Grade 3 Music Programme
Flute Programme
I had a great time learning the Flute with Miss Gericke.  When I heard that we were going to play the Flute I felt like I was flying.  The first song I learnt to play on the Flute was ‘Hot Cross Buns’.  It was fun learning how to play the Flute, but it took a lot of practice to get my sound.  Finally I got my sound just at the right time, the time we were learning how to play ‘Sweet but a Psycho’, that was fun.  When I heard that we were going to play a concert in front of the juniors I was so happy, we played nicely at the concert and I felt great, I had a great time.
Mariam Khan

Clarineo Programme
The clarineo sounded squeaky when I first started playing it.  But when I had played it after one more lesson, it sounded much better.  Later it sounded beautiful, like a melody.  Two lessons later and the clarineo sounded like a harmony.  I think playing in the Music Concert was fun, and in a way, it was exciting.  I think every one of us felt a bit fuzzy inside after the concert was finished.
Anna Taylor

St Mary’s Singing Sistas Choral Festival
I was so thrilled when Miss Gericke informed me that I would be playing Bass to accompany one of the songs that we were to perform at the Singing Sistas Festival!  On the day of the festival I could barely contain my excitement.  I love playing Bass and practiced hard.  Initially, when the show started, my heart throbbed in my throat with nerves, but I soon got into it and started enjoying myself tremendously.  The APPS choir sounded heavenly and I was so proud of everyone that evening.
Ena Opperman – Grade 7 (Rock Band Captain)

Being the Choir Captains of Term 1 has been an amazing experience.  It’s had its ups and downs but we’ve loved every second of it.  When we went to the St Mary’s Singing Sistas it became a bit chaotic but our senior choir supported us and we calmed down.  We really enjoyed working together, we worked in unison and we always ended up sweeping the crowd off their feet.  Being Choir Captains has been a huge honour and we thank our music teachers for their support.
Owethu Makaula and Keira Berell – Grade 7 (Choir Captains)

The APPS Easter Service
On Wednesday 10 April we had the APPS Easter service.  It highlighted many other religions and celebrations around Easter time.  I thought that what was created in a short amount of time by the Grade 7 girls and Miss Gericke was incredible.  The Easter Service gets better every year!  This was an amazing experience and I wish I could do it again.
Ratidzo Furamera – Grade 7 (Marimba Captain & Jesus)