Grade 0 News

We only have about five weeks left of your child’s year in Grade 0 and this has been a very busy and exciting term.  On Saturday, 27 September, The Penguins and Flamingoes participated in their very first Sports Day.  It was so amazing to see all of them running their very best and cheering for each other.  That’s what the APPS spirit is all about!

Our beloved school turned 98 years old on Friday 5 October and we celebrated this with a Flower Festival and Open Day.  All our girls were encouraged to pick flowers from their own gardens.  In keeping with our Eco drive, they collected and decorated their very own tin and turned it into a beautiful vase.  They had so much fun arranging their flowers and then went touring the school to see  arrangements made by other grades.  They were all magnificent.

We had something extremely ‘egg-citing’ happening for The Penguin and Flamingo classrooms in the past weeks.  We saw the arrival of 23 numbered eggs in an incubator from Wild and Earthly into Mrs Macleod’s Classroom.  This was to tie in perfectly with our theme ‘Animals that Hatch from the Eggs’, which the girls had to do their presentation on this term.

Over the course of four days, the girls were able to observe real chicken eggs in the incubator with their hands behind their back.  They tiptoed around the classroom and used their quietest voices.  They enthusiastically guessed the egg numbers which they thought would hatch first.  On day two, we started to see little tiny cracks in the shell, where the chick had used its little egg tooth, to break the shell.  The chick continued to peck its way through the shell, in a straight line.  Then it pushed against the shell so it broke in half and the chick came out.  It really was an exciting process to watch!  The first egg to hatch was number seven, and out came a very sleepy chick.  Unfortunately, none of the girls’ guesses were correct.  When Lisa arrived on day four, in addition to the girls observing the chicks in their incubator, they were also able to hold them.  We could see the joy, love and care just by watching their faces as they held the chicks!  What an amazing experience!  Lisa collected the eggs and seven chicks that had hatched and took them back to the farm.  Watching the chicks hatch was a really meaningful and fun learning process for both teachers and girls.

Finally, the girls are busy practising songs and learning their lines for their Grade 0 end of year concert.  This is the highlight of the year, and promises to blow your socks off!
Ms Liziwe Seabi


We have continued to use the UJ tennis courts as our ‘home base’ and it has been a good move.  We have access to five courts that are close, safe and well maintained.

This term we played against St Mary’s and Roedean.  We had one fun squad afternoon with St Katharine’s at the Country Club.  It is not a competitive inter schools tennis term as such, so we have had plenty of time for overall game improvements.  This has definitely paid off, as the girls have raised their level of both singles and doubles playing.

We are now in the process of playing our championship matches.  We play in two sections:  the juniors play up to Grade 5 and the seniors play between the Grade 6 and 7 girls.  So far, we have played a Round Robin to finalise the seeding for the knock out phase of our play.  We have started the knock out and will also start our doubles section.

We do hope for cool and rainy weather only after 17:00, so we can complete our championships successfully.
Miss Dot Hartmann

Inter House Sports Day
Sports day raced off at 08:00 on Saturday 28 September.  The ‘professional’ Grade 7 dancers from St Andrew, St George and St Patrick started with the first event, followed by the Grade 0 events.  The dances were very entertaining and a pleasure to watch.

The races were completed speedily and after the final race, the moment that everyone had worked so hard for, arrived – the scores.  St George WON!  The spirit trophy went to St Patrick.  Everyone tried their utmost best and had tremendous fun at the same time.  Thank you to all the girls and staff for the effort and hard work.
Miss Mo Pearson


St Stithians Marimba Festival
Our hearts are beating, pounding – waiting for Mr Mutero to beat the drum for our new song.  We are waiting eagerly as he starts the special beat.  Our hearts are racing at this point.  We try to remember every note, how fast we have to play and where to come in.  The other marimba bands are singing along as we play ‘The Final Countdown’ and the audience is clapping along.  It feels like our hearts have stopped.  All our hard work has finally paid off.  We play amazingly and we enjoy watching the other bands perform their items.  Combining all of our marimba bands together to perform en masse is incredible!
Emily Stoutjesdyk – Marimba Captain

The Sound of Children
On my way to the Linder Auditorium I was extremely nervous and very excited.  The Linder auditorium is a place where many famous South African opera singers have sung, and I was about to sing on that same exact stage.  I reminded myself that all I needed to do was to calm down and have fun.

Some of the songs we sang was ‘Higher Love’, ‘Money, Money, Money’ and the ‘Jazz Medley’.  The best part of the evening was when the Conductor Mr Richard Cock asked all the parents and all the kids in the audience to dance and sing along to the Jazz Medley.  It was great to see everyone in the audience have such a good time.  Singing at the Linder auditorium is an experience I won’t forget.
Casey-Lee Clarke – Grade 4N

Grade 7 Term 3 Leadership

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 3 2019
Congratulations to the following Grade 7 leaders for Term 3.  They are as follows:

Head Girl – Madhuri Padayatchi
Deputy Head Girl – Ameera Adam

House Captains
St Andrew – Alexandra Wearne
St George – Neve Matthee
St Patrick – Nomaswazi Mdluli

House Sports Captains
St Andrew – Emma van Rensburg
St George – Cameron Brook
St Patrick – Jessica Hood

Grade 6 Daughters’ Camp Out

The water came at me like a blast from a jet’s engine.  The water hit me square in the face and went into my mouth, in my ears, up my nostrils and into my eyes.  I blinked it out of my eyes and looked up.  I saw one of the dads guiltily running away with a hose pipe in his hands.  I took off after him, armed with a water bottle and a few water balloons.  After running for a while, I caught up with him and soaked him through and through.  He turned around to, I assume, soak me through but I was too quick, I sprinted away back to the other side of the field to join the rest of the girls.

The water fight was definitely my highlight of the camp out.  We drenched each other to the bone and had an incredibly fun time in the process.

Apart from the water fight we played a game of touch rugby (which my dad absolutely rocked), a game of river and had a delicious supper of lamb on the spit.

After many hours of fun and food, some of us decided to go to sleep.  It was about 10 o’clock and I was, but unfortunately for us, we had decided to pitch our tent right under a floodlight, and to make matters worse, someone had decided to play extremely loud music right outside the school grounds.  With the help of a sleeping mask, I fell into a deep, peaceful and well needed sleep.
Imogen Preston

I arrived with the sound of splashing and laughter.  After setting up camp I went to investigate, and then climbing over the pool fence I saw everyone swimming in half of the uncovered pool.  After a while in the pool, it was time for a game of touch rugby.  When the (not very fair) game of touch rugby ended, water balloons were filled.  The dads were prepared with hose pipes and after an epic water fight and when EVERY dad was drenched, it was time for another swim.  For dinner we had lamb on the spit and s’mores.  At about 10 o’clock it was time for bed (for most of us at least, but some dads stayed up until 12 o’clock).  We woke up to many tents packed up and many cars gone.  It took about two and a half hours to get on the road mainly because we couldn’t miss out on another swim!  The dads and daughters camp out was awesome, better than I had ever imagined and I can’t wait for all the other amazing activities that are still to come this year.
Charlotte Miller

On Saturday 14 September the Grade 6 girls had a campout at school with their dads.  We all arrived on Saturday afternoon to pitch our tents and have tons of fun.  I got to school and I pitched a tent for the first time in my life.  I got a little confused at times but in the end it looked better than ever.  I packed all my stuff in the tent, blew up the mattresses and got ready to go for a swim in the pool.  We had planned a bunch of fun games to play like river, touch rugby and soccer.  We then had a water balloon fight which was absolute chaos.  After several hours of fun and games it was time to get the meat on the braai.  We ate and later on braaied marshmallows and made s’mores.  Then we played some more and finally it was time to go to bed.  I had never slept in a tent before so I was kind of scared and apart from being scared I was super cold and only had one blanket.  Big mistake!  Early in the morning you could hear everyone getting up.  I finally woke up at around 8am.  Then my dad and I packed all our stuff up, including our tent and set off to make breakfast.  We had egg and polony rolls which were delicious.  I really enjoyed my first time camping even though it wasn’t in the wild.  I am looking forward to going again.
Sanaa Hajee

Term 3 Grade 6 Leadership

Grade 6 Leadership – Term 3 2019
Congratulations to our Term 3 Grade 6 leaders:
Class Captain:  Olivia Thompson
Vice Captain:  Tessa Collins

House Captains
St Andrew:  Kate Leishman
St George:  Kisa Ali
St Patrick:  Nokukhanya Behan

Grade 1 Kite Flying

Grade 1M
My Daddy and I went to go and get a kite from the shop to make and decorate.  On kite day, the kite did not get off the ground. I thought it would fly but it did not.  I had a doughnut and hot chocolate and I don’t know what my Daddy had.  I was very tired from flying my kite so we went home.
Zainab Wadee

At home I looked up how to make a kite.  I made it out of light material and used wood to hold it together.  I was excited but also scared.  Unfortunately, it did not fly.  At the end we got doughnuts and we had fun.
Georgia Garstang

I was excited and I was nervous.  I wondered if my kite was going to fly or not.  But it did!  My mom and I bought cellophane.  It was an ocean theme.  I ran very fast with it.  My kite was very light.  I could walk with it.  Then I had a doughnut with chocolate on it.
Nina Gampel Grant

Grade 1W
My grandpa and I made my kite.  It was gold and silver.  My dad and I went and flew my kite at school.  I had a doughnut and a bit of hot chocolate.
Kaiyah Sana

My dad and I built a kite and then we tried to fly it.  It started to fly and then the next day we brought the kite to school and my dad crashed into me.  My dad tried to fix my kite with sticky tape.  We tried to fly it, but it still didn’t fly because the stick broke.  So, my dad and I decided to have some doughnuts and hot chocolate.
Lexi Harvey

My dad and I went to buy the things for my kite.  After we got the things me and my mom made the kite.  I put the spots on. On kite flying day we flew the kite, but it did not fly.  We had hot chocolate and doughnuts.
Georgia Sharp

Me and my daddy were flying our kite.  The spine broke but we taped it back together.  We flew my kite again.  The spine broke again!  We couldn’t fly it, so we ate doughnuts and hot chocolate.
Naledi Ojwang

Grade 0 News

What an eventful term it’s been!  The term has flown by so quickly and was filled to the brim with so many amazing events and activities.  Each child brought something unique to the classroom to talk about during our South Africa Theme.  It has been wonderful to see them grow as individuals and expand their friendship zone.  The girls have been extremely busy, but happy and content, which is just wonderful to see.

Nelson Mandela International Day commemorates the lifetime of service Nelson Mandela gave to South Africa and the world.  Honouring the legacy of Mandela Day, our Flamingo and Penguin girls did chores and saved up to R70 each.  They then went shopping with their teachers and had some special bonding time with their Grade 7 Buddies.  They bought toiletries at PicknPay and donated them to San Salvador Home.  We have been so blessed with an amazing group of generous parents and children.  What an exciting day it was for us all to make the world a better place by giving back to the community in the spirit of “Ubuntu”.

On Tuesday 6 August, we had our annual Women and Significant Person’s Picnic Day.  The children sang a variety of songs to let their significant others and the special women in their lives know how much they are loved and appreciated.  It was wonderful to see that they are learning to ‘read’ musical notes and by using their body, they can create different sounds, depending on which part of their body they use!  Thanks to Kate Borthwick and Alison Gericke!

Once the concert was over, all the guests were taken to the field for Mrs Howden’s gym display.  Mrs Howden is so passionate about physical exercise so it was a treat to watch.  We know that children who are strong physically are often strong mentally as well, and the challenges of physical activities help children overcome obstacles that may come their way later.  It can’t get better than that!

We ended this marvellous day with everyone enjoying a lovely picnic on the playground, under the oak trees in the warm winter sun.  Thank you to all the amazing guests for coming through and supporting us.  I hope you all felt the love

‘Where there is a woman, there is magic.’ – Ntozake Shange

Happy Women’s Month and enjoy your wonderful holiday.
Ms Liziwe Seabi


Junior Class Music Concert (Clarineo)
I enjoyed learning about clarineo and playing in the concert.  I liked learning ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’, and singing ‘I Don’t Know My Name’.  I think learning clarineo was really fun, and I would like to play it as a musical instrument.
Soairse Behan – Grade 3

Junior Class Music Concert (Violin)
We practised ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ a lot.  I had so much fun, it felt like a disco.  At the end I saw my parents, and my dad gave me a biscuit.  On stage we all played together, and I think we all had fun.  The audience was smiling and I could not help smiling too.
Olivia Holmes – Grade 2

Junior Class Music Concert (Recorder)
It took us a long time to practise our recorders.  We all played together for the parents. It was fun.
Grace Burman – Grade

The Grade 4 and 5 Music Concert
Wow, finally the music concert is here!  Let’s get rid of these nerves and get to the fun part.  I’m so excited as it’s my first time singing in front of the school.  I feel ready.  I practised for months and months.  All those early Friday mornings for singing practice and the late Friday afternoons for drum lessons were worth it.

We sang well and I was proud of myself and the other singers.  My piano teacher was happy with how I played.  The drums were such fun as it was my first time playing with others.  Overall the music concert was AWESOME!
Uzukhanye Olawale

Senior Music Concert
Voice, Drums, Flute, Saxophone, Guitar and the list goes on.  The music concert is one of my favourite times of the year, the excitement radiates on the girls’ faces and they can’t wait to show off what they can do.  I play drums and I do voice.  Preparing for the concert was so much fun, I practised as hard as I could and when it came to performing, I couldn’t wait to play and sing.  It was such an amazing experience, I can’t wait for next term!
Francesca Genovese – Music Captain, Grade 7

1001 Arabian Nights
Drums and percussion bring mojo to music.  They subconsciously get the feet tapping and the body moving. Being able to be the force behind that throughout the play was amazing.  I looked forward to playing everyday.  The songs were so much fun to play, they were upbeat and had everyone dancing along.
Play Rock Band – Madhuri Padayatchi, Grade 7

Play Music
I felt adrenalin rushing through my body as I opened my mouth to sing my solo with Neve.  Slowly my nerves settled down and I started to enjoy myself, until we rushed off stage bursting with laughter.  Soon after I found myself in the music pit playing the bass guitar next to Miss Gericke.  So much hard work was put into the music for the play and it all paid off.  It was such a joy getting to work with Miss Gericke and her team.  I learned so much from this experience and I will always treasure it.
Ena Opperman – Rock Band Captain, Grade 7


Polar Bear Swim

Grade 7
Ahh the polar bear swim, that one fundraiser we all dread!  It was a freezing cold winter;s day with a chilly surprise in store.  The Polar Bear Swim is one of the Grade 6 fundraisers for the Grade 7 Leavers’ Party.  So we donate money towards the event and in return, we get a dip in the pool and a cup of hot chocolate.  The Grade 7 girls definitely enjoyed their freezing swim.
Francesca Genovese and Cecilia Petersen


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