APPS 2018 Grade 7 Johannesburg Junior City Mini Councillors

We were chosen to be part of the Mini Council for 2018.  This was a heartwarming experience and it taught us a lot.  We met people who we’ll be friends with for a long time to come.  We are both in a community called welfare where we work with a large group of under privileged people of different ages.  Through this we met people who allowed us to look at life through a different perspective.  They taught us life lessons that will stay with us forever.  Mini Council was an opportunity that we will never forget.
Nuha Nassiep and Megan Porter

Grade 7 GEMS Project Presentation

I enjoyed working on my GEMS (Girls Engendering Maths and Science) project this term.  My topic was women’s rights which is something I feel very strongly about.  I benefited immensely from listening to my group members’ opinions and thoughts.  We spent the whole term putting our presentation together and although there were a few difficulties along the way we were all very proud off the outcome and the message we spread of gender equality.  This project made me think about stuff in a way I have never done before.  Overall the assignment was a success and I can’t wait to see what we will do next term
Mia Babaya

At the beginning of Term 2 the Grade 7 girls were given the task of choosing something that they would be willing to fight for. This was a task set by the IEB for certain schools in South Africa.  The options were human rights, women’s rights, animal rights and family and safety.  Based on our choices, we were put in groups according to what we chose.  We were given the date for our presentation – 10 July – and set to work on the 10-15 minute presentation.  We presented our plan to the rest of our class and Miss de Wet told us to be as radical as we needed to be.  The work continued until the date finally arrived.  All the groups were nervous but everything ran smoothly.
Tiger-Anne Cupido

Grade 3 and 7 Picnic

Grade 3K
My mom and I went to Woolworths to get all the stuff that I needed.  On Wednesday I was so excited.  Before break, Aleeza, Chloë, Rori and I were setting up.  Rori was so organised!  After that we went to fetch our Grade 7 girls.  Mine was Mia Babaya.  So we headed to the picnic and we sat down.  I offered her Ruby Grapefruit and she loved it!  I gave her a surprise because I said we are making Sundays on a spoon.  She said, ’Wow!  This is amazing!’  So we made Sundays.  She went to see other Grade7 girls.  She came back and said, ’I just had to make them jealous.’  It was so funny!  We had so much fun.
Jamie Giles

On Wednesday it was the Grade 3 and 7 Picnic.  I had a teacher though because there were not enough Grade 7 girls for all the Grade 3’s.  My teacher was Miss Seebregts.  She is one of my favourite teachers so I loved it.  We also had groups and my group was Nicci, Bella, Jess and me.  We brought lots of delicious food.  Food like chips, chocolate fingers, strawberries and lots more.  We sat on the big field quite close to the wall.  I learnt quite a lot about Miss Seebregts and she learnt quite a lot about me.  Miss Seebregts said she loved it and I loved it too.
Emma Thomas

The day before the picnic I was panicking because I never planned anything, but that night me and my mum went to Woolworths and bought everything.  In the morning we packed everything in the basket.  We packed drinks, pasta, fruit sticks, cake, gums, plates and cutlery.  We also packed a picnic blanket.  At the picnic we asked so many questions and got to know each other so well and my gums got finished.  When the picnic was over Chloë helped clean up well.
Safiya Hajee


Hockey League
Our immensely successful hockey season has drawn to a close.  All teams, from the Grade 2 girls to the Grade 7 girls, performed above expectations and there were some good results.  Our success can be attributed, not only to the girls’ utter determination, spirit and love for the game, but to all the coaches who helped improve the girls’ skills.  Thank you for your hours of dedication.  Thank you to Mrs Howden, Ms Harley, Ms Hartmann, Miss Knight and Mrs Springer for all the hard work they have put into hockey this term.

Hockey Festivals
The Grade 4 to 7 Hockey festivals were very successful for our APPS teams.  All teams had many short matches against various schools.

The girls played very well and thoroughly enjoyed their mornings.  Thank you to the parents for their support and congratulations to the girls who conducted themselves very well on and off the field.  Fun was had by all.

Another big thank you must go to the mums who helped with the teas for all our home matches.  The staff and girls really appreciate all the time everyone has put in to making the hockey afternoons at the UJ Astro run so smoothly.  Last but not least, the support from parents and all their help with lifting – thank you very much.

Grade 2 and 3 Six-a-Side Hockey Festival
The players performed above expectations in the festival at Roedean.  All players were extremely excited and played with great enthusiasm.  The results were very good for the start of their hockey careers at school.  Well done, to all who played.

Pretoria Festival Hockey Tour
The Grade 6 and 7 teams had a very successful tour to Pretoria where they played in the tournament that replaced the Riverside weekend.  The teams stayed at the The Farm Inn and all twenty eight players were a credit to themselves, their parents and their school.

The Grade 6 team played exciting, winning hockey during the weekend and had a lot of fun.  The Grade 7 team improved their skills tremendously and held their own against other schools.

Thanks go to Mrs Howden, Ms Harley and Ms Hartmann for their assistance with coaching and valuable input.

Well done, to all our players and to the Grade 7 girls – keep the hockey going.  Good luck in the future.
Ms Mo Pearson

Interhouse Netball
We have now completed our Netball season with and played our Interhouse matches from Grade 3 to 7.

Results in the individual grades are:
Grade 3
1st        –           St George
2nd       –           St Andrew (-1) (on goal difference – ahead of St Patrick)
3rd        –           St Patrick (-3)

Grade 4
1st        –           St Andrew
2nd        –           St Patrick
3rd        –           St George

Grade 5
1st        –           St Patrick (4) – 3 houses on same points – winners on goal difference
2nd        –           St George (-1)
3rd–       –           St Patrick (-2)

Grade 6
1st        –           St Andrew
2nd        –           St George (-3) goal difference – ahead of St Patrick
3rd        –           St Patrick (-5)

Grade 7
1st        –           St Andrew
2nd        –           St Patrick
3rd        –           St George

Overall 82 goals were scored!
Grade 7’s scored the most goals – 24;
Second highest number of goals were scored by the Grade 3’s – 17;
Third were the Grade 4’s – 16.

The house with the best, positive goal difference (goals scored, minus goals conceded) was:
Grade 7 St Andrew – 13 scored, 2 conceded:  goal difference of +11;
Grade 6 St Andrew – 11 scored, 1 conceded:  goal difference of +10;
Grade 4 St Patrick – 11 scored, 3 conceded:  goal difference of +8.

The overall results (2 points for a win, 1 for a draw):
1st St Andrew    –           17 points
2nd St Patrick   –           11 points
3rd St George   –           10 points

Well played, to all the girls and a big thank you to all the coaches!
Ms Dot Hartmann

My Fair Lady

Grade 5M
This year’s play was ‘My Fair Lady’.  The Grade 4 to 7 girls all performed.  The Grade 4 girls were cast as ‘the lower class’, the Grade 5 girls as ‘maids and butlers’.  The Grade 6 girls were the ‘upper class’ and the Grade 7 girls were the main characters.  We did the play five times and we loved it so much.  The first time all the grades got to see the play and the other times we had to wait until it was our turn to go on.  While we were waiting we all played games and talked.  After the show we got pizza and hot chocolate.  The play was an incredible experience for all of us and we enjoyed it very much.  We can’t wait until next year.
Tessa Collins

‘My Fair Lady’ was an amazing experience.  The hall was always full and everybody laughed at the bull fighter and also when Professor Higgins told Eliza that she would be better off if she did not offend the ears of the Lord when saying her prayers.  I think it was a bit long but it was such an amazing play and the Grade 7 girls had the main roles.  They were so good at acting out their roles.  After the play we got a slice of pizza and a cup of hot chocolate.  A huge thank you to the costume moms, the costumes they made were amazing.  An enormous thank you also goes to Mrs Levin and Miss Gericke – I can’t wait for next year’s show.
Gabriella Zambelis

Our play was ‘My Fair Lady’ and Grade 4 to 7 girls took part.  The Grade 4 girls were the ‘lower class’, the Grade 5 girls were ‘maids and butlers’ – I was a maid.  The Grade 6 girls were the ‘upper class’ and the Grade 7 girls had the main parts.  Olivia Cropley was cast as Henry Higgins and Sophia Pellett as Eliza Doolittle.  During the play we learnt so much, such as working as a team and much more.  My favourite scene was when Professor Higgins said, ‘You’ll get much further with the Lord if you learn not to offend his ears.’  I enjoyed the play and can’t wait until it is my turn to be a main character.
Kate Porter

Grade 5K
The Term 2 senior production of ‘My Fair Lady’ was an exquisite show.  From the music to the costumes it was wonderful.  Being one of the performers in the production I could see the show really coming alive.  The Grade 7 actors were absolutely amazing with Sophia Pellet as Eliza, Olivia Cropley as Henry Higgins and Thaluki Moloto as Professor Pickering.  All the other Grade 7 girls were amazing.  The Grade 4 girls as the lower class cockney, the Grade5 girls as the maids and butlers and the Grade 6 girls as the upper class.  My personal favourite actresses were Christina Vaudran as Higgins’ mother, and Rufaro Shava as Haza the chimney sweep to name a few. Miss Gericke and Mrs Levin as the producers did a phenomenal job. Overall it was an absolutely amazing play and I am so, so sad that I won’t be here for the next one.
Freya Malala

Oh wouldn’t it be ‘loverly’!  This APPS play certainly was lovely.  I think we all enjoyed performing on the stage, singing songs and dressing up in all our different costumes.  Of course this wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful teachers.  They all did a super job.  Sophia Pellet as Eliza and Olivia Cropley as Professor Higgins.  In my opinion this has been our best play yet.  The audience loved it and so did we!
Imogen Preston

Grade 7
The APPS play for 2018 was My Fair Lady.  The Grade 4 girls were excellent lower class citizens, the Grade 5 girls were superb butlers and maids while the Grade 6 girls were amazing higher class people.  The Grade 7 girls executed their roles amazingly and Miss Gericke and Mrs Levin made the play really come to life.  All around well done to the senior phase.
Sophia Pellet and Rufaro Shava


The Chess Club has played four challenging, yet successful matches this term.  The girls have shown commitment throughout the busy term and their dedication is greatly appreciated.  The team has been ably led by Kate Ramsbotham (Captain) and Olivia Cropley (Vice Captain).

Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Olivia Cropley, a long standing member of the Chess Club.  We wish her well for her new school in England and thank her for her years of dedication and commitment to the Chess Team.

Some of the Grade 3 players joined the senior team this term.  They have been a welcome addition to the weekly Monday practice sessions and we look forward to their continued commitment in the future.  Mrs Pengelly continues to guide each member, developing new strategies and game plans.  Her valuable input is greatly appreciated.

The support from the parents has been invaluable.  A big thank you to Mrs Ramsbotham, for organising the suppers for the home games.
Miss Gill Seebregts


Grade 3 Instruments in the Junior Class Music Concert
When I first opened the case, I thought to myself … ‘whoa, this is going to be so hard!’  I put the clarineo together and listened to Kirstin and Ms Borthwick and then tried to play.  There went a squeak!  I thought my ear drums would burst!  Of course you would let out a squeak with your first try.  I tried and tried and tried, FINALLY I got a perfect sound!

The Concert
On the day I was a tiny bit nervous and excited at the same time.  We went on the stage and I couldn’t stop smiling!  First we played ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and then ‘Lean On Me’.  I really enjoyed playing the clarineo and I would like to play it again.
Jamie Giles – Grade 3K

The violin is a very special instrument.  I have been waiting since Grade 0 to play violin.  Finally I got to play in Grade 2 during our music lesson.  I’ve really loved it.  Miss Matsepe has been very patient and we learnt to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as a class.  I liked playing in the concert very much and I want to continue learning the violin.
Gemma Wells – Grade 2L

When I first learned the recorder, I felt nervous that I would blow it too hard, but I didn’t!  At the concert, I felt like my entire family was there saying, ‘well done and congratulations!’. I want to learn more about the recorder and writing music.
Refilwe Mofokeng – Grade 1W

Grade 3 Instrumental Concert
Guitar and singing I did first.  I was nervous, so nervous I wanted to cry.  I did well and my mom and dad were proud of me.  I was also proud of me.  Piano I played second.  I was nervous for this as well but not as nervous as guitar.  I made a mistake or two, but if you learn from your mistakes and not make them again, it’s okay.  Last but not least I played the drums.  Drums were awesome!  I loved it!  I am proud of me and it feels good!  The moral of this letter is to learn from your mistakes and to LOVE YOUR MUSIC.
Uzukanye Olawale in Grade 3V

The Senior Music Concert
The Senior Music Concert was a great opportunity for all the girls to show off their skills in the music realm.  I found this an incredible experience and was amazed at how many different instruments were played from the drums to the clarinet.  I play piano and I am so grateful to my teacher, Charmelle Wessels for helping me and teaching me piano.  I would not be able to have achieved what I have without her.
Megan Porter – Grade 7

In Term 2, 2018 there were many different types of instruments played at the Senior Music Concert.  My voice group sang ‘Take Me to Church’ by Hozier.  We chose to sing this song because at our very first concert we sang the same song and we wanted to show our improvement in technique over the years.  We practised very hard and ended with a successful performance.  We all sang very beautifully and had a lot of fun
Anna Titterton – Grade 7

Grade 6 Science Fair

Annually, at the prestigious Eskom Expo, selected students from for all over Gauteng compete against other schools.  It gives young students an opportunity to experience what it’s like to professionally present an idea.  I was fortunate enough to represent my school at the expo.  It was a very insightful process and I received constructive feedback from the judges.  I do hope that as a school we can continue to grow and learn in the science field and that we may receive further opportunities to prove our innovative and scientific abilities to the rest of the world.
Maryam Akhalwaya – Grade 6

Grade 2 Assembly

Grade 2S
At the start I was so scared until I went on stage.  I said my line and when I went off stage I realised I must not be scared.

The assembly was so cool.  I loved it so much.  The lions, cheetahs, mosquitoes.  I loved the part when the lion gets hurt under the hunter’s net.

I went back to class and we all jumped up and down.  When I got home I was so happy.  I got a prize, it was a squishy.
Isla Price

There was a lion who was a bit mean and he was king of the jungle.  There was a mouse too.  Once the lion lay asleep in the jungle.  The mouse tip-toed over the lion’s mouth.  The lion saw the mouse, he was fake sleeping and opened his mouth and snapped at the mouse.  The lion caught the mouse and the mouse was begging the lion to let him go.  The lion became nice to every animal in the jungle.
Sophie Spence

Grade 2L
On Friday I had a lot of fun, because it was the Grade 2 assembly!  I was a naratter and I had a snake maske.  I started the assembly and had a lot of fun.
Sophia Mullin

It was so exiting when I went on the stage, I was very nervous when my turn came to talk, but my turn came, I took a deep breath and said my words, after I said my words I felt proud of myself, I think I enjoyed the play I had fun!
Mariam Khan

Grade 0 News

The Grade 0 girls have had a busy and productive second term.  The Grade 0 Braai was a huge success and there was much excitement as parents and girls participated in the Polar Bear swim afterwards!

The highlight was Mandela Day, when we had lots of fun shopping with our Grade 7 sisters to buy items for the Home of Hope for girls.  The Grade 0 girls are practising their poems and songs in anticipation for the Women’s Day Picnic.
Miss Carrie Strauss – Grade 0S