Easter Service 2017
The making of our 2017 Easter Service started with lots of lines to learn and only three days to put everything together!  Learning my lines wasn’t so hectic because I was so passionate about my role as Jesus.  As soon as I got my lines I memorized them all in one day.  When the Grade 7 girls acted the service out together we brought the amazing story of Easter to life with beautiful singing and wonderful acting.  As I read through the play I really got a feeling of the terrible suffering that Jesus must have gone through.  The three days of rehearsing went smoothly and we were able to get it done timeously and well.  On the morning of the performance we all had racing hearts, and tummies filled with butterflies, but as it began we enjoyed ourselves and put all our effort into the stunning Easter Service.
Alexia Jeffrey – Grade 7

The Easter service was an incredible experience.  We had such a short time to prepare a very special event and I believe we succeeded with flying colours.  The girls enjoyed it thoroughly and took on the roles they were given confidently and enthusiastically.  From a personal experience I enjoyed it and took in every minute.  I felt it enhanced my cultural side in terms of history, music and acting.  From the feedback of the teachers, parents and pupils we believe this might be one of the best performances yet.  When it came to the actual day all the girls were filled with excitement but still a bit nervous.  We were excited to get out there and start preforming.  One thing that made the Grade 7 girls feel very special was the way the rest of the pupils put in so much effort to make the singing so amazing.  It was a privilege to perform in such a special event with all the pupils, Mrs Levin and Ms Gericke.  It was an unforgettable experience.
Tatiana Williams (Judas) – Grade 7

My Flute Experience
I loved the flute experience!  I think it really brought us together.  It was quite hard in the beginning but I managed it in the end.  I wished it lasted forever and I am very excited for the violin experience next term!
Kessiah Irvin – Grade 3V

My Violin Experience
Learning the violin was a really amazing opportunity for me!  It is not as hard as it looks.  It actually is quite easy.  Ms Matsepe and Ms Borthwick taught me to play the violin and it was really fun with these fun and amazing teachers.

I loved the music and songs we played for the concert.  I was very nervous before but afterwards I felt full of pride because I overcame my fears.  My favourite song was “Got That Sunshine in my Pocket” by Justin Timberlake.  The concert was so much fun.  I was very proud of the whole grade.  Well done Grade 3 and teachers and all the other grades!
Nina Sheridan – Grade 3S