We are now at the end of our Netball season.  We started playing matches at the end of the first term and have played six rounds of matches and various festivals.  We are still running practices and will play Interhouse during those practices towards the end of the term.

Our new fixture format where we only have one match afternoon in the week made it possible to have two practices a week, which the girls benefitted from enormously.  We managed to field four teams per age group and in the Grade 3 group we even had five teams playing every week.

We have also attended several weekend festivals where we took selected girls from Grade 3 to 7 to play a whole Saturday morning of Netball at St Peter’s and Holy Rosary.

All in all we have had a busy, but energetic season so far.  We look forward to more Netball afternoons and of course, at the end of term, our annual Interhouse Netball matches.

A big thank you to all the coaches as well as Mrs Howden for helping out on match afternoons.
Miss Dot Hartmann