Applause.  That’s all I could hear and I have never felt so happy!  Let’s go back a bit.

Ms McCarthy told us that we were doing a play about letting our light shine and making our spiritual quotient strong, and then asked us what is the one thing that makes us feel embarrassed or awkward.  I know that I feel a bit sad or distressed after a weird situation when you can’t help thinking, ‘why did I say that?’

That’s why Ms McCarthy wanted not just us, but the whole school to know how to confront our embarrassing moments and learn how to embrace them!

I was very scared when I went on the stage.  I felt as if I was in a life or death situation, but that was the point of this assembly.  It was to show people that it’s okay to make silly mistakes and you don’t need to feel bad about them.  I felt so happy knowing that someone in the crowd felt like that and things were going to be okay.  And now I even know what to do if I’m in an awkward situation, so don’t deny it, just embrace it!
Bokamoso Swazi

The Grade 6 assembly was really fun to perform and prepare for.  It was a great experience to talk about awkward moments and to laugh about them!  When practising in our group (which was how to deal with awkward hugs), we enjoyed sharing and creating ridiculous hugging!  At the end of the first day while we were packing up, we started singing our song and we all laughed together!

My favourite part of each practice was when Ms McCarthy would laugh and smile with us at our silly mistakes.  I loved it when we did actions with Miss Borthwick!  It was really fun to see which actions we would do.

The day came for us to perform and most of us were really nervous.  I thought we did amazingly (even with the small, barely noticeable mistakes).  Overall we loved every second!  The assemblies that we perform are definitely one of the greatest highlights of the year!
Olivia Salmon