Salvazione Day

Grade 1M
I was excited because we were going to Salvazione.  I was going on the school bus.  When we got there we went up the stairs and it was very high.  In the class room we sang songs and did activities.  Then we went into the hall and sang the happy song.  It was fun but I loved the bus the most!
Leah Ismail-Bauer

Grade 7 Poetry Evening

The Grade 7 Poetry Evening has to be one of my favourite events on the APPS calendar, and this year, the girls did not disappoint! After rain prevented us from picnicking in the Music Garden, blankets, camping chairs, cooler boxes and snacks were moved into the hall where the Grade 7 girls delighted their families with poems about their school memories, Mother Nature, tooth-brushing, delicious food and their favourite pastimes. Every girl shone on stage, and once again, we were reminded of the beauty of the art of poetry. It certainly was a night to remember.
Jodi Melland


Well done to all the swimmers for doing their best, not only at the galas but throughout the season.  Thank you so much to Mrs Dane and Miss Hartmann for coaching and for their great support to all the teams.

We wish everything of the best to the Grade 7 swimmers and to the APPS teams going forward.  Train hard for 2018.

The Junior Primary Gala took place on a cool, cloudy day.  APPS ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams competed and it was a wonderful experience for all.  The APPS ‘A’ team came fifth and the ‘B’ team came eighth.  The Grade 1 to 3 girls swam very well and thoroughly enjoyed the gala.

Thank you to all the parents who were very supportive.

Cross Country
A number of girls took part in the St Peter’s cross country this year.  There were three meetings and the girls participated with great enthusiasm.

We hope more APPS girls will take part next year.  A big thank you to Mrs Cottrell and Miss Hartmann for their support and guidance.
Miss Mo Pearson

The tennis season finished off with the girls playing the APPS championships.  In the Grade 4 and 5 section, Madhuri Padayatchi and Clare Stewart-Selvan made it to the finals.  Unfortunately we did not have a result at the time of going to print, as one of the girls has been ill.

Congratulations to our seniors on the following results:
Caitlin Hudson won the seniors single title against Alison King in the finals.
Alison King and Zoë Christodoulou won the doubles title against Aimee Rosmarin and Caitlin Hudson.

Yours in Tennis.
Miss Dot Hartmann


Grade 5 Gold Reef City Heritage Tour

Grade 5K
As we lined up to go to Gold Reef City, I could tell that everyone was eager to get on the bus straight away.  When we were driving everyone was singing and talking about how excited they were.  Finally, we arrived and we saw a lot more schools there.  We eventually had to hold out our arms so that we could put on our arms bands.  First, we went and watched a movie about how gold was discovered.  Next, we went to the mine where we went down a mineshaft.  When we were in the mine we learned a lot about what the miners would do.  The mine was dark and wet, but very cool!  Once we were done with the mine we went to see how gold was melted and made into bars.  Then we went for ice cream.   Some of us went to go and look at some of the original mining houses.  Sadly, the trip had to end and we all got on the bus to go back to school.  What an exciting outing!
Keira Berell

When we heard we were officially going to Gold Reef City, I was so excited!  ‘We’re not going on the rides though!’  I was still excited.  Thursday finally arrived, and at 08:30, we were off.  Oh the pain of waiting!  We were standing still, doing nothing!  Luckily we finally got our arm bands and we were in.  We first watched a ten minute movie about the history of Johannesburg, which was very interesting.  Then the real fun began!  We got safety helmets (and thank goodness for that) and went down in a real mine shaft.  Seventy five meters down!  We explored a bit and then went back up.  We watched real gold being turned into the gold bars.  Unfortunately I had butter fingers and I could not pick the bar up.  At the end we learned how Johannesburg was established a long, long time ago.  What a fun day!
Gaopalelwe Leuta

Grade 5M
We have a purpose in this old mining town, to go down into the mine, but we are seeking not gold, but treasure of another kind.  We seek knowledge.  Ten of us pile into the cage-like lift as we descend into the depths of the earth:  Thirty four of us altogether.  We walk around under the earth and we find something more valuable than diamonds.  We find wonder.  We wonder at the way they did things fifty years ago, under the ground, closer to the centre of the earth than we’ve ever been before, then we ascend to the surface, we blink as the light hits our eyes, and then it’s all over.
Madhuri Padayatchi

I enter the dark and mysterious mines, noises coming from the drills, miners working as hard as they can to try and find this shiny, beautiful thing called gold.  We were going down the gold mines in Gold Reef City, but first we went to hear about what it was like working in the mines, and from what I heard it wasn’t easy.  They would go down an elevator, into the deep, dark, cold mines.

Then it was time to witness it for ourselves.  We were all shivering, some people because it was cold, but mostly because we were scared, and excited at the same time, like that feeling you get when you want to scream; a warm feeling inside you, and butterflies in your stomach.  We went down a lift.  It’s slow, and dark, then it stopped.  It was silent.  Suddenly the doors opened, revealing a dark tunnel that we went through.  I swallowed the lump in my throat, and stepped through the heavy, metal door, as we started our new journey beneath the rock.
Clare Stewart-Selvan


Grade 5 SheEO Sleep Out

Grade 5K
How am I meant to make a sleeping bag?  That was my first thought when we were told about the sleep out, but now after all of it, I think it was really fun.  First we played and chatted for about half an hour and then we ate half a pizza each.  After that we took a few photos and then braaied marshmallows (which were delicious).  After that we showed everyone our sleeping bags and explained how we made them.  Everyone tested each other’s and they said that they were so warm!  This was disproved in the morning when everyone complained that they were freezing all night.  We ate a delicious breakfast of muffins and fruit, and that was the end of our sleep out.  I learnt that it is very hard to sleep on the streets every night.  I am very grateful to have a great home and warm bed to sleep in.
Cameron Brook

We all made sleeping bags in GEMS for the SheEO sleep out, which in case you don’t know is the APPS version of the CEO sleep out.  We all came with our (homemade) sleeping bags, excited for the experience of sleeping outside.  The quad was buzzing with chatting and laughter as we shared what we thought would happen at the sleep out.  For dinner we ate pizza and our dessert was marshmallows.  We held them over the fire to become nice and gooey.  Then we went to bed at 09:30 sharp, but everyone knows that most of us chatted for hours on end.  We only had between 4-7 hours of sleep!  That’s definitely not enough for my liking.  In the morning we had muffins, hot chocolate, juice and fruit and then it was time for school.  We learnt to be grateful for what we have and to be kind to others that are less fortunate.
Francesca Genovese

Grade 5M
‘Analia, are you sure that you don’t want to take an extra blanket?’

‘No!  I am fine, I already told you that!’  I foolishly insisted.

I arrived at school and everyone was bubbling with excitement, running around and laughing!  We all set up our sleeping bags, keeping spots for all of our friends.  Next we went around to everyone’s sleeping bags and tested them out, explaining how we made it and what materials we used.

We had pizza and marshmallows by the fire, telling stories.  By 21:00 we were all sent to bed (well at least we were supposed to go to bed!)  We all stayed up chatting and telling stories, asking people to come with us to the bathroom.  We couldn’t be too loud because Mrs Howden was right next to us.  By 05:00 we were all up, and the noise started again.
Analia Ntombela

Grade 1 to 3 Play – The Water Babies

Grade 2W
I was a purple octopus with long tentacles.  My mom did the makeup.  We had pink twirls on our eyebrows and blue on our eyes.  We also had white dots going down our faces to our necks.  When we were walking to the hall I had a lot of fizzles!  When we were at the hall I was watching the Grade 3’s.  When Miss Borthwick started playing we went on with funny music!  Then we sang ‘There’s a commotion in the ocean.’  After that we sang ‘Music was my first love.’  We were supposed to be sad but I could not stop smiling.  The funny part was when Paula’s octopus eye came off.  I love that show!
Jamie Giles

In the concert I was a shimmering seaweed.  I wore a green dress and green pants.  The dress had material, and it shone so brightly.  My make-up I wore was green, and I had green lipstick and blue glitter.  I looked fantastic.  The lights were shining so brightly that the audience was amazed.  I sang beautifully and so loudly that people from right at the back could hear me.  I danced and performed so beautifully that everyone clapped.  We got pizza afterwards and a juice. The next morning we could go to school at nine o’clock – hooray!
Safiya Hajee

I’m a seahorse in the play.  We wear a unitard, a mask, a fan on our heads, a ribbon around our waists and a water pistol.  In the first scene that the Grade 2’s are in I’m in the right hand corner and in the second scene I’m in the left hand corner.  I was so excited.  We had a juice and pizza afterwards.  Then we finished our grownup colouring in sheet.  The scariest part was when my water pistol fell since there was a big crowd out there.
Ella Watermeyer

Grade 2S
Last night it was so much fun.  My costume was fabulous and I loved dancing in the play.  When I sang it felt happy.  I loved the concert and my make-up and I liked being a mermaid.  It was an adventure through music.
Malaika Witbooi

It was inspiring for everybody, everybody had a part, nobody was left out.  My favourite part was the electric eels.  The make-up was extremely fabulous.  We practised sometimes for 1 whole HOUR.  Welna made our costumes.  I was an electric eel.  Last week Mrs Levin told us to do a dress rehearsal.  On Monday we did the concert for the whole school and on Monday night the DVD lady came.  I was nervous.
Mahdiyya Laher

I walked on stage with the scariest face I could do because I was a SHARK!  My favourite costume except mine was the jellyfish.  I feel happy on stage and I can’t help but smile.  First we sang a song called ‘Commotion in the ocean’.  I like that song because it’s silly.  For the ‘Commotion in the ocean’ and ‘Music Medley’ I stood next to Inés and Jude.  For part two I stood next to Safiya – she was seaweed.  The sharks were Uzu, Casey-Lee Isabella and me.  My favourite part is when the sharks get a part with the Grade 3’s.  I love dancing and singing and jumping around.  It was a great show, I absolutely loved it!  My costume looked like this – necklaces, a cap, t-shirt with dorsal fin, arm bands and face paint.  Everyone looked beautiful.
Georgia van der Walt

Grade 4 Tour

Grade 4G
My First Tour
I wasn’t very happy to leave my mum and dad.  Also when I got back from camp my parents weren’t here, they were in India.  In the bus before we left I cried.  The bus trip to Sammy Marks Museum was very long.  At the museum we went around the house, then we played games, had lunch and then hopped onto the bus.

When we arrived at Konka we saw lions and people kayaking.  We stayed in a big dormitory.   I slept for the first night on the bottom of the bunk bed and the next night on the top.  On the first day we played games and we swam.  We went on a night hike and saw lots of buck and three lions.  The next day we went to see the lions again, so we could see them properly.   Then we played a maze game and did an obstacle course.  We also did a scale balancing game and played a game called jail.  We loved the kayaking also known as canoeing.  After lunch we had tuck shop then we went for a well deserved swim.

The mudstacle was exciting where we did many activities.  Then we had to leopard crawl through mud and water and dung with our heads in the mud.  We had a shower and went to supper where we had a treat.  We got ice-cream.  Then we developed a war cry in our groups.  We called our group, ‘Spirit Warriors’.  Then we also did a mummy wrap with toilet paper and a race.  We finally went to a fireplace and played more games.  My favourite game was the ‘our capella’ singing game, we lost that game but it was still loads of fun.  At the end of all the games we braaied marshmallows and went to bed.

The next morning we set off bright and early.  We had pancakes for breakfast.  Then we took some photos and packed the bus.  When we got to Honeydew Mazes it was really hot.  Then we got split into groups and they chose a leader.  My leader wasn’t the best, but she tried when we told her what she was doing wrong.  My group left Sanaa and I all alone in the maze.  The golden rule was to never leave any member of your group alone.  On the way home I recognized all the malls which was really comforting.

When we got to the school my driver was waiting for me and we went straight home.  I phoned my mum and dad because they were at the airport and it made me feel much better.
Bibi Fathima Peer

Our Amazing Camp
In the morning there was a mixture between excitement and anxiousness.  We had assembly and got ready to go.  We wobbled a bit and then were on the move.  The bus was one of my favourite parts of camp.  We stopped at the Sammy Marks Museum.  I thought it was creepy because there is a ghost on the premises.  When that was done we hopped back onto the bus.  I dozed off for a wile but when I woke up everyone was laughing… I had bed hair!  We arrived at camp and met our instructors, Riri and Ashley.  Riri was my favourite because he was so bouncy and crazy.  I loved the activities we did.  My favourite activity was the mudstacle course.  I love getting muddy.  I thought the food was amazing and I thanked the cooks for every meal.  My favourite part of the camp was the lions.  They were beautiful.  I think this camp was the best camp ever!  It was really amazing.  Thank you Miss Dane, Miss Bushell and Mrs Govender for the opportunity.
Tayla Giles

Grade 4B
I had so much fun!  I loved Sammy Marks museum.  I learnt about Sammy and his family.  At camp we did so many fun things like learning how to kayak, playing new games and making new friends.  I learnt how to play a new game called ‘Scream’, it was so much fun!  My favourite part was when we all stood on a big wooden thing that was like a see-saw and we had to balance it.  I loved going on tour.
Cassidy Swartz

We had so much fun on tour!  We did lots of fun activities like kayaking, mud obstacle courses, swimming, seeing wildlife and more.  I had so much fun kayaking with Robyn and the mud obstacle course was so muddy!  Swimming in the afternoons was my favorite when we could just relax.  Camp was so much fun, I can’t wait for next year.
Katie Leishman

Tour was really fun!  I enjoyed the fun games we played.  I love kayaking.  When I was small my parents taught me how to kayak and doing it with friends is even more fun.  We did lots of other amazing things like balancing on a big board and playing a jail game.  I also had lots of fun swimming, hiking and playing games.  Camp was amazing!
Robyn van Der Walt

Grade 0 Play

The Grade 0 girls put on a terrific African Nativity play.  Their singing, dancing and speaking was outstanding.  Everyone who watched our girls raved about their performance.  A big thank you to everyone involved and an even bigger congratulations to our amazing Grade 0 girls.
Miss Carrie Strauss


The Junior Music Concert
Hands steady and I’m ready.  Deep breath and it was time to play the piece I’d practised for my friends and family at the Junior Music Concert.

I chose to play ‘Fur Ludwig’, based on ‘Fur Elise’ written by Ludwig van Beethoven, it is a simpler version for children but the melody is similar and I love it and hope I played it beautifully.
Georgia van der Walt – Grade 2S

The Intermediate Music Concert
The music concert was amazing!  I was practising my drumming all morning.  When we got to school I was very nervous but also excited.  The music concert was quite long and I was the last person to play.  All my friends did so well, they were incredible.

I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again.
Tessa Collins – Grade 4G

The Senior Music Concert
My First Guitar Performance
Anxiety fills the air
There’s no time to spare
Ms Gericke calls my name
Is this going to be my 60 second of fame?
I start playing the guitar
Hoping to sound like a Rock Star
About half way through the song
I realised that nothing had gone wrong
And then I start to sing
Like no one was ever watching
Ena Opperman – Grade 5M

The APPS Soirée Evening
I had both the honour and the pleasure of finishing off the Soirée of 2017 with my amazing drum piece, ‘Move Along’.  I also got to sing and play guitar and I accompanied Mira and Miss Matsepe on piano for their violin piece.

Music, especially drums, takes a lot out of you.  The hours put into this event really do add up – my fingers were bleeding from all the practising I did.  The surge of adrenaline you get while performing, the lights flashing, the music playing so loud you can’t hear it but you can feel it.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the foundation my wonderful music teachers gave to me.  They have brought me so far, I remember my goal when I was younger was to play in the Soirée.  I was first invited to play when I was eight, but I broke two fingers the day before and had to cancel.  Luckily, I got to play many times after that – and each time it has been a privilege.

I wept so hard the night before knowing this was going to be my last performance.  All I can say to all my fellow musicians and teachers is:  thank you for the music.
Ruby Vos – Grade 7


This term has been a very busy term.  Sadly, we have only played two matches but have had many practices and have improved greatly.

The interhouse matches were well supported and fiercely contested with St Andrew winning with 48 points.  Thank you to Ms Seebregts and Mrs Pengelly for all the work that has been put in to help us gain a better understanding of the game of chess.
Ms Gill Seebregts