For days we had been practising for the Grade 6 play of 2019.  Since Mrs Howden was focusing on LQ (Love Quotient), our play topic was LQ and ‘Everyone has their own story’, which means that you must try to understand what people are going through.  We all prepared by coming up with a skit, rap, song, poem or dance.

I think we all thoroughly enjoyed this experience of learning an important life lesson as well as the fun of coming up with something to perform as a group or grade.  As well as our excellent skits and songs, with help from Miss Borthwick, we sang a powerful song, ‘Unconditionally’ linking to our topic of LQ and ‘Everyone has their own story’.  We thank all the teachers who helped prepare us in the short time available and the girls for their hard work.  We couldn’t have done it without you!
Imogen Preston