The Grade Sevens of 2019 … Gone Wild
The tour kicked off early, early in the morning on the way to camp, in the only correct way … singing.  We all started having fun the moment we got on that bus, and didn’t stop until we got off, outside the school gates, at the end of that week.

We visited the Botanical Gardens and bird park, both with an element of mystery and beauty about them, one of which was a little loud.  We went on tours of religious institutions (a temple, a mosque, and a cathedral) which broadened our world views.  We went on various courses to develop our life skills, and had fun while doing so.  We took a journey through the lives and battles of our ancestors in two different museums.  We snorkelled and surfed, climbed and clambered, screeched and sung through the pouring rain, and, of course, drove everyone around us a little loopy with our energy.

Our last tour with our group has come to a close, our last year together is speeding by, these thirty one amazing classmates will part in term three.  As we leave APPS and its pupils and camps behind us, our hearts will be filled with love and fun, and our heads with memories.  ‘…‘Cause you’re there for me too…”
Lola Moultrie