St Stithians Marimba Festival
On 18 September 2018, the APPS Marimba band hopped on a bus and drove to St Stithians to participate in the annual Preparatory Marimba Festival.  We arrived in our new outfits, which were designed by me and made by Shayna Doolabh.  A black T-shirt with beautiful African fabric and blue jeans.  First we learned two combined items with all the other schools, St Stithians boys and girls, Pridwin, Holy Rosary, De La Salle, Trinity House and Clifton Prep.  After the rehearsal, we had a little break, then it was time for the performance!  All of us were very nervous before we performed, but we knew we were ready.  All the schools played amazingly well.  Shayna and I would just like to thank Mr Mutero for teaching us our songs:  Final Countdown, Kanya Matope and the Medley Dance.  We would also like to thank the girls for performing their best on Tuesday night.
Sophie Randall & Shayna Doolabh – Marimba Captains, Grade 7

‘Born To Perform’ Show
Performing for ‘Born to Perform’ was like nothing we have ever done before.  The Grade 5, 6 and 7 girls (Senior Choir) put lots of effort into the rehearsals.  When it came to the performance, we knew what we were doing and could just have fun on the stage.  Whenever we performed, there was always this lively feeling that everyone could feel.  The performers on stage could all feel the excitement and the audience could too.  The process of getting to do the show and meeting wonderful people along the way was honestly an amazing experience and we will take it with us.  It is something I will remember for the rest of my life.
Erin Simpson – Music Captain, Grade 7

On 15 and 16 September, the APPS Senior Choir went to the Lyric Theatre to participate in ‘Born to Preform: Shine!’  It was an amazing experience to be there, watching the talented artists sing and dance on the stage.  We got to talk to other children who were in the show and we played a game of ‘Broken Telephone’ with St Vincent’s School for the Deaf.  When we weren’t on stage, we sat in the balcony and watched the show or sat in the foyer and played games or just talked to each other.  It was slightly difficult to keep the girls quiet considering all the excitement in the air but I, along with the Choir Captains, managed to keep everyone quiet.  We got the amazing opportunity to perform with the rising star, John Tsenoli and we sang ‘Long Road’, a song written by him.  We really enjoyed our time working on ‘Born to Perform’, and we feel so lucky to have had that opportunity.
Rufaro Shava – Head Girl & Performer, Grade 7

The Sound of Children
I was so happy to be chosen to drum at Linder Auditorium, I just couldn’t believe my ears!  I went to practice at break.  Practising with the Junior Choir was great fun.  I enjoyed each moment and couldn’t wait for the next practice.  It was nice hearing the whole thing come together.  On 4 October 2018, The Sound of Children concert took place at the Linder.  The famous Richard Cock was the conductor.  When Ms Gericke called me up, I felt so excited and a bit nervous because I did not play or practice on that particular drum set.  I played the drums to the song, ‘Seven Years Old’ and it went very well.  There were many people and children from four different schools.  I felt honoured and I want to thank my teachers for this wonderful opportunity.
Riya Bhutt – Grade 4G

Preparing for The Sound of Children was fun, but also hard work.  We had to focus to learn all the words of our song.  ‘Once I was Seven Years Old’.  Our Music teacher was more strict than ever before, making us focus and remember our words!  We were excited when we arrived at the Linder Auditorium on 3 October.  There was a rehearsal, and then a break when we could have cupcakes and relax.  After the break, we lined up in soloists, Altos and Sopranos.  We led on stage with all the other schools – Kingsmead, Pridwin and St Peter’s Girls.  I was excited, and my heart was beating fast.  We spotted our parents in the audience and waved at them.  I enjoyed the process because we all worked together as a team.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to sing with an orchestra.  I am proud of myself for singing as a soloist with our Junior Choir.  Thank you to Miss Gericke and Miss Borthwick for preparing us.
Kwanda Nhlapo – Grade 4G