On Thursday 27 July, the Grade 7 girls were lucky enough to visit the Robotics Project which is part of the Techno Lab in the Engineering Department at the University of Johannesburg.  The Techno Lab is just around the corner from APPS so we decided to walk there which only took about twenty minutes.  Michael Ettershank, head of the Robotics Project, was very passionate and instructive.  We spent our time learning about programming and the importance of engineering and robotics in the modern world and how it applies to us as young women.  We were then allocated our own robots, the Africa Bots, which we programmed to do as we commanded.  After this we had an exciting robot competition using slave and master robots to get through a maze as quickly as possible.  This outing was both inspiring and educational and we felt very fortunate to have this amazing facility on our doorstep.
Frances Allen