Ascension Day Service at The Ridge School
On 10 May, APPS girls joined together with The Ridge and St Katharine’s Schools to celebrate Ascension Day.  APPS sang beautifully and our girls were outstanding throughout the Service and we truly behaved well.  After the Service there was a bit of a social and we had a treat of cupcakes and juice.  The morning went well and we had a great time.
Choir Captains:  Erin Simpson & Rufaro Shava – Grade 7

Grade 7 Music Programme
In Grade 7 we had the opportunity to learn either flute, clarineo or violin.  We were all very excited to hear that we were going to try one of those instruments.  In each lesson we learned a lot about that specific focus instrument.  The Grade 7 girls are excited to continue learning about musical instruments in Term 3.
Kate Titterton

Yes!  The Grade 7 girls got to try the Violin, Flute and Clarineo in our music time.  We were split into three groups where we would take turns in trying out the instruments.  I started with the violin, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  By the end of the short session, I managed to play ‘Fight Song’.  Next was the clarineo, which was very challenging for me, but by the end I did manage to make a very high pitched squeak!  After the weekend, I came back with a sprained wrist but still wanted to try the flute.  I successfully finished the session and could play ‘Hot Cross Buns’.  For now, I think I’ll just stick with piano.
Emma Proudfoot

Our class was split into three different groups and we played different instruments.  We all learnt about and how to play the Flute, Clarineo and Violin.  We enjoyed these instruments but some of us found certain instruments harder to play.  This was a really fun and joyful experience (even though some of the sounds that came from the instruments were very ‘interesting’!)  Being able to play these instruments has opened some doors for some of us to explore playing a new instrument.  The instrument I loved the most was the flute because I could actually make a good sound come out of it.  Hopefully, I will be able to learn more about how to play this instrument soon.
Tamsin Theron