Ash Wednesday at the Ridge School
The Grade 5 to 7 girls went to The Ridge School for the annual Ash Wednesday Service.  This year it fell on Valentine’s Day and Mr Stanley gave us another new and interesting sermon about Ash Wednesday and Lent.  We sang beautifully as a big choir with The Ridge and St Katharine’s and we had fun doing the actions for our African Traditional choral.

Once the Service was over, The Ridge School did a very sweet thing by giving every Grade 7 APPS and St Katharine’s girl a Valentine’s Day rose.  We all enjoyed that!  After receiving our roses, we participated in a thirty minute social, where we got to catch up with our friends from the other schools.   It was a lovely sermon and a memorable Valentine’s Day.
Choir Captains:  Amy-Jo Pheiffer and Anna Titterton, Grade 7

Grade 3 Music Program
I enjoyed playing many songs on the flute because I loved the sound of the different notes.  It wasn’t a challenge learning how to play the flute – Miss Gericke has taught me to kiss the flute, roll it out and make a small smile.  Simple as that!  I liked playing ‘Fight Song’ in the music concert.  It was exciting to perform with flute on stage, in front of an audience.
Flute Program – Fatima Kathrada

Our music concert was great!  A few girls were late.  I said to them, ‘don’t worry about anything’.  So Grade 3V went first.  When it was our turn, we played ‘Hot Cross Buns’, then sang and played ‘Something Just Like This.’  After all that excitement, we saw our parents and said goodbye.  I had great fun!
Clarineo Program – Lilitha Masinda

Grade 2 Music Program
I felt nervous when I played the recorder at the concert.  I loved it when I was learning ‘The Surprise Symphony!’  It was fun when I played the recorder. I also loved being on the stage.
Recorder – Mariam Khan

The APPS Easter Service
I sat nervously on my black bench, lightly tapping my bare feet.  For my part as Mary Salome, I wore a green dress, gold cord and grey headscarf.  After the scene of Jesus’ crucifixion, it was my scene to act out an ancient play.  I was one of the Mary’s who went to anoint Christ at his tomb, but then was told by an angel that He was risen.  The service was very touching and beautiful.  I loved singing the songs.  I was very happy and proud of our last Easter Service.
Chloë Wagner – Grade 7

I absolutely loved being Jesus.  It was so much fun, but a little challenging to be a very wise man.  It took some time to get into the character and to learn all the lines.  All the Grade 7’s were amazing throughout this journey, helping me to learn my lines and giving me support in the Easter Service.  The Easter Service was so lovely!  It also informed us on different religions.  I think it was an amazing experience and a really great play.
Thaluki Moloto – Grade 7