On Saturday 3 February the APPS swimming team joined with Parktown Girls High and swam at the annual St Mary’s Summer Splash.

The APPS girls swam exceptionally well. The last three races were ladders so we swam with Parktown. Our BIG team did very well! The Parktown Girls High swimmers were great and encouraged us the whole way.

Everyone swam very well and deserve to be congratulated. Well done!

The team swimmers were unfit at the start of term, but this is to be expected after the Christmas holidays. Early morning training is in full swing and all swimmers have improved greatly. The three teams have competed in galas and have had mixed results. The swimmers are training hard for the rest of the galas this term and very the important Inter House Gala events.

All swimmers must be commended for their continuous efforts.

Congratulations to all the swimmers who completed Midmar.

The St Stithians night Gala took place on 21 February and our swimmers swam incredibly well. Their times are improving and they always put everything into their swim. Well done, girls.

Our girls have been complimented greatly on their good behaviour and sportsmanship. Congratulations, APPS!
Miss Mo Pearson

So far, we have played two fixture matches this term and had two fixtures cancelled due to rain. We are playing a new format this year: every player gets to play one singles and one doubles match. These are run on a time basis. Most girls still prefer playing doubles and we have had various successes. We are happy to report that the girls are enjoying their tennis and have shown huge improvement in their overall game. We have entered a C team into the league and are working on extending this to be able to field a full C and D team in the future.

Unfortunately our Grade 5, 6 and 7 tennis festivals on the weekend of 27 January were rained out, but the Grade 4 girls played in their tennis festival St Teresa’s as planned.

There are still a couple of matches to be played.

Yours in Tennis
APPS Sports Department

Grade 5 Assembly Play

Grade 5K:
The Grade 5 play was on growth mind sets. The play was amazing and I loved every second of it. I love performing and I am sure the other girls love performing too. Practicing we had lots of laughs and giggles and fun. We had a tiny bit of trouble getting our skit right but in the end it was AMAZING! We all learned a lot about having a growth mind set and to try to never give up. At the end we sang ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira. I had lots of fun on stage with my friends.
Embeth Djolov

My hands were shaking, I had butterflies in my tummy, this was going to be fun. The Grade 5 girls were doing a play on having a growth mind set. If you don’t know what growth mind sets are, they are people who can encourage themselves to do something that they think they can’t do. Something that I’ve recently learned is that CAN’T has the word CAN and if you can’t do something try and encourage yourself so that you CAN! I absolutely loved our skits. They were so funny and they were so much fun to put together. I had to sing REALLY badly in my skit which was quite embarrassing! We had to sing ‘Doe-a-Deer’ and Imogen was the teacher. Amber and I were bad singers and Olivia, Tessa and Ruby were good singers. We made everyone laugh and I nearly burst out laughing too but I was brave and kept the laughter in. We had a song in the play, called ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira. It was a really funky song and got the audience moving. They were clapping with us, doing all the actions and laughing with us. It was really cool. I loved how they made us feel happy while they were happy too. I hope we sent out a message about having a growth mind set and I think the we learned a few things too. Remember can’t is can and always trust that you can.
Tayla Giles

Grade 7 Assembly Play

‘Be the light, be the change’ is the Grade 7 motto for 2018.  To explain our motto we made and preformed a play.  In this play we created a character called Amelia.  Amelia goes through eight school years at APPS.  During those eight years she goes through many challenges.  She learned from each challenge and grew from them.  We as a grade tried to show that we have learned from our mistakes and challenges.  At the end of our play we sang our own version of ‘How Far I’ll Go’ by Auli’i Cravalho.  I believe that during the process of this play our grade learned that we are capable of anything
Shayna Doolabh

Grade 7 Leadership

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 1, 2018:
Congratulations to the Grade 7 leaders for Term 1:

Head Girl:  Christina Vaudran
Deputy Head Girl:  Amber Aspoas

House Captains:
St Andrew:  Christina Vaudran
St George:  Nuha Nassiep
St Patrick:  Kate Ramsbotham

Sports Captain of House:
St Andrew:  Mia Babaya
St George:  Anna Titterton
St Patrick:  Jessie Orphanides

Junior Mini Council Representatives:
Nuha Nassiep and Megan Porter

Grade 6 Leadership

Grade 6 Leadership – Term 1, 2018:
Congratulations to the Grade 6 leaders for Term 1:

Class Captain:  Madhuri Padayatchi
Vice Captain:  Maryam Akhalwaya

House Captains:
St Andrew:  Ameera Adam
St George:  Analia Ntombela
St Patrick:  Romy Day

Grade 3 to 7 Swimathon

Grade 5M
There was competition in everyone’s eyes.  The scent filled the air.  We were determined to swim 100 lengths, but what happened was very different!  I half died on 70 lengths, which was kind of embarrassing.  The other grades didn’t know this though, so I walked out the swimming pool area like I had just swum 500 lengths, gladly taking a juice, ice-cream and key medal.  Overall things were great and the day was awesome!
Milla Morse

The swimathon this year was amazing!  When we do the swimathon we try to do more than 40 laps.  This year I tried to do 90 laps, but I only managed 64.  The swimathon helps me get more exercise and stretches some parts of my body.

After all that swimming we got a small packet of chips and ice cream, and a really pretty key.  I could also buy a funky water bottle for R20.00.  There was music, food and drinks.  Everyone looked like they enjoyed the swimathon, even though we were all so tired from kicking.

Some families came early in the morning to swim, and even Mrs Howden swam!  I am looking forward to the next swimathon and will hopefully reach my goal of  90 laps.
Tiyana Williams

Grade 0 to 2 Walkathon

Grade 2S
On Friday 9 February we had a walkathon at school.  The Grade 0, 1 and 2 girls had to walk around the school 21 times.  I was walking with Hannah.  After the walkathon I got treats and a medal.  My dad came to walk for me.  The theme was ‘Mad Hatters’.  We raised funds.  The best part was when we got ice cream.
Hanaan Carrim

I was so excited because today was the ninth of February and that meant that it was the walkathon and my hat was waiting on the kitchen counter.  I took it and went to school.  I walked 21 laps.  At the end I had treats, they were a medal, an ice-cream and a cupcake.  The Grade two’s were the oldest, only Grade 0, 1 and 2 were allowed to walk, the Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 had to swim.  The theme was ‘Mad Hatters’.  It was about fundraising but I think it was about having fun!  My hat was a top hat, it was made out of paper.  It was at my school.  Me and Hala were together the whole time.  I held Hala’s hand, it was lots of fun.
Leah Ismail Bauer

Grade 2L
I wore a hat and I decorated it with mad hatter stuff.  I walked around the school 21 times.  I walked with Gemma and Emily.  It was fun walking with them.  After the walkathon I got a cupcake and a medal and then it was brack.
Anna Chorley

On Friday it was the walk-Anthony.  It was fun.  My hat was the Cheshire cat.  I walked with my aunty.  We had to do 21 laps.  At the end I got a cupcake.
Ali Campbell

I had a tall hat that I carried most of the way.  I walked with Charlotte in Grade 0.  Charlotte’s hat was shoter then my hat.  Her hat was easier to wear.  We finished at the saym time.  I was with Charlotte for the rest of the walk-a-then and then we had drac (break).
Rachel Stevens

Grade 0 News

The Grade 0’s have settled wonderfully into the Penguin and Flamingo classes at APPS.  They have had fun getting to know their Grade 7 ‘sisters’ and have learnt about their new school environment.  The girls have had a great start to the year and are looking forward to Grandparents’ Day in March.
Miss Caroline Strauss

Salvazione Day

Grade 1M
I was excited because we were going to Salvazione.  I was going on the school bus.  When we got there we went up the stairs and it was very high.  In the class room we sang songs and did activities.  Then we went into the hall and sang the happy song.  It was fun but I loved the bus the most!
Leah Ismail-Bauer

Grade 7 Poetry Evening

The Grade 7 Poetry Evening has to be one of my favourite events on the APPS calendar, and this year, the girls did not disappoint! After rain prevented us from picnicking in the Music Garden, blankets, camping chairs, cooler boxes and snacks were moved into the hall where the Grade 7 girls delighted their families with poems about their school memories, Mother Nature, tooth-brushing, delicious food and their favourite pastimes. Every girl shone on stage, and once again, we were reminded of the beauty of the art of poetry. It certainly was a night to remember.
Jodi Melland