St Stithians Marimba Festival
Our hearts are beating, pounding – waiting for Mr Mutero to beat the drum for our new song.  We are waiting eagerly as he starts the special beat.  Our hearts are racing at this point.  We try to remember every note, how fast we have to play and where to come in.  The other marimba bands are singing along as we play ‘The Final Countdown’ and the audience is clapping along.  It feels like our hearts have stopped.  All our hard work has finally paid off.  We play amazingly and we enjoy watching the other bands perform their items.  Combining all of our marimba bands together to perform en masse is incredible!
Emily Stoutjesdyk – Marimba Captain

The Sound of Children
On my way to the Linder Auditorium I was extremely nervous and very excited.  The Linder auditorium is a place where many famous South African opera singers have sung, and I was about to sing on that same exact stage.  I reminded myself that all I needed to do was to calm down and have fun.

Some of the songs we sang was ‘Higher Love’, ‘Money, Money, Money’ and the ‘Jazz Medley’.  The best part of the evening was when the Conductor Mr Richard Cock asked all the parents and all the kids in the audience to dance and sing along to the Jazz Medley.  It was great to see everyone in the audience have such a good time.  Singing at the Linder auditorium is an experience I won’t forget.
Casey-Lee Clarke – Grade 4N