grade 7 parents for providing the eats at the ‘Girls and Guests’ chess evening.
Miss Gill Seebregts


On 14 February, the APPS swimmers took part in the St Stithians Senior night gala.  The girls swam exceptionally well and finished in 6th place out of ten schools.  It was a very challenging but enjoyable gala and thanks must go to our supporters who encouraged us all the way.  The team spirit was fantastic.

Congratulations to all the swimmers for a good turn out to all swimming sessions and early morning training.  We hope the final league galas will be successful and everyone is looking forward to the Grade 3 to 7 Inter House gala.
Miss Mo Pearson

Grade 7 Assembly Play

Our Motto is ‘Find Your Inner Rainbow’.  Rainbows have played a huge part at APPS for the Grade 7 girls of 2019.  Somehow rainbows have always linked to our lives at APPS.  We were all extremely nervous but we knew that no matter what happened, we were all in it together.  We all got into groups that represented a colour from the rainbow and did a skit about finding our inner rainbow.  This means that we find our passions, talents and our happiness.  We had three very musically talented girls that put together a phenominal medley.  We definitely all fit in together like a rainbow.
Analia Ntombela and Cecilia Petersen – Grade 7