November 23, 2015

The concert through the eyes of our Grade 0 girls:
“I was a giraffe and we were first.  I was the first giraffe.  The play was about South African animals.  I liked it.”
Sabreen Omarjee – Grade 0M

“I was an elephant and I spoke loudly and then I sang and then I sat down.  But I had to keep singing the whole way through!  It was fun!”
Nikkita Sanyika – Grade 0W

“I was a guinea fowl.  I liked saying my words.  I liked all the songs and I liked dressing up.”
Jessica Buxton-Forman – Grade 0M

“I was a scary crocodile.  I loved singing about South Africa.  I liked coming down the stairs and scaring people.  But not really, just pretend.”
Georgia van der Walt – Grade 0W

“I liked being a buzzy bee.  I looked very pretty.  I tried to speak loudly and I loved singing.”
Humaira Ballim – Grade 0W

“We did lots of songs.  I did my words loudly and I was wearing my costume.  My mom and dad came to watch me.”
Lilitha Masinda – Grade 0M

“I was a naughty monkey.  It was nice.  I liked my costume and I sang well.”
Madison Pearce – Grade 0M

“I was a zebra and I spoke very loudly.  We sang a nice song about a zebra man.  I liked the bee song because my sister was a bee.  All the songs were lovely”
Nicola Thomas – Grade 0M

“I liked jumping up and down.  I liked my words and my mom, dad, aunt and brother came to watch.  It was fun.”
Cate Harrison – Grade 0W

“My favourite part was when it was our turn to do the actions.  I liked the monkey song and the frog song.  I spoke loudly and my mom heard every word I said.  She said she was proud of me.”
Uzukhanye Olawale – Grade 0M

November 23, 2015

We have had a wonderful third term and have all enjoyed our final few weeks in Grade 0.  We have been very busy making sure we have earned our lovely long December holiday!

This year our concert was all about the animals we find in South Africa.  We learnt songs and poems about the different animals we find in our beautiful country.  We impressed our audience with how loudly we could say our lines and sing our songs.  We loved dressing up in all the different costumes and the stage was full of all sorts of different animals:  giraffes, elephants, guinea fowls, crocodiles, bees, monkeys, zebras and frogs.  We were superstars and loved showing our talents to our parents, the whole school, the new girls who will be joining APPS next year and some of the nursery schools in the area.

We have been busy reading, counting, drawing and painting and are so excited about the new adventures we will have in 2015.  The Grade 0 teachers are proud of us and all we have learned this year.  We wish our little Flamingos and Penguins a safe flight into their holiday and back to APPS in 2016.
Mrs Mugs Williamson

October 20, 2015

Inter House Sports Day
Sports day raced off at 08:00 on Saturday 14 September.  The Grade 0 girls started with the first event followed by the ‘professional’ Grade 7 dancers from St Andrew, St George and St Patrick.  The dances were very entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

The races were completed speedily and after the final race, the moment that everyone had worked so hard for, arrived – the scores.  St Patrick WON!  The spirit trophy went to St George.  Everyone tried their utmost best and had tremendous fun at the same time.  Thank you to all the girls and staff for the effort and hard work.

Sadly the tennis season is nearly finished and the girls have played hard and worn their soles out!  We took part in many tough matches, winning some and also coming second in a few.  We learnt a lot about court etiquette and to remember to try our best right to the very end because it is not over until the umpire sings!  The tennis championships are still underway.

The Grade 4 and 5 players had a festival on 17 October which took place at St Teresa’s and Roedean.  The morning was very successful and the players felt the experience was very beneficial.  Well done to all who played.

APPS swimming teams have only swam one league gala where the A team won the event.  The B and C team swam at APPS against some boys and girls schools. The swimmers enjoyed the afternoon and are improving their fitness.
Miss Mo Pearson


October 19, 2015

It has been a year of growth for the Chess Club with 12 Grade 4 girls joining the senior group, many of whom challenged the older members of the club and gained positions on the ladder.

The Chess Club has had an exciting term with some wins and some losses.  The girls were delighted with their success against Pridwin, especially as we lost to them in the first term.  They continued to develop their skills throughout the year and this has come to the fore this term.  Mrs Pengelly’s guidance and tutoring is greatly valued.

We thank both the chess captains, Razina Mahomed and Keto Jenkins, who have so ably led the chess team this year and wish them well for their high school years.

The support from the parents who transport the girls and fetch them from the various venues is much appreciated, as is the organising of the suppers by Mrs Mahomed (Terms 1 and 3) and Mrs Jenkins (Term 2).

We are looking forward to a busy remainder of the term with inter house matches and end of year activities.  The dedication and commitment shown throughout the year has been exceptional.  It has been a pleasure to be part of this group and I trust that 2016 will continue in this vein.
Miss G Seebregts

October 19, 2015

The Sound of Children Concert at the Linder Auditorium
I am very happy to write this article, because I love to share my dream with you.  On the 6th of October we went to the Linder Auditorium, and there were other schools.  APPS sat next to The Ridge and we sang quite a few songs with the other schools.  APPS sang a medley from the new ‘Annie’ musical movie.  I felt excited and nervous at the same time, because Rufaro, Sabrina and I started the song as soloists.  It was not easy to start the song in front of the audience, but it became easier as I started singing the song, and I don’t think it will be difficult for me to sing next time.  I would like to do this again, because I love singing.  Zoë Ireland played the drums so well and there was also an orchestra who played with us.  I think the APPS Choir sang very well.
Pheladi Moafuriwa – Grade 4B

Our school, Auckland Park Preparatory School was going to the Linder Auditorium for The Sound of Children concert on 6 October.  I was the drummer for the choir and I was drumming:  ‘Hard Knock Life’ from the movie ‘Annie’ and ‘Smile’ by Sia.  Our practises took up all our breaks, but it was worth it.  When Richard Cock called our name I was ready to burn every bit of energy and do my absolute best.  The drummer who played for the Festival Orchestra had a huge chair so when it was my turn to drum we had to find a small one for me!  I think that our choir was excellent and I had a great time, and we got cupcakes afterwards!
Zoë Ireland – Grade 4G

The Ridge Senior Choir Festival
Frances Schnell, Emma van der Merwe and I had the wonderful opportunity to play a piano trio of ‘Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus’ at The Ridge Choir festival.  It took a lot of practice and focus, as well as having to adapt to all play together, but the performance went well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of accompanying a choir, in front of such a large crowd.  It was also amazing to be the first pupils to ever accompany a choir at the Ridge Choir Festival.  What a great experience!
Georgina Woodin – Grade 7

The Ridge Senior Choir Festival was an absolute blast for me.  Every school contributed to the vibe and energy of the event and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This was the Grade 7’s last year of The Ridge Choir Festival and I am pretty sure we all treasured it immensely.  Playing drums for the choir was truly an honour and I found it very exhilarating.  Everything about the night was fun and exciting.  Each school sang their own rendition of their chosen song and did it very well.  All musicians were excellent and we all had a lot of fun.  This was by far my favourite year to perform at The Ridge Choir Festival.
Sonaly Ambelal – Grade 7

Playing piano at the Ridge Choir evening was a big achievement for all three of us.  We were anxious that we weren’t going to pull it off, but we did in the end with a lot of PRACTICE!!  I was nervous when I sat down at the piano at first but once we started playing the nerves went away.  I was very proud of myself and of Georgie and Frances. We make a good team together but it all wouldn’t have been possible without Miss Gericke.  Playing piano at the Ridge Choir Evening is a feather in our caps.
Emma van der Merwe – Grade 7

October 19, 2015

Wednesday 23 September
Grade 6vR
On 23 September, Auckland Park and Salvazione came together to celebrate Heritage Day.  During assembly we sang ‘The World in Union’, Salvazione danced and sang traditional songs for us.  Amy Leishman and Jordan Dart presented a PowerPoint and said a beautiful poem.

During the assembly the Grade 6’s of APPS prepared for a very busy day.  They set up all the food and drinks.  Then they cut plastic bags for plaiting.  Then all the children came out of the hall to get their chips, fruit and juice.  There were 4 to 5 Grade 6’s at each table.  They handed all the snacks out.

Then both schools started to plait the strips of plastic bags.  All the plaits where going to be made into two big mats.  This exercise was to show us how to recycle.  It was an extremely fun experience and we made lots of new friends with the other children.  Thank you to the Salvazione Grade 6’s for teaching us all your incredibly fun games.

Our lunch was a sausage roll, either vegetarian samoosas or a chicken samoosa and a deliciously sweet koeksister.

We played our final games then went down to the field and said goodbye to our new friends at Salvazione.

Thank you to Salvazione for joining us in celebrating Heritage day.  Thank you to all the teachers who made this event possible.  Thank you to Mama Ndaba for organising this memorable event and everyone cannot wait for the next Heritage Day.
Ruveneko Shava and Kelly Brown

Grade 6M
Heritage Day was a day full of excitement and culture the Salvazioni children had a wonderful time interacting with the APPS girls.  Everyone looked absolutely exquisite in their unique outfits.  This special day started in the hall when we shared some fun dances and had a good time.  Then we went outside and enjoyed our break, it was sunny and clear with lots of entertainment from the other children.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  We then tied plastic bags to make two big matts one for Salvazioni and one for APPS.  We put in a lot of effort and enjoyed doing it.  I was impressed by the final result of all our hard work to make these lovely mats.  We then went to enjoy lunch and ate samoosas, pies and koeksisters – perfect for this Heritage Day.  APPS really enjoyed participating in this remarkable event and all in all, it was a successful day.
Kerry Lawrenson

Heritage Day was a day full of joy with Salvazioni children and APPS girls.  We started with dancers in their unique outfits.  Then we had a small break after the mesmerising dances.  We sat in groups bonding with the Salvazioni children by using plastic bag strips and braided them and we are now going to use them as mats.  One is for Salvazioni and one is for us.  We loved this activity and had great fun.  We served samoosas, sausage rolls and koeksisters for lunch and socialised, getting to know each other much better.  Some of us remembered a few of the Salvazioni children from past years.  Playing on the field was a memorable time with fun games and lots of laughter.  Sadly the day ended and Salvazioni left and in our hearts we all knew that we enjoyed the day and definitely created memories.
Aachal Kalidas

October 19, 2015

Grade 6M
On Saturday 12 September all of the 2015 Grade 6 girls and their fathers came to the school for our annual father daughter camp on the big field.  Sadly, my dad was in another country, so he couldn’t make it.  Chris, Katie’s dad had to adopt me and we had so much fun.  I couldn’t have picked a better father to be with.  We played Volley Ball and Soccer and had such a great, exhilarating, fun afternoon.  The fathers braaied our dinner.  In the middle of the night the sprinklers came on and scared the living daylights out of us.  It was very cold.  For breakfast we had eggs and bacon rolls.  I think that this was a great opportunity for all of us to have some bonding time with our fathers!  I will always remember the 2015 father daughter camp for as long as I live!
Mia Poulter

October 19, 2015

Grade 1M
Dear Ouma and Oupa
I wish you were at my “Toys from long ago show.”  I was a ballerina and my line was “soon a friend for her was found called Raggedy Andy.”  The show was really fun and everybody enjoyed it.  There were Jack-in –the-boxes, stilt walkers, Teddy bears and hoop girls.  After the assembly my mom and dad had tea, coffee and biscuits.  I hope you like my letter.  It was fun writing this letter to you.  I hope you are well.
Lots of love, Tina.
Christina van Zyl

Grade 1S
Dearest Great Granny
On the 9th of October it was our Grade 1 Assembly.  Why weren’t you there?  It was so fun.  There were Teddy Bears, Jack-in-the boxes, jewellery boxes, a hoop and sticks and stilts.
Who were you at home with?  How happy will you be when you get this letter?  When I am happy I mean it and I’m happy that you are getting this letter.  What were you doing?
Love from
Nina Sheridan

Dear Dad
I love you.  I was a Teddy Bear.  There was also Raggedy Anne.  A friend for her called Raggedy Andy was also made.  There were wonderful Jack-in-the boxes.  There were boxes and inside was a ballerina it danced and music played.  There was also a hoop and stick to play with.  There was home made stilts.  They had to balance very well.  I made new friends.
Love From
Riya Bhutt

October 19, 2015

The Grade 0 girls have had a wonderful start to Term 3.  It is hard to believe that the year has flown by so fast and that these little girls will be going to Grade 1 soon.  We are delighted with how they have matured and know that they will do us proud next year.

We started off the term looking at our own country, South Africa and the girls shared our Heritage Day celebrations with Salvazione School.  We plaited plastic bags and enjoyed traditional African food together.  They all looked spectacular in their Heritage clothes and proudly shared stories of their heritage.

We will be “travelling” to different countries around the world for the remainder of the term.  The girls are all able to choose any country to share with us in a presentation.

We had Spring baby animals visiting us and we all enjoyed cuddling baby guinea pigs and feeding the mommy and baby goats.

If you listen very carefully you will hear the most interesting array of songs coming from the music centre and our classrooms!  We are into concert preparations and excitement levels are high.  There are some budding drama queens in Grade 0 and our concert is going to be a treat.

Our Annual Flower Festival was a real celebration of APPS and the creativity and diversity that we have in our school.  Every single girl in the school exceeded all expectations and arranged the most marvellous flowers!  The Grade 0 theme was garden flowers and our girls completed beautiful informal arrangements in tins they had painted themselves.  These were carefully placed onto placemats that the girls had created.  The pride that each little girl showed was so special.

Grade 0 is a happy and vibrant place to be and as teachers, we are always grateful for the privilege of teaching these little people.
Mrs Mugs Williamson

August 7, 2015

Thank you to Pete Raubenheimer and the executive committee for their invaluable assistance linked to the appointment of the Deputy Headmistress for 2016, Mrs Marcelle M’Crystal.  As mentioned in Pete’s letter to the community, she has been at Redhill for the past ten years and we look forward to her joining our ranks.

We recently received the Grade 7 IEB MATCH assessment results and are delighted to inform you that Cara Gouws was in the top 3% for the skills paper and Sonaly Ambelal, Razina Mahomed and Georgie Woodin were in the top 3% for the creative and critical thinking paper.  Overall the girls did exceptionally well and we are extremely proud of them all.  Certificates were awarded at our final assembly.

The Grade 6 girls performed exceptionally well at the Eskom Science Expo held at Wits University last weekend.  We received four bronze (Aachal Kalidas, Maya Kapelus, Katelyn Forbay and Sonia Modi), three silver (Amy Leishman, Mia Poulter and Olive Schonfeldt) and two gold medals (Jordan Dart and Megan Cleminson).  An outstanding achievement.  Well done to all of the girls, Mrs Cottrell, Mrs Macleod and Mrs van Rooyen, who assisted with the judging.  At the expo I was delighted to see a number of old girls in the Senior School section with projects on display.

Since our last communication we have had a variety of activities on the go.  The Fathers vs Daughters Hockey match was a resounding success and much fun was had by all.  The Mandela assembly and blanket making exercise twinned with the visit of 17 teachers from the ‘Education Programme Centre’ was a truly rewarding, sharing opportunity.  Gail Dore visited us and spoke about bullying, having recently launched her book ‘Bully Proof’.  The PA Film Premier, ‘Minions’ was a resounding success and we thank Thenjiwe Nhlapo and her team for an excellent event.  To Nicci Seymour and her team for the amazing Paella and Wine tasting evening which was a social highlight.  The Grade 6 and 7 Hockey Festival in Pretoria was a wonderful weekend with both teams going from strength to strength.  A tremendous learning experience for all.  The Junior, Intermediate and Senior Music Concerts were lively and entertaining and a true celebration of all of the growth of musical talent at APPS.  The Afrikaans assembly celebrated the wonderful use of technology in the classroom with amazing adverts and dialogues from Grade 5, 6 and 7 girls.  The visit from the Johannesburg Ballet in the last week was a highlight for many of the girls.  The parent interviews went well and I am pleased to note that most of the girls are working to their potential and doing wonders.  May this continue next term. The Mini Council have had their Prefects dinner and invited some of the other Grade 7 girls to sample what goes on at Council.

The school play “Mary Poppins” was once again outstanding.  Sincere thanks to the wonderful team responsible for this brilliance.  In particular Mrs Romy Levin, Miss Ally Gericke, Mrs Marion Spanos, Mrs Chrizelle van Rooyen, Mama Ndaba, Mrs Sam Morrison and Mrs Alethea Williams for their amazing work linked to the costumes and make-up.  The girls were so vibrant and up-beat on stage and made one truly proud.  Well done.

Tammy Coetzee is currently in Las Vegas representing South Africa in the Tang so Doo World Championships.  We wish her all of the very best.

Sadly Mrs Jess Gultig will be leaving APPS at the end of the year.  She has been appointed as a Grade 4 teacher at St John’s from 1 January 2016.  As some of you may know she has two sons at St John’s and this move will certainly assist the family.  She has been a loyal, committed, excellent class teacher and Netball coach for the last nine years.  She has also been the staff representative on the school Executive.  She will be sorely missed by us all.

Wishing you all a wonderful August break with plenty of time for family and friends.  Enjoy what you are passionate about, be it reading, going to movies, visiting friends, making discoveries, researching further  or securing hobbies.  ‘Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’ – Harvey MacKay.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Brenda Howden