Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls have had a busy second term learning about autumn, the Olympics, South Africa and Australia.  We were lucky enough to have the Olympic torch in our classroom which inspired us to make our own Olympic flames!  The Flamingo class is Mexico and the Penguin class is Spain for the Olympics.  The Grade 0 girls made key rings for Father’s Day and are looking forward to the Father’s Day braai after half term.
Miss Carrie Strauss – Grade 0S

Grade 6 Tour to Zwartkloof

Hurray, hurray!  The grade sixes are finally on our way to Zwartkloof near Bela-Bela.  There is excitement and commotion as we slowly approach our destination.  On route to Zwartkloof we visited the Cullinan diamond mine.  We participated in many challenging team building activities, for example the archery and the climbing wall.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
Gabriella van Niekerk

Everyone was so excited to finally go on camp, the bus was buzzing with excitement.  On the way we stopped at Cullinan Diamond Mine where we learnt about the mine and the diamonds that were produced there.  We had kind, fun facilitators who made the trip so enjoyable for everyone.  We did many team building exercises like building a waterproof shelter and making an egg parachute.  I think everyone can agree that the giant rock climbing wall and the water slide were the best.  We even had the chance of seeing white lions in person.  I had an amazing camp, it was educational but lots of fun.
Emily Orphanides

Grade 7 Tour

For our tour we went to Natal.  Although we spent the majority of our time in Durban we also visited Dundee on the first day and stayed at The Royal Country Inn for a night.  That same day we went to the Talana Museum, it was very interesting and we all learnt a lot about the battle that took place there.  That night we went back to the museum for a stargazing course.  The next day we went to Rorkes Drift Battlefield and had a very interesting tour.  A lot of us attempted to cross The Buffalo River, and we got 3/4 of the way.  After arriving at Treasure Beach we took an extemporaneous walk to the beach that was an unexpected length.  Through the course of the tour we visited the Sugar Refinery, Sharks Board (where we watched a hammer head dissection), uShaka (which was by far the favourite as we had an opportunity to go on the water slides), the Botanical Gardens, Natal Maritime Museum, and The Moses Mabida Stadium as well as a boat cruise around the harbour.  We all had a great time, but we were all very happy to head home.  We had such an awesome experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
Maya Kapelus


Grade 3 Flute Programme
It was a privilege to learn the flute.  We needed to practice quite a bit to get our sound and notes right.  I really enjoyed it … in fact so much so that I want to continue to learn the flute.  Miss Gericke was a wonderful teacher with lots of patience.  We played three great songs for the concert and I loved the jazzy ‘Happy’ song.
Megan Meddows-Taylor – Grade 3V

I loved learning the flute and want to do it for the rest of the year.  It is very easy to learn!  I think it’s easier than the recorder and violin.  The notes are almost the same as the recorder.   I loved doing the flute with Miss Gericke.  When we played our flutes in the Junior Class Music Concert, I felt really nervous at first but I got into it once we started.  I loved the order of the songs.  My favourite song was ‘Happy’.  I really so badly wanted to laugh out loud while playing, but I just giggled softly.  My mum thinks I am good at playing the flute and this makes me so happy!
Sanaa Hajee – Grade 3

Grade 3 Violin Programme
I have enjoyed the experience of learning the violin because it is fun and relaxing.  It was challenging learning ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’.  I was so excited for the concert:  I thought it was the best concert in the world!  After the concert I felt proud of myself for doing so well.  I also think the violin is a great instrument to teach kids as it is graceful.
Gabriella Zambelis – Grade 3S

Learning the violin is difficult to start with because there are ONLY four strings and we have to play more notes.  If you don’t know how to play the violin properly, it can be squeaky and tough.  Performing on the violin was slightly scary at first.  We played ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Hot Cross Buns’.  I loved learning the violin and I can’t wait to learn the flute.
Imogen Preston – Grade 3V

Grade 2 Recorder Music Programme
When I first saw the recorder, I thought I could not play it.  I like the sounds of the recorder.  The thing that was hard about the recorder was holding the recorder and putting my fingers on the right hole.  I learned the ABCDG and using these letters, I learned ‘In the Jungle’.  What I like about the recorder is the way it makes lovely music.
Lathitha Madikizela – Grade 2S

I found the first part of learning ‘In the Jungle’ quite easy.  When we learnt the second part I found it very tricky!  When I went on stage I felt quite scared but afterwards I felt ok.  Music is so much fun!
Kate Thorburn – Grade 2

The APPS Easter Service
We had to do a play on the importance of Easter and why Christians celebrate Easter.  We had to show in our play that Easter is a time of reconciliation and that God is at the centre of our lives, this is what we portrayed in our Easter service.  After many auditions and call backs, I was excited and proud of myself when I was chosen for the lead role; I played Jesus and had a lot of words to learn!  The costumes were provided by the school and made us feel more in touch with our characters.  We had practiced in every one of our Music lessons and in our Drama lessons.  My friends and I even practiced at break, but, when the day came, I was nervous and afraid that I might forget my lines and fail to meet my teachers’ expectations.  We walked into the hall, singing in harmonies and looking confident and with smiles on our faces.  When it was time to perform, I knew my hard work would pay off.  One of the statements made in the play was:  “Easter is NOT about chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs”.  I heard this statement in my head a few times whilst carrying the cross, which helped me understand and realise the hardship our GOD went through for us.  Thank you Miss Gericke and Mrs Levin who made it possible, I’m sure the Easter Service didn’t only open my eyes, but also, the eyes of others too.
Jordan Dart – Grade 7

Over my years at APPS, the Easter Service has always been something that I have looked forward to putting together in Grade 7.  Finally, this year, it was our turn.  I felt very excited about auditioning for the parts and I was delighted to be chosen to act the part of John the Baptist.  Our rehearsal time was limited but thankfully everyone learnt their words and knew what they had to do.  The service went very smoothly and we all enjoyed re-enacting the story and the true meaning behind Easter.  The hymns and songs were powerful and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the drums for the Grade 3 and 4 hymn.  Overall, the morning was enjoyed by everyone and all of the parents gave us such positive feedback and made us feel proud of our efforts.
Amy Leishman – Grade 7

Grade 5 Mini Public Speaking Festival

Grade 5K:
On 29 March all the Grade 5’s entered the hall to do their speeches that they had been preparing for all term, for the visiting adjudicator, Marcelle Pincus.  It was quite scary standing in front of all the Grade 5’s and their parents.

The speeches varied from topics about the Amazon rainforest and its beautiful animals, to Italy and its whereabouts.  We were taken on a magical journey to all over the world, even to America with its Democrats and its Republicans.

The whole of the grade passed with an A, A+ or A++.  It was amazing!  We all did well and achieved highly.  Marcelle Pincus gave us feedback.  She told us to use expression and also to grab and hold the attention of the audience.  She also told us to focus on the speed and pace when we speak.  She told us about the time when she met Oprah Winfrey.  It sounded amazing.

I felt excited, scared and nervous.  In my practice speech Mrs Levin said that I needed more expression.  I wanted to get a really good mark and all my hard work paid off because I did.  I also really appreciated that Marcelle Pincus gave up her time to adjudicate us.  I would love to do it again.
Chloe Taylor-Smith

At the beginning of the first term our drama teacher, Mrs Levin told us some very exciting news.  The Grade 5’s would be doing a Mini Public Speaking Festival on Tuesday 29 March.  Everyone was so happy.

We each had to prepare a three to five minute speech on any topic that we were interested in.  Mrs Levin gave each of us a letter that had all the information about the competition.  She also said that we must only think of a topic and mustn’t start writing our speech yet.

I had to think about my topic a little bit.  But, I soon knew what to do.  I was going to do it on Sally Williams nougat because my Gaga is Sally Williams.  In the next lesson we told Mrs Levin our topics and she made sure that no one had the same topic.  She then told us we could start writing our speech and that we would be doing our speech three times.  First we would just read the speech, then we would read our speech but also use our visual aids, and the third time we could use cue cards and our visual aids.

When I was writing my speech I thought very hard about it.  I got all my information from my granny.  I was very interested in the history of the company.  For my visual aids I had a poster, a small booklet with nougat recipes and I played a song about Sally Williams nougat.

Everyone worked very hard on their speeches.  On the day we were all bubbling with excitement.  My granny came to watch my speech and it was so special to have her there.  An adjudicator called Marcelle Pincus came to mark us.  When it was my turn I was nervous and excited, but I really enjoyed doing my speech.

At the end of the day the adjudicator gave us positive feedback.  She said that we need to grab people’s attention and make eye contact.  The whole grade got A’s or above which is very good. I got an A+.  I was very happy with my mark and so was my family.  I loved doing my speech and I would definitely do it again.
Berlynn Williams

Grade 5M:
The Mini Public Speaking Festival was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened. I was so anxious before I said my speech:  I felt like my stomach was tied in a knot!

My speech was on the Amazon Rainforest, which is one of my favourite places!

I was worried that I didn’t have enough expression when I spoke, but luckily the adjudicator said I did have enough!

At the end of the festival the adjudicator told us that no one got less than an A, and that the highest was an A++.  She also told us that one person even got 100%.  I thought it would be someone else who I thought did really well, but it turned out it was ME!
Chloe Wagner

Grade 5 Assembly

Grade 5K:
On 4 March the Grade 5’s had an assembly about thinking before you speak.  Each letter in the word ‘THINK’ stood for something that we should try to remember before we speak.

T- is it true?
H- is it helpful?
I – is it inspiring?
N – is it necessary?
K – is it kind?

The whole school as well as many parents watched our assembly.  Each class was split into groups and each group was asked to act out a skit or to be a narrator.

We used well known pop songs to get the message through.  The songs we used were ‘Your Lips are Moving’ by Meghan Trainor, ‘Help’ by The Beatles, ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen, and ‘Drag me Down’ by One Direction.  It was fun to learn these songs.  I was lucky enough to sing a solo. It was quite scary singing in front of the whole school.

At the end of our play we played a YouTube clip from the Kid President about ‘20 things we should say more often’.  He is so cute and reminded us to say kind things to people like ‘you’re so cool, I named my dog after you.’  We ended the assembly by singing our own version of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’.

All the Grade 5’s enjoyed doing the assembly and everyone thought it was funny.
Thandolwethu Maphumulo

On Friday 4 March, the Grade 5 girls did their assembly play based on teaching us to ‘Think Before We Speak’.  When we first found out about our assembly everyone was very excited to get started.

The whole school watched the assembly.  Some girls did skits, some people narrated the play and Pheladi and I read the prayer.  We based our play on the word ‘THINK’.

T- is it true?
H- is it helpful?
I – is it inspiring?
N – is it necessary?
K – is it kind?

We used well known pop songs like ‘Your Lips are Moving’ by Meghan Trainor, ‘Help’ by The Beatles, ‘We are the Champions’ by Queen, ‘Drag me down’ by One Direction and ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift.

We also showed everyone a YouTube clip by the Kid President about 20 things we should say more often.

We all really enjoyed doing the play. My favourite skit was the ‘Inspiring’ skit because it was very funny and it taught me to say inspiriting things to my friends. We hope everyone got the message to think before you speak. We hope they will remember our skits before they speak. If anybody says something rude to you, just ‘Shake it off’.
Kate Titterton

Grade 5M:
THINK before you SPEAK

The Grade 5 assembly was excellent!  While there were a few stumbles along the way, the assembly itself was fantastic!

Our assembly was about THINKING before we SPEAK, and even before we act.  We used groups to act out each message.

We all learned that before we speak, we need to make sure that what we are saying is True, Helpful, Inspiring Necessary and Kind!

We must all learn to respect each other because we would like to be respected too!
Tamsin Theron


The tennis teams this term have had mixed results.  All players have given their best on the courts and the spirit has run high in some really closely contested matches.
The result of the league was very pleasing with APPS being placed in the top six schools.  Congratulations to all tennis players.
A huge thank you to Debbie Fitzgibbon who has helped with the coaching of the junior tennis players and to the mums for lifting and help all the time.

Swimming at APPS has been outstanding this season.  Having three teams in the league is outstanding and has given more girls the chance to represent APPS and to enjoy being part of the swimming team.
The early morning training has benefitted some girls.  Most girls in the team have improved their times and have worked hard to keep the standard up.  The coaches are very proud of the continuous hard work and dedication from all who participate.
League results have been good with the ‘A’ team gaining sixth place in the Prestige gala.  The season is over and we look forward to the third term.
The Inter House gala was a ROARING success and was HOTLY contested!  The morning started with the Grade 7 girls doing fabulous dances. The spirit among the parents was incredible and the atmosphere electric. We had moms and ‘aboomalacka’ dads keeping the spirit going!  Although the format of the gala was different, the championship races were fast and furious with the swimmers giving their very best! Some of the younger swimmers even accomplished goals they thought they would never achieve.  We were all so proud of them! It was an exciting day and much enjoyment was had by all.  Congratulations to our top swimmers who all won deserved trophies:  Margaux Kemp, Romy Day, Ruby Vos, Niamh Craker and Francesca Genovese.

The results were as follows:
3rd place – St George
2nd place – St Patrick
1st place – St Andrew

Spirit Cup – St Patrick

Thank you to Miss Pearson, Mrs Dane, Miss Hartmann and Miss Knight for their precious time, and all the parents for their continuous support with lifting.

Interim Hockey and Netball
Hockey and Netball practices have started and all the girls will be working on their skills and fitness before the winter season kicks off.
Everyone is looking forward to the winter sports.
Miss Mo Pearson


The Chess Club welcomed many new members this year.  We now have 33 girls who regularly come to practice each Monday.  As it has been a shorter term with many public holidays, our league fixtures were curtailed and the Team played three matches against St John’s ‘A’, St Benedict’s and Pridwin.  The girls lost two matches and won one.

The highlight of the term was our Dads and Daughters match, which saw 33 dads and 35 daughters playing a two match competition.  The dads were handicapped in the second round.  The score was incredibly close with the dads winning by two points.  The refreshments for all the home matches were kindly supplied by Mr and Mrs Modi and were enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Sonia Modi (Captain) and Neko Shava (Vice-Captain) for all their support and encouragement of the team players, to Mrs Pengelly for faithfully coaching the girls each week, to the parents for lifting and to Mrs Modi for organising the suppers.
Miss Gill Seebregts

Congratulations to Sonia Modi in Grade 7:
In January this year I defended my title in the ladies section of the Airficiency Chess Tournament hosted by the Botswana Chess Federation in Gaborone.

I participated in the Zone 4.3 African Individual Chess Championships at the end of April hosted in Mauritius.  The top 10 rated male and female players from the various Southern African countries were invited to represent their countries.  It was a very prestigious international tournament and I played in the women’s section.  We played nine rounds of chess.  I came out 5th and was very pleased with my performance considering I was the only junior participant.  I was very privileged to have interacted with many strong top players from other countries.

Recently I’ve been invited to attend a two day advanced chess training course by international master, Watu Kobese at the Elite School of Chess in Cape Town at the end of June.  While in Cape Town and during my half term break I will be participating in the SA Open Chess Championships to be hosted at the University of Western Cape.

I have also been selected to represent SA at the 2016 World U16 Olympiad (in Slovakia, July), Commonwealth Chess Championships (in Sri Lanka, December) and the African Youth Chess Championships (in Port Elizabeth, August).

I’m hoping to represent SA at the African Women’s Chess Championships to be hosted in Botswana in December
Sonia Modi


isiZulu Fireside Tales

Grade 6:
Clap, Slap, Jump and Jive!  The isiZulu Fireside Tales have come!  They began with the Grade 5 girls doing their traditional dances.  APPS Grade 5 girls created their own outfits with materials provided by their incredible isiZulu teacher, Mama Ndaba.  The Bollywood and Afrikaans dances were entertaining and the Grade 6 girls realised how far technology has come with the lights and backing tracks.  The Fireside Tales gave all of the APPS girls who came from the exhausting galas a great night.  All in all, it was a successful night and we can’t wait for next year.
Kate Dixon, Tayyeba Peer, Ayanda Malala and Gabriella van Niekerk

JEFA (Junior Engineers for Africa) Workshop

Grade 3S:
The four days that I was at the JEFA Workshop I had so much fun.  And these are some of the things we built:  cars, rockets, aeroplanes, fans and spinning tops.  I also loved being partners with Kate Leishman.  I also love building with the Lego.  I would love to do it again.
Sarah Shakerley

I thought the JEFA workshop was so amazing.  We had to build bridges, cars, fans and helicopters out of Lego.  We got in partners and one person would look at the model and the other would build.  If you needed help someone would help you.  I loved it so so so much.  When you build in partners there are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  If you ever do it have fun.
Kate Porter

Last week we did the JEFA workshop it was very very fun and interesting.  We learnt all about planning, checking and building.  I would definitely definitely go again.  I know how sound, spinning and a lot more works now.  I think we should do it again.  We had an amazing time.
Sophie Allan


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