Junior Music Concert
Mrs Wessels is an amazing piano teacher.  When we chose the song for the concert I was so excited.  I played the song every day.  From the middle of term I have been practising.  I was really proud of myself when I played the piano so well.  I really enjoyed playing ‘Dance of the Two Seahorses’.  I liked learning how to play the song.  Thank you Mrs Wessels for helping me play the song.
Thandwa Ntombela – Grade 2S

Intermediate Music Concert
My experience of preparing for and managing the Intermediate Instrumental Concert.
There were two singing groups and we each sang separate songs.  In my group I was with Mia Ferrara, Kesiah Irvin and Bokamoso Swazi.  We sang ‘Titanium’ by Sia. Kesiah was the one who suggested the song.  We had to practice every break for about a week so that we each learnt our own parts.  On the day I was nervous.  We had to wait to the very end of the concert as we were the last people to perform.  I was shaking quite a lot but managed to sing.  Everybody seemed to enjoy our singing.
Cara Hirschson – Grade 4B

Senior Music Concert
It was a cool, crispy spring morning and the school was buzzing with activity.  The sounds of guitars, drums, pianos and violins reverberated and echoed through the dimly lit hallways of the school filling the hearts of everyone with pure delight.  The instruments on display paraded with an equal wonder yet their differences were significantly varied, with some bright brass and others carefully carved out of wood with tightly woven string.  Every performer stepped forward with their musical composition.  Each performance conveyed a different meaning and each note that was struck revealed a unique story.  And then there were the mesmerising voices which are instruments of wonder in themselves.  The girls who sang projected their voices and the beauty and power of words and sounds came together in an elegant symphony.  The musical performances evoked a myriad of emotions to the audience.  This music concert experience taught me the importance of the joy of understanding the power in making music and the delight of sharing it with others.  In my individual performance I weaved together a collection of notes through my voice and this singing experience will be etched in my memory forever.  I would like to extend my gratitude to my inspirational voice teacher, Miss Gericke for gifting me with the opportunity to strive for the love of music.
Maryam Akhalwaya- Grade 6

APPS Soirée Evening
On Friday 2 November, we had our annual soirée.  Each year the soirée is filled with talented musicians that put their all into their pieces.  We had a brilliant performance from the APPS orchestra at the beginning of the night.  We had an array of instruments and the girls participating ranged from Grade 4 to 7.  The showcase ran smoothly thanks to the help of our two backstage managers.

Obviously, all the performers had the help of their music teachers who put in many afternoons to help their students.  Miss Gericke and Miss Borthwick organised everything and all the girls who participated thank them for giving them a chance to showcase their amazing talent.  The night was a huge success and we look forward to next year’s soirée.
Rufaro Shava – Grade 7

When I found out I was going to be in the soirée, my heart jumped.  Although it was a small part I was still so excited.  It was my very first time going to the soirée ever and my first time to actually be on stage and see the performances from a very close perspective.  I was responsible for setting up the microphones and making sure that everyone was ready.

I was mesmerised by how good everyone was.  Even though the tech crew was busy and some of the performers were nervous, we all had loads of fun.  It was truly the best of the best musicians at APPS.  A night to never forget.
Ratidzo Furamera – Grade 6M

The APPS Soirée was an extreme success.  All the performers played exceptionally well and really showed the true talent  of APPS.  Organising and managing the soirée was a great experience.  Playing drums in the soirée, for me, was really exciting.  I didn’t expect to get so much applause or congratulations afterwards!  There was loads of variety from the orchestra to piano players to flutes, singing violins and saxophones.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and all the girls should be proud of their performances.
Berlynn Williams – Grade 7