Ascension Day Service at The Ridge School
On 10 May, APPS girls joined together with The Ridge and St Katharine’s Schools to celebrate Ascension Day.  APPS sang beautifully and our girls were outstanding throughout the Service and we truly behaved well.  After the Service there was a bit of a social and we had a treat of cupcakes and juice.  The morning went well and we had a great time.
Choir Captains:  Erin Simpson & Rufaro Shava – Grade 7

Grade 7 Music Programme
In Grade 7 we had the opportunity to learn either flute, clarineo or violin.  We were all very excited to hear that we were going to try one of those instruments.  In each lesson we learned a lot about that specific focus instrument.  The Grade 7 girls are excited to continue learning about musical instruments in Term 3.
Kate Titterton

Yes!  The Grade 7 girls got to try the Violin, Flute and Clarineo in our music time.  We were split into three groups where we would take turns in trying out the instruments.  I started with the violin, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  By the end of the short session, I managed to play ‘Fight Song’.  Next was the clarineo, which was very challenging for me, but by the end I did manage to make a very high pitched squeak!  After the weekend, I came back with a sprained wrist but still wanted to try the flute.  I successfully finished the session and could play ‘Hot Cross Buns’.  For now, I think I’ll just stick with piano.
Emma Proudfoot

Our class was split into three different groups and we played different instruments.  We all learnt about and how to play the Flute, Clarineo and Violin.  We enjoyed these instruments but some of us found certain instruments harder to play.  This was a really fun and joyful experience (even though some of the sounds that came from the instruments were very ‘interesting’!)  Being able to play these instruments has opened some doors for some of us to explore playing a new instrument.  The instrument I loved the most was the flute because I could actually make a good sound come out of it.  Hopefully, I will be able to learn more about how to play this instrument soon.
Tamsin Theron


We are now at the end of our Netball season.  We started playing matches at the end of the first term and have played six rounds of matches and various festivals.  We are still running practices and will play Interhouse during those practices towards the end of the term.

Our new fixture format where we only have one match afternoon in the week made it possible to have two practices a week, which the girls benefitted from enormously.  We managed to field four teams per age group and in the Grade 3 group we even had five teams playing every week.

We have also attended several weekend festivals where we took selected girls from Grade 3 to 7 to play a whole Saturday morning of Netball at St Peter’s and Holy Rosary.

All in all we have had a busy, but energetic season so far.  We look forward to more Netball afternoons and of course, at the end of term, our annual Interhouse Netball matches.

A big thank you to all the coaches as well as Mrs Howden for helping out on match afternoons.
Miss Dot Hartmann

Grade 5, 6 and 7 Afrikaans Assembly

On 25 May Grade 5 up to Grade 7 did the Afrikaans assembly.  We were all so excited to show what we had prepared!  The Grade 5 girls did poems, the Grade 6 girls did weather reports and advertisements and the Grade 7 girls did dialogues and movie trailers.  I personally thought they were all brilliant!  I think everyone in the school is going to speak fluent Afrikaans when they are older.
Ruby Hawarden – Grade 5

It was an awesome morning when everyone was happy, because it was the Afrikaans assembly.  There were various performances that were all enjoyable.  They were all entertaining and energetic, and we loved the movie trailers as well as the live presentations!  It was an awesome assembly, and certainly exciting for all girls, although not everyone understood everything, it was fun.  Next year I know that it will be as fun and thrilling as this year.
Daniella Landsberg – Grade 6

isiZulu Fireside Tales

On the evening of Friday 11 May, families from Auckland Park Preparatory School walked in together down an aisle of wonderful Zulu dolls made by girls from Grade 0 to 7 at Auckland Park Preparatory School.  To celebrate African cultures, girls from Grade 5 to 7 performed with traditional dance, pantsula dance, songs, poems, drumming and playing mbiras and entertained families that attended.  With a chilly wind blowing, everyone cosied up on picnic blankets and there was a hot fire to keep them warm while they enjoy the spectacular night.

Interesting African stories were told by our Zulu teacher, Mama Ndaba.

What an amazing night of fun and laughter that everyone had when drums, marimbas, mbiras and the piano was played by the performers.

As the performances came to an end, traditional, Halaal and vegetarian meals were served to families to enjoy.  Everyone had fun, networking and resting under the sky, with children being children, running and playing safely on the field.

Thank you to our APPS families for creating a sense of togetherness and unity, from creating the dolls to preparing the field and sharing delicious meals.
Erin Simpson, Kate Ramsbotham – Grade 7
Francesca Genovese, Analia Ntombela and Cecilia Peterson – Grade 6
Tessa Collins, Gaby Zambelis, Megan Peters and Frances Randall – Grade 5

Grade 7 Visit to the Apartheid Museum

Going to the Apartheid museum was one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had.  Right from the moment you enter the museum you feel as if you have stepped back in time and are living in the time of Apartheid.  I have been taught about Apartheid but the museum really showed me how horrible this time was.  This was a visit no Grade 6 or 7 girl will forget and every one of us stepped out of the museum having learnt something new.  At the end of the whole experience I was emotionally drained and had shed my fair share of tears but given the opportunity to go again I certainly would.  I think it was an enlightening experience that everyone should have the opportunity to have.  It was important that we went so we can learn from the mistakes of the past and be better in the future.
Amber Aspoas

Grade 7 Leadership – Term 2 2018

Congratulations to the Term 2 Grade 7 Head Girl, Nuha Nassiep and Deputy Head Girl, Megan Porter.

House Captains:
St Andrew:  Chloe Taylor-Smith
St George:  Berlynn Williams
St Patrick:  Sophie Randall

Sports Captain of House:
St Andrew:  Amy-Jo Pheiffer
St George:  Kelsey Richardson
St Patrick:  Rachel Watermeyer

Grade 6 Robotics Workshop

Hearing the news that we would be creating a robot was already enough to spark our imagination, but after being told it had to represent the 1964 film ‘My Fair Lady’, we were really over the moon!

We were put into groups based on an online personality quiz to determine our strengths, and that’s where our journey began!  We brainstormed as many ideas as we could, but narrowing it down to the best idea was incredibly tough!  We put our thinking caps on, and we zipped up our industrial design overalls.  Once we had our designs, we were given a currency and told to shop for our materials.  This taught us how to budget, and how to plan properly.

Now that we are well on our way, we are so excited to create out robots and display them on the opening night of the School Play!
Ena Opperman

Grade 6 GEMS Fashion Show

For GEMS this term and last term, the Grade 6 girls made outfits out of anti waste materials, and presented these outfits to the school in a Fashion Show!

First, each group brainstormed ideas about what our outfit would look like.  Next, we made a prototype, then used the next few months creating our outfits.  The outfits had to be durable and attractive.  There were many ups and downs, failed attempts and makeshift garments made at the last minute!  We also realised that fashion shows required more than a pretty outfit and that they require music, lighting and planning!  But in the end, we rose to the challenge and put on a good show.
Lola Moultrie

At the beginning of the first term, the Grade 6 teachers introduced us to the idea of creating eco friendly fashion garments.  All of us must have looked bewildered!  How on earth were we going to make our outfits for an eco friendly fashion show?  Although this was our only instruction, each group brainstormed and came up with thousands of great ideas.

After that, we set off and started measuring our models from head to toe and making our creations out of recyclable material.  We finally reached the finishing point, and then had to organise our music, and our model had to practice her appealing and graceful walk.

At last, the exciting day arrived and we all showed of our amazing outfits.  We all learnt and acquired different skills from this activity, and had fun in the process.
Rachael Mang’ana

Grade 6 Leadership

Congratulations to the Grade 6 Leaders for Term 2:
Class Captain – Cecilia Petersen
Vice Class Captain – Owethu Makaula

House Captains
St Andrew Captain – Madhuri Padayatchi
St George Captain – Cameron Brook
St Patrick Captain – Keira Berell

Grade 5 Tour to Bush Pigs

Grade 5K
Awesome Camp
With much anticipation the Grade 5’s set off for their camp.  Mums and Dads were in tears and so were girls, but everyone was determined to set off on an adventure.  The drive was three hours long.  When we got to Bush Pigs everyone was so excited and could not wait for the fun to begin.

We had a chance to hand in everything we needed to.  Then finally lunch was waiting for us and we had a good helping of fish, rolls and salad.  It was delicious.  Then it was time to head to Camp Gemsbok for late afternoon activities.  Half of us rode bikes, while the other half went on a game drive.  Finally it was time for supper and bed.

“Wake up, get dressed, come and get hot chocolate,” the facilitators said in the morning.  The day was packed with activities and food and lots of fun.  My favourite activity was the hike.  In the evening, cake was served after supper because APPS was celebrating 25 years of attending Bush Pigs.

Thursday arrived and was jam packed but again super fun.  I loved the Mudstacle and the ER challenge where we made our own supper.  Then it was time for the camp fire songs.

In the morning we had a snake talk and then it was pack up time and everyone was sad to leave but happy to go home to take a hot shower, sleep in their cosy bed and see their families.

This was the best camp ever. Thank you teachers, mum and dad and Bush Pigs for making this possible.  I had a lovely, jam packed time.
Sanaa Hajee

Bush Pig Camp Reflection
The Grade 5’s were very excited to go on camp.  When we got to Bush Pigs we had a tasty lunch.  We went to Gemsbok camp where we completed the jungle run.  After this we got split into two groups.  The one went on a game drive and the other went on a bike ride.  When we got back from our outdoor experience, we did our late night activity.  The late night activity was eco-system hockey.

On Wednesday we had pancakes for breakfast.  We travelled to Camp Croc and did the six bases challenge.  We came back from our activity and ate delicious hamburgers for lunch.  Then we went on an exclusive ravine trail.  It was beautiful and we heard the baboons talking to us.  When we got to Camp Hedgehog we had a lovely warm braai.  We celebrated twenty five years that APPS has been to Bush Pigs.

On Thursday we walked back to Camp Croc and did the mud course, but it was very cold.  It was time for lunch and we had mac and cheese.  One of our jobs was to make dinner, so my group made pasta.  After dinner we sang songs around the campfire.

On Friday it was time to say farewell.  So we got on the bus and went back to APPS.  I enjoyed camp and I learnt lots.
Mia Denoon-Stevens

Grade 5M
It was the day of tour and I couldn’t contain my excitement.  I was waiting for the teacher to say we could line up for the bus.  I was sitting next to Tessa and I found out more about her and we played card games and learnt to write pig pen.

When we got to camp I was so excited for the activities.  They explained the rules and then it was time for three days of fun.  We had lunch and went to the next camp called Camp Gemsbok.  We got split into different groups by our camp guide DJ.  The other guides were Abby, Benjamin, Conrad, Bertha, Siphiwe and Chief Chocolate was also there.  We got split into groups for the bike ride in the bush and the game drive.  The next day we hiked up the ravine to Echo Location.  I was so excited when they announced that they were doing a cooking competition because my family loves cooking, and I know so many recipes for dessert.  We cooked for Sam and Bertha and we made Pasta Alfredo as a main course and chocolate lava muffins for dessert.

When we left Bush Pigs and came home.  I knew it was the best camp I have ever been on.
Emelie Thompson

The Grade 5’s were bursting with excitement on Tuesday morning, we were going on camp!  We were going to Bush Pigs in Limpopo.  When we arrived, we had this long talk about the environment.  Bush Pigs is all about saving the environment, it is terrifying how much we have damaged the earth.  The thing I didn’t like most about Bush Pigs is that there are 20 rules and the worst one is that you are not allowed food with you, but there is a good reason.  They don’t want rats to eat your food and then the snakes come to eat the rats!

We went for three nights and stayed at a different camp each night.  They were Camp Gemsbok, Camp Hedgehog and Camp Croc.  My favourite was Camp Croc because that was the main camp and I enjoyed the activities at that camp most of all.  We did the mudstacle where you get all muddy and the water was freezing cold and after that there was NO hot water.  Luckily afterwards I got into nice warm clothes and felt much warmer.

I found it very interesting how much humans are damaging the earth.  I am going to cut down a lot on plastic and other pollution and I am going to start a recycling system at home.  The hike was also very challenging, but at least it was good exercise.

Everyone enjoyed having a break from work and having some time to relax (well not so much!)  We had the best camp ever.
Ruby Hawarden