The Junior Music Concert
Hands steady and I’m ready.  Deep breath and it was time to play the piece I’d practised for my friends and family at the Junior Music Concert.

I chose to play ‘Fur Ludwig’, based on ‘Fur Elise’ written by Ludwig van Beethoven, it is a simpler version for children but the melody is similar and I love it and hope I played it beautifully.
Georgia van der Walt – Grade 2S

The Intermediate Music Concert
The music concert was amazing!  I was practising my drumming all morning.  When we got to school I was very nervous but also excited.  The music concert was quite long and I was the last person to play.  All my friends did so well, they were incredible.

I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again.
Tessa Collins – Grade 4G

The Senior Music Concert
My First Guitar Performance
Anxiety fills the air
There’s no time to spare
Ms Gericke calls my name
Is this going to be my 60 second of fame?
I start playing the guitar
Hoping to sound like a Rock Star
About half way through the song
I realised that nothing had gone wrong
And then I start to sing
Like no one was ever watching
Ena Opperman – Grade 5M

The APPS Soirée Evening
I had both the honour and the pleasure of finishing off the Soirée of 2017 with my amazing drum piece, ‘Move Along’.  I also got to sing and play guitar and I accompanied Mira and Miss Matsepe on piano for their violin piece.

Music, especially drums, takes a lot out of you.  The hours put into this event really do add up – my fingers were bleeding from all the practising I did.  The surge of adrenaline you get while performing, the lights flashing, the music playing so loud you can’t hear it but you can feel it.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the foundation my wonderful music teachers gave to me.  They have brought me so far, I remember my goal when I was younger was to play in the Soirée.  I was first invited to play when I was eight, but I broke two fingers the day before and had to cancel.  Luckily, I got to play many times after that – and each time it has been a privilege.

I wept so hard the night before knowing this was going to be my last performance.  All I can say to all my fellow musicians and teachers is:  thank you for the music.
Ruby Vos – Grade 7