Grade 6
As we passed the dry grass into the Soweto township, the culture shone through with traditional African dances and beautiful jewellery and clothing sold on the side of the road.  We learnt more about our history, and what makes us who we are today.  We were very privileged to walk through Nelson Mandela‘s home, and learn about his history.  We were able to see the beautiful Regina Mundi church where the 4 000 students gathered for shelter after the Youth Day protest.  We saw the beautiful stained glass windows donated by German glass manufacturers.  I think it was an amazing experience for all Grade 6 and 7 girls.   I am certain that our knowledge about our past has expanded, and we can see how it changed South Africa for the better.  Our history affected not just people from Africa, but people all around the world.  As Nelson Mandela said, ‘We must forgive the people, but not forget what the people did, so it does not happen again.’
Megan Meddows-Taylor

The Grade 6 and 7 girls of 2019 went to Soweto for a fascinating outing.  We visited the very moving Hector Pieterson Memorial and Museum.  Although this part was sad, it was also very interesting and important, and we all learned so much about our country’s history.  We also watched traditional Zulu dancing as we walked to Nelson Mandela’s home!  This part was riveting as we learned about Tata Madiba and his history.  All of these activities took place in Orlando West.  After this, we went to a park for our lunch break and then visited the iconic Regina Mundi Church.  The history of this church is rooted in struggle when the church opened its doors to anti-apartheid activists.  I enjoyed this trip to Soweto, especially after the Youth Day weekend, and I’m looking forward to visiting it again.
Sophie Allan

Grade 7
Earlier this term, the Grade 6 and 7 girls went on an outing to Soweto to learn more about Apartheid.  As we drove through the different townships, Mama Ndaba told us about the different ways that each of them are historically relevant.  The first place we visited was the Hector Pieterson Museum, it was very interesting and the visit put a lot of current issues into perspective.  We then went to Nelson Mandela’s old house, I feel that the experience of being in his home is one that will stay with me my entire life.  The church was magnificent in its size and the richness of its history.  After visiting the church we then made our way back to school, all of us tired but ultimately feeling like we had learned some great lessons that day.
Lola Moultrie