Class Music Concert
My dad went for a business trip to Spain, and brought my sisters and I instruments.  He brought my one sister a harmonica, the other a recorder, and for me, an accordion.  We were so excited with our instruments!  I remembered ‘Hot Cross Buns’ from playing it on recorder in Music Class when I was in Grade 1.

I like to figure out how to play certain songs, and I listen to songs and then try to play them.  My sister TsiTsi is in Grade 1, and she learnt how to play ‘Hot Cross Buns’ on the recorder.  Miss Gericke asked us to perform this together at the Class Music Concert.  We were both very nervous, but then TsiTsi said ‘once you learn it off by heart, and you get the technique right, it will be fun and easy.’

The performance was over too soon, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We are hoping to add our sister on the harmonica and start a band!
Ratidzo Furamera – Grade 5M

Junior Music Concert
I felt quite nervous when I saw my name on the board and it was time to play.

The song I chose to play was “Arioso”, and I loved it because it’s in a singing style and I love playing the piano.

This was my third concert and I got a bit carried away with the music and made a tiny mistake but played on and no one noticed, except maybe Mrs Wessels!

Afterwards I took a bow and everyone clapped – my mom and dad clapped the loudest.
Georgia van der Walt – Grade 2S

Intermediate Music Concert
On the stage, hands trembling, heart beating fast, drumsticks in hand, ready to play, I hit the base drum.  Here we go!

On 7 July it was the Intermediate Music Concert and I was playing the drums for the first time.  It was so much fun!  I played ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and nailed it!  Herman Roslee is my drum teacher and he helped me prepare the song.

I played on the hi-hat, the snare, tom1, tom2, tom3, and the crash.  The drum starts softly in the beginning and then gets louder and louder.  My favourite part of playing in the concert was that I got to play in front of an audience!  I loved every minute!
Tayla Giles – Grade 4G

Senior Music Concert
The Senior Music Concert was not only an amazing experience, but it was an opportunity to see and enjoy everyone’s beautiful musical talents.  The morning was filled with excitement and nerves from all the musicians who were getting ready to perform.

Our Music Department has grown from strength to strength and they are doing great things and I cannot wait to see what they have planned next.
Tatiana Williams – Music Captain – Grade 7