Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls have had a wonderfully busy term.  Their concert was a huge success and they all spoke so beautifully.  They enjoyed every minute on stage.  They sang and danced so well, but most importantly, they had fun.  The message was clear:  We are Bucket Fillers!  We are kind, compassionate, respectful APPS girls!  We are so proud of our Grade 0 girls and their amazing performance.
Mrs Carrie Barker

Grade 7 Poetry Evening

This was a magical night,
filled with poetry under the starlight.
All Grade sevens played their part
while performing their talent and art.
Dressed in black, every individual was noticed.
APPS was recognised in a whole new perspective!

Poems about our great oak
and the growth of each girl.
Our Lighthouse shone like never before,
as our parents and families were there to support.
Picnics with the sunset
with wide eyes and open hearts.

Mrs Howden ended off the evening
with a beautiful poem
about every girls meaning.

This gathering of the 2018 Grade Sevens and their loved ones,
truly completed a chapter,
but still the Lighthouse shines
in each ones heart.
Tatum Small


The Chess team played three matches this term against De Le Salle, St John’s and St Benedict’s.  The matches were challenging and the girls played well, holding their own.  We won one match and lost two.

Inter House Chess was well supported, with much fierce competition between St George’s , St Andrew’s and St Patrick’s.  St Andrew’s were the overall winners with 45 points.  St George and St Patrick came second and third, respectively.

The Chess Club said goodbye to many long standing members as the girls leave APPS for senior school.  The contribution the Grade 7 girls have made to the club and team over the past four years is greatly valued and they will be sorely missed.

To Mrs Pengelly for coaching the team, the parents who have offered lifts over the year and the Chess Captains’ mothers who have organised the chess suppers, a BIG THANK YOU.   Your support is greatly appreciated.
Miss Gill Seebregts

Grade 2 Outing to the Sweet Factory

Grade 2S
It was the best ever!  I had such a fun time at the sweet factory.  We tasted some really good sweets.  Some of the machines were so cool.  Cartoon Candy is the best sweet factory I have been to in my life and of course….I LOVE sweets.
Isla Price

On Thursday I went to the sweet factory.  I learnt that it is not just machines that make the sweets, they are also handmade.  It stunk like mad.  I got a big packet of sweets at the end.
Kristen Hannie

Grade 2L
We the Grade 2 class of 2018 went to Cartoon Candy, as an outing.  We got to taste a lot of sweets, for example wineguns, suckers and plenty more.  I think that was my best outing yet.  I can’t wait for my next outing.
Alexis James

We went to Cartoon Candy as our outing this year.  We had to wear hair nets.  When we went into the factory we saw a lot of boxes.  We tried all of the candy.  The first room we went to was the cold room.  In the cold, we saw how they make Gummy. Cartoon Candy was amazing.
Saoirse Behan

Grade 1 to 3 Play – When Sasha Got Swept Up the Chimney

Grade 3V
When Comet got swept up the chimney
Mrs Levin gave us our wonderful parts.  I was Comet!  Comet was an amazing reindeer.  I thought I was going to be an elf, but a reindeer is so much nicer!  Astrid made out costumes.  Our costumes were amazing:  we wore a leotard, a towel as well as reindeer horns.

My favourite line was, ‘Oh, what a surprise!’ While I was backstage, I tripped and fell.  Luckily my eyeliner hadn’t smudged off.

My favourite part in the play was the ending.  We sang, ‘You’ve got to believe in Christmas!’
Mahdiyya Laher

When Elf D was swept up the chimney
I loved my part.  I was Elf D.  I really loved playing the part of an elf.  I thought I looked fabulous in my costume.  The elf costumes were so cleverly made and it looked stunning with the makeup.

My best moment of the play was the elf workshop scene where I spoke the most.  My funniest part was elf school where all the elves copy the teacher.  To be honest, I didn’t have a favourite part in the whole play but one of my best parts was the tooth fairy’s solo with the music and everything.

The comments I got from parents were ‘you were excellent’, ‘you spoke so loud’, ‘you were amazing on the stage today’ and things like that.  The younger grades didn’t really comment but the older grades said very well done to all of us.
Nicola Thomas

When the Tooth Fairy got swept up the chimney
I really wanted the Tooth Fairy part so when I got the part I was so happy!

On the day of dress rehearsal, I didn’t look enough like a biker so they had to change it.  In the end I looked pretty good.  My scariest moment was singing my solo.  I was shaking the whole time.  It was so scary.  My best moment was also the solo because it was such fun!  I felt like a rock star.

I loved most parts of the play so it was hard to choose but I loved playing percussion bells.  The other grades were saying ‘Well done!’ and other lovely stuff like that and a Grade 0 girl gave me a picture.  It was so cute and sweet!
Madison Pearce

Grade 3K
When Mrs Levin gave us the audition papers we were all so excited.  We had been the background singers for the past two years and we were delighted to find out what the play was.  I auditioned for quite a few parts but stayed clear, very clear of Santa and Mrs Clause.  But somehow I ended up as (wait for it, wait for it) Santa!  After that believe you me I was not at all happy.  In fact far from it.  But you know what they say, just grin and bear it.  There was only one thing and that was the costumes, the only thing I could not stand.  The costume first consisted of blue jeans, a coat, a wig and a cowboy hat.  That is up until the day before the dress rehearsal when I first showed Mrs Levin.  After that thank heavens, red pants, a white t-shirt and braces were added to my costume, along with glasses, a beard and a Father Christmas hat to replace the cowboy one.

My favourite part of the play was definitely my first solo.  I don’t know why I got two.  It wasn’t very fair because there were people who didn’t even have one!  (Oh and if you’re wondering singing solo is what I mean).  In my solo I sang, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me,’ while Pippa played the clarinet and Uzu played the drums.  It was terrifying but also really fun!  My worst line was probably, ‘That’s right and after all I’ve got you Gerty.’  I really hated that.  My best line though was when I told the tooth fairy that he had to clean the North Pole.  I said, ‘You have been very naughty fairies.  I hereby strip you of your title and demote you to the North Pole cleaners.’

The first night was really fun.  I wasn’t scared because we had been over the play so many times.  On Wednesday morning Miss Borthwick, unlike on Monday night, said that I needed to focus on singing to the front while Mrs Levin told me to S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N.  After this you can imagine I was extremely nervous.

Now I am going to tell you in full about Wednesday night, and action!  On Wednesday night I got out of the car and saw Nikiwe and Zotha, Ms Khosa’s children.  When I got to the music room I went in and started to change into my costume.  Not many people had arrived yet but soon there was a buzz of excitement as more people arrived with games and sometimes what looked like entire beds, all cushions and blankets.  Once nearly everyone was present and the carpet was dotted with little groups of chattering girls, I went off to join in the games.  While I played, Nikiwe sat on my lap and played as well or ate her dinner and once Ms Khosa even asked me to get Nikiwe some water.  When I got back I was told to go backstage not in the wings but outside the door of the hall leading into the Music Garden.  I think I went backstage too early because we were still in the reindeer stables, but time passes quickly and sooner than I thought, it was my turn.  I took a deep breath in and started to sing.  All went well in my scene.  The only part that changed was the map fell out of my hands, but that was fine.  After my scene it was back to the music room for laughter and fun and games, but soon after that much to my surprise, I was called backstage again and guess what?  I found we were still in the scene ‘Elf School.’  So I sat on the window ledge for ages, first with Maddie and then with Jude.  At last it was my turn, at least nearly my turn.  I stood in the front wing waiting for my cue.  So I was in all the scenes from there, all the way to the end.  I was kept quite busy.  At last, the music started to play and I almost forgot about the solos, but luckily I remembered.  First Pippa sang then Layla and me at last.  It was amazing to be part of the play and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to act in it.
Rachel Moultrie

We started off with auditions for the play!  When all the auditions were over, I was so excited to find out what I was.  Suddenly Mrs Levin said it was time to tell us our parts!  She said Jess is Elf S.  I was extremely excited!  That day I went home and practised my words for the rest of the day.  I was so crazy about the play.  That was such a long time ago and when we only had one more concert to do, it was so sad!  How about we talk about the costumes.  My costume was green and red with gold sparkles with ‘s’.  It was so beautiful and we had a hat with green sparkles and shoes with bells on the tips.  We wore stockings with white and red stripes and they were so comfortable.  The sad thing was there was no ‘L’ in the section of the elves!  My lines were, ‘You should have put me in charge of the manufacturing.  I’m the only elf with any experience around here!’  Then I had to do a rap which was, ‘I’d like to stay but I have to go. I’m needed on stage for a one man show!’  And I had to act like Elvis Presley and I said, ‘Thank you, thank you very much.’  So those were my lines, they were amazing!

There were fourteen elves and thirty nine characters in the play!  It was scary doing a rap but on the last night, it was not too bad at least!  It was lots and lots of fun doing a rap and acting like Elvis Presley, it really was!  When I was getting dressed, it started to rain.  We all shouted, ‘YAY it is raining.’  The play was the best play ever.  After the evening shows, we all had a piece of pizza and a juice.  One time Georgia brought cupcakes and the next time Annabelle brought biscuits.  They were DELICIOUS!  I loved the play.
Jessica Buxton-Forman


The Junior Primary Gala took place on a cool, cloudy day.  APPS A and B Teams competed and it was a wonderful experience for all.  The A Team came fifth and the B Team came eighth.  The Grade 1, 2 and 3 girls swam very well and thoroughly enjoyed the gala.

Thank you to all the parents who were very supportive.

Well done, to all the swimmers for doing their best, not only at the gala but throughout the season.  Thank you so much to Miss Pearson, Mrs Dane and Miss Hartmann for coaching and for their great support to all the teams.  We wish everything of the best to the Grade 7 swimmers and to the APPS teams going forward.  Train hard for 2019.
Miss Mo Pearson

The A and B team were scheduled to play six fixtures this term.  Two were unfortunately rained out, but we were able to play four matches and we played those in the best APPS spirit:  we won some tight matches and also lost some.  All in all, I can say that we had some brilliant matches and rose to the task admirably.  Well done, to all the team girls.

Our junior tennis squad has had some excellent practices and we think the girls will be ready to step up and play in the team next year when our Grade 7 girls have moved on.  We wish the Grade 7 girls a great start in their respective high schools.

We spent a fun filled afternoon with some of our Grade 2 and 3 girls at the St Mary’s tennis festival.  The girls played with girls from other schools and were exposed to some early tennis experiences.

We have completed our tennis championships and the results are:  Senior Doubles Champions for 2018 are Megan Porter and Zainab Ballim; Junior Champion for 2018 is Maya Ndegwa and Kate Thorburn is the runner up.  The Senior Champion for 2018 is Megan Porter and Jessie Orphanides is the runner up.

Well played to all the APPS 2018 tennis girls.  Keep on playing.

Yours in Tennis.
Miss Dot Hartmann


Junior Music Concert
Mrs Wessels is an amazing piano teacher.  When we chose the song for the concert I was so excited.  I played the song every day.  From the middle of term I have been practising.  I was really proud of myself when I played the piano so well.  I really enjoyed playing ‘Dance of the Two Seahorses’.  I liked learning how to play the song.  Thank you Mrs Wessels for helping me play the song.
Thandwa Ntombela – Grade 2S

Intermediate Music Concert
My experience of preparing for and managing the Intermediate Instrumental Concert.
There were two singing groups and we each sang separate songs.  In my group I was with Mia Ferrara, Kesiah Irvin and Bokamoso Swazi.  We sang ‘Titanium’ by Sia. Kesiah was the one who suggested the song.  We had to practice every break for about a week so that we each learnt our own parts.  On the day I was nervous.  We had to wait to the very end of the concert as we were the last people to perform.  I was shaking quite a lot but managed to sing.  Everybody seemed to enjoy our singing.
Cara Hirschson – Grade 4B

Senior Music Concert
It was a cool, crispy spring morning and the school was buzzing with activity.  The sounds of guitars, drums, pianos and violins reverberated and echoed through the dimly lit hallways of the school filling the hearts of everyone with pure delight.  The instruments on display paraded with an equal wonder yet their differences were significantly varied, with some bright brass and others carefully carved out of wood with tightly woven string.  Every performer stepped forward with their musical composition.  Each performance conveyed a different meaning and each note that was struck revealed a unique story.  And then there were the mesmerising voices which are instruments of wonder in themselves.  The girls who sang projected their voices and the beauty and power of words and sounds came together in an elegant symphony.  The musical performances evoked a myriad of emotions to the audience.  This music concert experience taught me the importance of the joy of understanding the power in making music and the delight of sharing it with others.  In my individual performance I weaved together a collection of notes through my voice and this singing experience will be etched in my memory forever.  I would like to extend my gratitude to my inspirational voice teacher, Miss Gericke for gifting me with the opportunity to strive for the love of music.
Maryam Akhalwaya- Grade 6

APPS Soirée Evening
On Friday 2 November, we had our annual soirée.  Each year the soirée is filled with talented musicians that put their all into their pieces.  We had a brilliant performance from the APPS orchestra at the beginning of the night.  We had an array of instruments and the girls participating ranged from Grade 4 to 7.  The showcase ran smoothly thanks to the help of our two backstage managers.

Obviously, all the performers had the help of their music teachers who put in many afternoons to help their students.  Miss Gericke and Miss Borthwick organised everything and all the girls who participated thank them for giving them a chance to showcase their amazing talent.  The night was a huge success and we look forward to next year’s soirée.
Rufaro Shava – Grade 7

When I found out I was going to be in the soirée, my heart jumped.  Although it was a small part I was still so excited.  It was my very first time going to the soirée ever and my first time to actually be on stage and see the performances from a very close perspective.  I was responsible for setting up the microphones and making sure that everyone was ready.

I was mesmerised by how good everyone was.  Even though the tech crew was busy and some of the performers were nervous, we all had loads of fun.  It was truly the best of the best musicians at APPS.  A night to never forget.
Ratidzo Furamera – Grade 6M

The APPS Soirée was an extreme success.  All the performers played exceptionally well and really showed the true talent  of APPS.  Organising and managing the soirée was a great experience.  Playing drums in the soirée, for me, was really exciting.  I didn’t expect to get so much applause or congratulations afterwards!  There was loads of variety from the orchestra to piano players to flutes, singing violins and saxophones.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the girls should be proud of their performances.
Berlynn Williams – Grade 7

Grade 4 Tour – Konka

Grade 4G
Monday I came to school and lined up for assembly.  I was so excited as it was the day of my first camp!

We packed our bags on the bus.  My parents gave me millions of hugs and kisses, ’Stay safe!  Go  well!  Enjoy!  See you on Wednesday!  Bluetooth hugs and kisses!’  ‘Bye Mom, Bye Dad!’  I told my parents and went off to Maropeng.  It took a while to get there.  On the bus I ate my snacks.  I sat with one of my friends on the bus, her name is Nina.  Eventually we arrived at Maropeng (the cradle of human kind.)  I was fascinated when I saw the caves.

 I saw the stalactites and stalagmites. Later we got on the bus and zoooooomed of to Sterkfontein. I really enjoyed the boat ride, the vortex and more caves. When we arrived at Konka  camp we met our four facilitators: Bloom, Alice,  Jellybean and Lava Lope (well that’s what we call him.)

Each day was filled with fun activities like Cops and Robbers, Get Marbly Home, Save the Patient and many, many more.  We did kayaking and zip lining.

The funny part was when we did the banana and some tounge twit.  I enjoyed braaing marshmallows and playing djembe drums.  My favorite activity was the mudstacle course.  I loved getting dirty and the obstacles were a bit challenging.

I enjoyed the Konka camp so much but was super happy to come back home.

I was tired and happy I cannot wait for my next camp!
Riya Bhutt

‘Bye Mom!’ I shouted before waving goodbye.  At that moment I felt very sad.  I turned to see my best friend Courtney.  The trip felt long.  When we reached Maropeng I was happy because I love it there.  We went through the caves and it was lovely.  After a short bus trip and a lunch we found ourselves on a boat.  Miss Dane, Courtney, and I were laughing our heads off hearing every one scream!  Finally we were at camp and we met Jellybean, Bloom, and Alice.  They were amazing.  We did a few activities and I loved them!  We went to our dorm to gather our stuff and we went off to have dinner.  After we had a night hike, we saw lions and impala.  We then went to have a refreshing shower.  I’m sure you could smell me from a mile away!  And then we had a great sleep.

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast and played netball.  We did fun games like the hexachallenge, jail break, the bridge and they were awesome.  The hexachallange was hard, I couldn’t swing on the chains but I found them easy at the end.  When we did the bridge I found it was good fun but also taught us to listen to each other.  My group (Gurabi Gold Swans) got a time of 12mins 46sec and we did very well.  We then did jail break and my group had great team work.  After that, we had a long break and then did kayaking.  My partner was Erin and she was very good at it.  After everyone had a turn we did zip lining.  The zip line was very high and we zip lined over the lake.  The lunch was amazing, they did a great job with it.  After lunch we got dressed and went to do the mudstacle course.  I loved it but the only problem was you got mud in your ears and when it dried it was hard to get out.

When we finished we showered and had dinner, not knowing what was waiting for us!  We then sat down by ourselves and thought about what we are lucky to have.  After that we went and sat around a bonfire and did a tongue twister and braaied marshmallows!  They were delicious.  ‘Goodnight’ everyone said and went to sleep.  The next morning we did a few activities and got a packed lunch.

When we got to school we were welcomed back by our parents.  Camp was a great experience and I loved it there!
Maya Ndegwa

Grade 4B
I was happy but sad to go home after all this fun.  Now that I think about it I am stronger, more grown up, my teamwork is better and I’ve got new friends.  I had lots of fun and a spectacular time!
Rosa Heatlie

Exciting, fun, cool, crazy, hot and sad, these are just some words that describe our tour.  From the time our teachers first told us we were going on camp to the time they finally told us we were going to Konka, we were all so excited!  When our stay at Konka was over we got on the bus with our bags and mixed emotions.  We were all sad because we had to leave Konka but happy that we would see our families again.  Some of the things I’ve learned is to have fun, to look at the bright side, to try, and not to overthink things.  The most important lesson I’ve learned is that you won’t know if you like something unless you try it.
Aziza Carrim

The camp was a blast!  I learnt that we shouldn’t be scared to tell people our ideas and that you should listen.  I also learnt that you can mix ideas and let everyone have a chance to talk.
Khumo Thage


Inter House Sports Day
Sports day raced off at 08:00 on Saturday 29 September 2018.  The Grade 0 girls started with the first event followed by the ‘professional’ Grade 7 dancers from St Andrew, St George and St Patrick.  The dances were very entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

The races and circular relays were completed speedily and after the final race, the moment that everyone had worked so hard for, arrived – the scores.  St Patrick WON!  The spirit trophy went to St Andrew.  Everyone tried their utmost best and had tremendous fun at the same time.  Thank you to all the girls and staff for their effort and hard work.
Miss Mo Pearson

Grade 5 Robotics Workshop

Grade 5K
Two amazing people, named Mike and Laura, worked with us every Monday in September using a robot that we had to code named Sphero.  Sphero is a bot that can change colour, glow and has an option to ‘free drive’ where the app simply named ‘Sphero’ gives you a virtual joy stick to move it whichever direction you want.  The other option of movement with Sphero is coding him.  With this, you can incorporate angles and speeds up to 6kmph.  We used Sphero to identify the different states of matter by putting him in paint, throwing him into different sized boxes and letting him run randomly.  This showed us what atoms look like.  We also made mazes for other groups to try out by coding angles and how many seconds Sphero must run.  On the last day we got to paint pictures.  However, it must have included the sentence ‘APPS Gems Club.’  Ending our Sphero programming course was upsetting because we all enjoyed working with Sphero very much.
Robyn Dixon